Harry Potter fanfiction

Warning! Do not read this if you are underage. These stories are for the entertainment of adults!


The Devil's Pet Series

DARKFIC: During his time as a Death Eater and Voldemort's favourite, Snape makes a shocking discovery

The Family Ties Series

When Dumbledore asked Black and Snape to shake hands in GoF, I thought, they are behaving like two little boys, and Dumbledore like their impatient father. Plotbunnies sprang out of the wilderness..

The Chamber of Secrets - Diaries

PG, a Parody and hommage on the movie

And the Prisoner of Askaban - Diaries

Highway to Hell

Drama: Snape's time at university, where he meets Lucius Malfoy, Lord Voldemort, and other nice fellows

Another World How would a world look like, where James and Lily didn't die? A world where Snape managed to save the Potters?
Severus/Lily UST, Severus/Sirius

Through His Mind's Eye

Through his connection to Voldemort’s mind, Harry sees how Draco is punished. Later he tries to help Draco come to terms with his experience
Warning: Gangrape


Joined in Hell

In a world ruled by Voldemort, what reason is there to live?


NC-17, Severus Snape/an incubus; inspired by the song Lullaby by the Cure

Fare Thee Well

R, LM/SS, Death

And if it taketh a thousand years

NC-17, non-con, Salazar Slytherin/Godric Gryffindor; Why is it indirectly Godric's fault that Salazar build the Chamber of Secrets?

Brave New World

NC,17, non-con, Summary: The side of light has won, but because the Dementors have joined Voldemort's side, there is no Azkaban anymore. The "solution": enslavement of the dark wizards


Burden of a name

Albus Potter seems troubled. Scorpius Malfoy wants to know why. NC-17 Albus/Scorpius

Honourable Men

Snape's decision to leave the Death-Eaters

Cruel Intentions

R; Snape/Lupin, Snape/Lucius Malfoy; Lucius Malfoy cannot allow Severus to leave him for a Gryffindor, of course

A question of time

Snape worries about his students, especially Draco Malfoy's, future

One last time

PG-13; Snape/Lucius Malfoy; Lord Voldemort's defeat did not only leave happy faces


PP/SB; Peter Pettigrew recounts his life and the choices he made


PG-13 Severus Snape/Sirius Black; Sirius is thinking


R; Warning: violent sexual scenes of dubious consent; Severus Snape/Sirius Black; Sirius pays Snape a visit


Severus Snape/Sirius Black; Severus thinks about the visit Sirius paid him


NC-17, sequel to Poison, Hunger and Trapped


A Midsummernight's orgy(Older Version)

NC-17 ORGY!! 15 years ago: Sirius Black wants to play a trick on Snape. But sometimes you fall into your own trap

Reality bites

Strange things are happening at Hogwarts, and Snape is trying to find out why


NC-17, Severus Snape, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Lucius Malfoy rebel against a new law

Sex, Drugs and Rock'n Roll

PG-13; Every House is asked to stage something Muggleish at the end of the year. Will the Slytherins be able to still make a point of what they are?

Hogwarts at Night

NC-17, How comes that Dumbledore knows about everything that happens at Hogwarts?



NC-17 Snape/The Marauders; If a wizard saves another wizard's life, he owns him. And true friends share everything, don't they?

Crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Supporting role

An old friend brings Giles bad news; Pairing: Snape/Giles

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