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Rating: NC-17, including bondage, light SM and all. There is not much of a plot in there, but many graphic details. Consider yourself as warned.
"Pairing": Severus Snape/James Potter/Remus Lupin/Sirius Black
Category: PNWP - Plot Nearly Without Plot
Spoilers to Prisoner of Azkaban
Summary: If a wizard saves another wizard's life, he owns him. And true friends share everything, don't they?


By Ratwoman
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Snape stared angrily after Harry and Lupin when they left his office. Not enough that the werewolf had turned up in his life again, Dumbledore had obviously told Harry Potter that his father had once saved Snape's life. Well, of course he had not told him the exact circumstances!

Snape sat down on an armchair at the fireplace. Guess Dumbledore also had not told Harry about the old tradition that a wizard who saved another wizard's life 'owned' him.

Severus stared into the flames, day-dreaming....


Even in his school years Severus loved to walk alone at night through the castle, when everyone else was asleep. Well, everyone except the Marauders and him. They were only partly right in their assumption that he was stalking them, trying to get them expelled. He only just followed them when he happened to stumble across them on his nightly wanderings.

Just like that night. He heard their voices at the end of corridor, so he slowly came closer, hiding in the shadow. There, he was sure he heard them giggling behind that door. Severus stopped, listening with his ear pressed to the wood.

All of a sudden, the door opened and Severus stumbled and fell hard on the floor.

Swearing, he gazed up into Sirius Black's smirking face: "Good evening, Snape," the young man said. "We hoped you would find us."

"W...what?" Severus stammered uncomprehending. Then James Potter and Remus Lupin grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him inside, while Black closed and locked the door behind them.

Severus looked around, panic arising. They were in one of the storerooms for cauldrons.

"Stand up!" James ordered.

Severus raised to his feet, hiding his fear behind anger: "What do you want?" he snapped.

"Only what I'm entitled to." James answered, while Remus, with a mischievous grin, handed him an open book and pointed at a few lines. It was a book about wizarding rights and obligations.

"If one wizard saves another wizard's life, it creates a bond between them that can only be broken if the first wizard's life is saved by the second wizard in return. Until then, the first wizard is entitled to take possession of the second wizard, to own him, body and soul."

"WHAT?" Severus shouted.

"Nice law, isn't it?" James said with a grin.

Anger welled up in Severus: "You... you set that trap with Remus up just so that you can save my life and... and take advantage of that old law!"

James's grin faded: "Even if it was that way, it doesn't change that you are mine now."

Severus's throat tightened both with anger and fear. Now they would use that tradition to humiliate him and there was nothing he could do against it!

"Take off your robes!" James ordered.

Severus blinked. "What?"

"Do you have problems with you ears, Severus?" James replied impatiently. "GET OFF YOUR ROBES!"

There was something compelling about James's voice, something that forced Severus to comply as if spellbound. Which he probably was, because , as the book said, saving> another wizard's life meant he possessed him.

Severus shivered, but not of cold, when he slipped out of his robes. Remus and Sirius watched with predatory looks on their faces.

"Underpants, too, Severus." James said.

Severus swallowed and obeyed. Trembling, he saw Sirius stepping closer, felt his fingers moving along his naked skin, down his back and further down, resting on his behind.

"I told you he has a nice bottom." Sirius said, giving his backside an appreciative squeeze.

A knot of fear and humiliation tightened in Snape's stomach.

Remus, too, stepped behind him, taking an appraising look. "Yeah, not bad." He said, also touching and squeezing.

Severus blushed with embarrassment while James was staring intensely at him, green eyes ablaze. "Tie him." he said huskily.

Severus felt his hands drawn behind his back and heard Sirius incantate: "Obstringo!" Thin but strong robes appeared out of nowhere and winded themselves around Snape's wrists. Though being frightened to death, Severus also felt strangely aroused. And he noticed with shame that he wouldn't want to be rescued out of that situation.

"Kneel." James ordered. Severus unnecessarily dramatically dropped to his knees and looked up at James, waiting for further instructions. James stepped closer until he stood right in front of Snape, opened his robes and took out his semi-erect cock. "Suck!" he ordered.

Severus obeyed, swirling his tongue around the hardening cock in his mouth, before he started to suck in earnest. Eyes closed, he listened to James's soft moans, getting more and more aroused himself. All of a sudden, he felt one of the others reaching between them for his cock and fastening something around it. Severus stopped, wanting to look what they had done, but James's hand grasping his hair told him better. "Go on!" James pressed out in a strained voice.

Severus focused his attention on the cock in his mouth again, relaxing his throat and repressing the reflex to gag as James started to fuck his mouth relentlessly. Finally James came with a scream, hot semen filling Severus's mouth.

Severus whimpered when he felt James's softening cock slid out, now feeling his own throbbing erection more intensely. Looking down Severus noticed that someone had fastened a cockring around it. Then Sirius knelt down right behind him, pulled his head back by the hair and kissed him violently. Severus moaned as Sirius's tongue ravished his mouth, licking off James's semen, leaving no cavice unexplored. At the same time he felt something wet lapping his cock. Snape opened his eyes and saw Remus's head between his legs, alternately licking and sucking his erection.

A few feet away, James was sitting on an upside down turned cauldron, watching them intensively.

Sirius abandoned his mouth and lavished his attention on his neck instead, licking and biting the sensitive skin. Gasping, Severus stretched his throat to give him better access. Closing his eyes and leaning back against Sirius, he completely abandoned himself to the sensations of lips and teeth on his throat and shoulders, of a tongue licking his almost painfully throbbing erection and of hands stroking him everywhere at once.

Then, all of a sudden, Sirius stopped and moved a bit away. Severus whimpered and looked pleadingly to him. Sirius smirked and said: "Don't worry, I'll be right back." Then he quickly started to undress.

James was still sitting on the cauldron, looking like he immensely liked what he saw.

Remus abandoned his erection and knelt facing Snape. He smiled and passed his fingers through Severus's hair, then leaned forward to kiss him. His kiss was much gentler than Sirius's, just as the young werewolf's behaviour was much gentler than that of his friends. Severus enjoyed this tenderness as much as he had enjoyed Sirius's wildness earlier. Then Sirius moved back behind him, raking his fingernails up his back, over his shoulders and down his front, leaving a trail of burning sensation on his skin.

Severus gasped and writhed in a mixture of pleasure and pain. Sirius moved closer, pressing his naked, athletic body against his skin, bit down hard on his shoulder and pinched his nipples painfully, while Remus softly kissed and licked his throat. Severus wondered whether he would survive this with his sanity intact.

Sirius spit down on his fingers and started to lubricate him, his fingers intruding and slowly moving in and out, while Remus, still in front of him, slipped out of his robes. Snape couldn't help noticing how beautiful his slim body was. He felt the sudden urge to touch him, but the ropes tying his wrists together could literally only be undone by magic. Sirius fingers withdrew and were replaced by the real thing, taking his mind off Remus.

Severus heard moans that were bordering on screams, dimly aware that they were his own.

"Too loud. Someone might hear him." he heard James saying, unable to comprehend the meaning of the words. Then Remus shut him up by kissing him again.

Severus screamed into Remus mouth as Sirius thrust in deeper and deeper. His heart beat like a caged bird as Sirius thrust harder and harder while Remus never stopped kissing him. Finally Sirius came, spreading his hot semen inside him. When Sirius withdrew, Remus broke the kiss and carefully held him upright kneeling. Severus was shivering violently, his erection throbbing painfully, but the cockring prevented him from coming. He noticed just now that tears were streaming down his face.

James, still sitting and watching, was leaning forward now, face flushed, robes opened, reminding Severus of a bird of prey about to dive. Sirius contentedly rested on the floor. "Told you he has a nice bottom." he muttered.

Severus whimpered when Remus lightly touched his cock.

"Soon." Remus promised with a smile. Then he moved behind him and pushed down his head. Severus obediently rested it on the floor, stretching his butts high into the air. Remus gently stroked Severus back and rested his cock between Severus cheeks. Then he slowly pushed in. And out. And in.

Again, the werewolf was less violently as his friend, but he lasted much longer. In the end, Severus again found himself screaming and begging for release at each thrust. That means, until James stepped over, tipped his wand to his throat and said: "Silencio!" Severus voice was gone.

Puzzled, he looked up at James, who explained with an apologising smile: "You're too vocal. Imagine if Filch found us."

The mental picture of the caretaker standing in the doorframe, his jaw dropping, sufficed to take off some small amount of the arousal. Yet, when Remus came, Severus was trembling violently of unreleased need.

When Remus withdrew, Severus sat up and looked pleadingly at James, who sat beside him and slipped out of his robes. Severus didn't have to wait long; James virtually jumped on him and kissed him possessively, his hands greedily moving everywhere over his body. "Need you now." James murmured and pushed him backwards onto the floor, which was a bit awkward with his hands tied behind his back, raised his legs over his shoulders and slammed in. His arousal grew into the unbearable while James pushed in and out in a fast rhythm. Suddenly James slowed down and stopped inside him, looking as if he had greatest difficulties in doing so. Severus stared in puzzlement up at James, but understood when James unfastened his cockring. Then he thrust in and out again. Severus came only two thrusts later, and it was good that James had silenced him, because otherwise his scream certainly would have wakened up the whole castle. The world seemed to shatter into thousands of pieces as his long held-back need was released, his muscles contracting in violent spasms.

James, too, came, and carefully withdrew. Panting and still shivering violently from the exertion, Severus lay on the floor, staring in disbelief at the ceiling. Sirius and Remus came nearer and freed Severus from the ties and the Silencio spell. His arms and shoulders hurt from being stretched for so long, but he felt strangely at peace with himself and the world.

"I'm so looking forward to doing that again." James panted. Severus just smiled happily at his owner.


This was one of Snape's favourite fantasies. Of course, it was nothing more than that, a fantasy. Severus had hoped, prayed that James would take advantage of the old tradition that the life-saver owned the saved one. Dreamed that James would share him with his friends. He had spend so much time following them everywhere, with the result that they thought he was trying to get them expelled, when in reality he was in love with them. With all three of them.

That was why he had so willingly stepped into the trap Sirius had put out for him: he was not stupid, he had long before guessed that Lupin was a werewolf. He had not really believed that Sirius was trying to kill him, but in a wild moment he had hoped they had made up some plan to bring him in danger and rescue him out of it so that they could claim him as their own.

When James had not taken advantage of his entitlement, he had carefully reminded him on that old tradition.

"Don't worry about that, Severus!" James Potter had said innocently. "I would never take advantage of that."

Damn bloody honourable Gryffindors!


The End

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