Disclaimer: JK Rowling owns everyone in this story, except of the incubus.
Ratings: NC-17, slash, sexual interaction between a man and a male demon, non-con
Pairing: Severus Snape/an incubus
Summary: fear, pride, lust, shame
Author's note: quotes are taken from the The Cure song Lullaby. When the song came out in 1989 I was twelve and my English was only rudimentary: guess that explains that I used to think it was about a man-eating spider, until I heard it again a few weeks ago

By Ratwoman
[email protected]

>>on candystripe legs Spiderman comes
softly through the shadow of the evening sun
stealing past the windows of the blissfully dead
looking for the victim shivering in bed<<

Severus woke up feeling as if he had not slept at all. A glance at his watch told him that it was already past eleven. He had gone to bed before midnight, he should be fit by now. Maybe he had just slept too long.

Sitting up, he noticed that the sheets were sticky. Looked like semen. He dimly remembered having erotic dreams that night. Not really details, just skin, flesh, touches...

The house elves would take care of the sheets.

Severus shuffled into the living room. He gratefully noticed that there was a tray with his breakfast on the table, brought by the houseelves. Severus sat down, chewing without much appetite of his toast. His trunks were still unpacked in the middle of the room where he had dropped them after arriving yesterday.

He had not been eager to get the position of Potions Master. He had hated Hogwarts as an adolescent, and he doubted that it would be different now. But where else could he go? Granted, he had been acquitted thanks to Dumbledore's testimony, but there still was this stigma of suspicion on him. After all, he had been caught with Death Eaters, even had been a Death Eater some time.

Severus closed his eyes, trying not to think of those who were in Azkaban now. Some of them had almost been friends to him. The closest he had ever come to having friends. He felt as if he had betrayed them all, like the traitor he was. Sure, he had done what he knew was the right thing, because this lunatic of a Dark Lord had to be stopped, still, he felt guilt towards his friends, and at the same time guilt towards his victims, guilt towards Dumbledore.

Dumbledore had offered him a job at Hogwarts after his trial, and it not only was the only job Snape could get, he also saw it as his chance to redeem. Redeem for his sins against mankind in the name of the Dark Lord, redeem for his betrayal of his friends in the name of Albus Dumbledore. He'd take care of the Slytherin children, make sure that none of them crossed the line to the dark side, do the same mistakes he had done. Though he had no clue yet how to prevent that.

This evening the children would be arriving by train, and tomorrow would be his first day at work.


In the afternoon a stuff meeting was scheduled. Severus noticed the suspicious glances the other teachers cast at him. Most of them had been his own teachers at school. Professor McGonagall had not liked him then and didn't like him now, scrutinising him coldly. Professor Flitwick again and again gazed sceptically at him. Professor Sprout did her best to hide her distrust, but she didn't succeed completely. Only Filch seemed to be glad to see him. Maybe he saw a kindred spirit in his dark, sarcastic manner.

The evening came, the children arrived and the sorting of the first years started. It seemed odd to watch it from the staff's table. Child after child running to the stool putting on the hat, full of excitement and hope. Some looked satisfied when the hat announced Slytherin, some resigned.

Snape yawned and wondered why he was so tired even though he had slept long enough last night.


Severus shrieked up when the alarm clock shrilled. Yawning and stretching, he noticed that his sheets were sticky again. Two nights in a row? Odd, he was 25, no hormone-driven teenager anymore!

He was still tired when he reached the Great Hall for breakfast. Almost he would have walked towards the Slytherin table instead of the staff table. Snape smirked and sat down at _his_ chair. It still felt odd to be one of the teachers.

Snape almost dozed off at breakfast. That was... weird, he usually did not need that much sleep (and he had definitively had enough). Then all of a sudden he remembered a DADA lesson ten years ago.

//Mr. Black, I'm glad you find my lesson so amusing,// Professor Dacks, then DADA Teacher had said to a giggling Sirius Black, //but I can assure you that a succubus or incubus is more dangerous than it sounds, as he not only haunts his victim for ... sexual pleasure, he also withdraws them energy.//

A succubus? No, just because he was tired and had had wet dreams twice didn't necessarily mean... The best way to find out would be to stay awake that night.


>>searching out fear in the gathering gloom
and suddenly! a movement in the corner of the room!
and there is nothing I can do when I realise with fright
that the Spiderman is having me for dinner tonight<<

Severus was wide awake after the fourth cup of coffee this evening. His first day as a teacher had been a disaster; the kids didn't want to respect someone who was only ten years older than them. He would have to find a solution to that problem.

But first to his other problem.

It was past twelve now, Snape had turned off the lights and lay in bed, wide awake.

His quarters were in the dungeon, there was only little light in here from a small, barred window at the upper edge of the wall. The shadows seemed to become alive, taking on shapes creeping towards his bed. Severus breathed in deeply, trying to calm down. There was nothing to fear, nothing. He was just being hysterical, taking tiredness and wet dreams as a sign for a succubus!

Severus let out a strangled noise when he felt a weight lowering down on his bed. Sitting up, he could clearly see in the silver stream of the moonlight the shape of a man kneeling on his bedside.

If he wasn't mistaken, the male succubi were called incubi. Strange, that his mind was occupied with such unimportant details now.

The creature turned his head and looked at him, long bluish hair framing a symmetrical face, eyes shining with a sinister light. He seemed transparent and solid at the same time.

He smiled, a superior smile, not a friendly one. Severus was like mesmerised when the demon raised a pale, slender hand and stroked his cheek. His touch felt strange, lighter than a human's touch, somewhat unreal. The incubus's hand moved down, his fingertips lightly touching Snape's throat, then further down to open the buttons of his pajamas.

"Stop!" Snape hissed, pulling himself out of the morbid fascination that had caught him for a moment. He tried to slap the demon's hand away, but his wrist was caught in a surprisingly firm grip.

The incubus smirked at Snape's gasp of pain. Without loosening the grasp on his wrist, he continued unbuttoning Severus's shirt. Severus writhed and tried to free himself, but the vice-like grip felt as if his bones would break any second. Finally, Snape made a fist with his left and hit the demon right into the face.

It passed right through his assaulter's head. The incubus smirked at him, pulled off his opened shirt and pushed him back down onto the sheets. Obviously he could choose at will whether he wanted to be solid or transparent. Unshed tears were burning in Severus's eyes. How could he fight something he couldn't even hit?

Severus felt the creatures fingers moving lightly across his chest. This couldn't be happening, he was only having a nightmare! Then he giggled at the irony. Etymologically, Night Mare was another term for demons that haunted people in the sleep.

The creature lay down on him, his tongue licking a trail down his chest beginning from the shoulder. Severus tried to fight, writhing and struggling to get out from under the demon, but suddenly the incubus seemed to weigh a ton, his weight pressing down on him, almost crushing him.

Severus heard himself uttering a whimper as his movements stilled. The weight on him lifted slightly and the incubus went on with his task, nibbling at one of his nipples, then moved further down, lapping his stomach with a wet tongue, pushing down his pajamas pants and tugging with his teeth at his pubic hair.

Severus hands clawed into the sheets as the demon swallowed his cock. It was different from any blowjob he had ever experienced. The incubus greedily sucked in his prick like a black hole, straining all the nerves in his sensitive organ, pulling him to an erection within seconds. Severus screamed and instinctively pushed up his hips to meet the mouth, but the demon withdrew and sat up, kneeling between his thighs.

The demon grabbed his already raised hips, pushed them up a bit more and impaled his prick on Snape's arse.

Snape knew, being fucked dry should hurt like hell, but it didn't. The incubus glided in and out as if naturally, hitting his prostrate with each thrust, sending sparks of fire through Snape's body.

A hand started moving on his cock and Severus came with a scream of ecstasy and shame. The incubus came briefly afterwards, his semen dispersing into Snape's body feeling strangely cold.


The alarm-clock forcefully pulled Severus out of the nervous sleep he had fallen into. The young teacher shivered at the memory of the horrors of last night. The incubus had not been satisfied with taking him once, or twice. Severus had passed out the third time he'd been ridden.

Feeling the need to clean himself, Severus shuffled to the bathroom, taking a long, hot shower.


Severus was late for breakfast, had hardly time to drink his coffee and eat his croissant before he had to teach his first class this morning. He had to teach another class before lunch and one more in the afternoon; between he'd have enough time to do researches in the library on incubi.

His first class were fourth year Slytherins and Gryffindors. Severus wondered why on Earth the Arch- rivals were always taught together; some Slytherins and Gryffindors were shouting at each other, and they did not even stop when Severus entered the classroom.

Maybe they were just testing how far they could go with the new teacher; Severus strode past the students to his desk and looked sharply at the rivals, who ignored him. After a few seconds he yelled: "FIFTY POINTS OFF BOTH GRYFFINDOR AND SLYTHERIN!"

The children looked surprised and sat down quietly. Snape let his most scrutinising gaze travel over the students, then started the lesson by taking the register. He had a good memory, his mind automatically linked the names with the faces; by the end of the lesson he would already have surprised them by exactly remembering their names.

"You are here to learn the subtle science and exact art of potion-making," he announced then. He had given the same welcoming speech in his classes the day before; he had carefully prepared it over last week. "As there is little foolish wand-waving here, many of you will hardly believe this is magic. I don't expect you will really understand the beauty of the softly simmering cauldron with its shimmering fumes, the delicate power of liquids that creep through human veins, bewitching the mind, ensnaring the senses... I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even stopper death..." Severus was well aware how seductive his voice was and that many students listened like mesmerised. However, to his frustration their attention faded during the lesson. Maybe they really preferred foolish wand-waving.

His second class this morning, second year Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs, was similar; they first tested how far they could provoke him, but due to his tiredness and bad mood resulting from last nights... events, he was generous in giving out detentions. That, however, sufficed to cower them thoroughly.

Afterwards, Snape went straight towards the library, to the section of the DADA books. With a huge staple he went to his office, sat down at his desk and opened the "Encyclopaedia of demons":

//Incubi: a male demon, who haunts women in their beds to have sexual intercourse (compare succubus)//

Snape frowned and looked under succubus:

//Succubus: a female demon, who haunts men in their beds for sexual intercourse//

Obviously he had attracted the one gay incubus! Snape browsed back to the entry to incubus

//Latin, incubare: to lie on top. Incubi are very dangerous demons as they withdraw energy from their victims which makes them fade away slowly.//

So far, Snape did not feel much more than the normal tiredness of sleepless nights.

//The exorcism of incubi is very difficult, as it needs at least three powerful wizards// Snape frowned. He did not want to ask anyone for help. //and a complicated ritual. Descriptions of the exorcism ritual can be found in...//

Snape sighed and lay the book aside. Three powerful wizards? Whom could he ask? He didn't trust any of the staff members; Dumbledore, to a certain extent, but... Would they even want to help the distrusted ex-Death- Eater?

Snape opened the next book and searched for a description for the exorcism ritual. The victim had to lie as a bait in the bed, a circle, that was open to intruders but didn't let anyone out, had to be cast around it. Inside the circle the wizards had to form a triangle, catch the incubus with a holding charm and hex him into another dimension.

All the other books described the same method. Was there some way to do it alone? Well, he couldn't form a triangle, but he could try to use the holding charm and the hex that would throw the incubus into another dimension.


Snape forgot lunch, but a house-elf brought him food. His afternoon class was similarly easily cowered. Obviously, it sufficed to be worried and in a bad mood to get the respect he wanted.

Severus ate his dinner with the staff at the staff table. Several times he thought about mentioning that he might need help because his quarters were haunted, but he couldn't get it over with. It was as if his throat was tied up and no sound could escape.

Also this night Severus kept himself awake with coffee, learning the spells he needed for the exorcism.


>>quietly he laughs and shaking his head
creeps closer now closer to the foot of the bed
and softer than shadow and quicker than flies
his arms are all around me and his tongue in my eyes
"Be still be calm be quiet now my precious boy
don't struggle like that or I will only love you more
it's much too late to get away or turn on the light
the spiderman is having you for dinner tonight"<<

Snape had cast said circle around his bed and lay awake on his back, wand at hand. Again, the shadows seemed to become alive, to surround him, turn on him. Then he felt the familiar weight on the foot of his bed. Snape sat up, pointing his wand at the pale man-shaped demon and called: "FRIGOTE!"

For a second the incubus didn't move, and Severus thought his spell to catch the demon had worked out, but then he started chuckling.

With despair in his voice Snape repeated the spell, but the incubus just shook it off and in a second was on top of Severus, beating his wand out of his hand. Severus watched it with despair flying through the room.

The demon grasped his wrists and pushed them onto the sheets while straddling his hips.

"Stop fighting me!" the incubus hissed. Severus had not even known that he was able to speak. "You can't win." the incubus added. "You will only make it unnecessarily hard for yourself."

Then the incubus leaned down and pressed his lips on Snape's, forcing his mouth open with his tongue. Severus screamed inwardly. This didn't feel like a human's kiss, this didn't feel like a kiss at all. It felt as if all his thoughts, memories and feelings were sucked out through his mouth, his essence, his soul. He could only watch when the demon sat up, licking his lips. He felt... nothing, emptiness, a void.

Then the incubus leant down and kissed him again. This time, he gave him his soul back, his life, his memories, his feelings.

Severus stared in fright up at the incubus. "Don't do that again." he whispered.

"If you behave." the incubus answered.

Severus nodded his head, close to tears. There was nothing he could do; at least not alone.

With one movement, the incubus ripped off his pajamas shirt, then removed his pants, stroking the inside of his thighs while doing so. Severus passively let it happen. Better the demon ravished his body than robbed his soul.

"I can be whoever you want to." The incubus whispered seductively. Resignedly, Snape looked at him and saw him changing shape. His eyes grew larger, his hair turned to a beautiful mane of black... Sirius Black. The incubus in Sirius shape lied down to cover Severus, looking down at him. "Beautiful, strong Sirius." he whispered. "The real one never wanted you, only made fun of you. He is rotting in Azkaban now, but you can have him every night."

Severus whimpered as the incubus/Sirius was kissing his throat, his strong hands caressing his sides. Without knowing what he was doing, Severus moved his hands along the strong back, feeling the muscles under the smooth skin. Back at school, Sirius had known that Severus had felt attracted to him, but had used that knowledge to publicly ridicule him by luring him with false promises to a secret place at the lake where the all the Gryffindors of his year where hiding behind bushes to laugh at his folly. That had been the beginning of their enmity.

Again, the incubus raised his head, but this time he had the face of Remus Lupin. "Or do you prefer the gentle werewolf?" The incubus/Remus licked a wet trace down Severus chest. His interest in Lupin had started half a year after being humiliated by Sirius; this time, Severus had not even dared to tell Remus about his feelings, being afraid of being hurt again.

The young teacher moaned in desire and confusion, passing his hand through the demon's hair; but it was much shorter than Remus Lupin's hair. Snape raised his head and looked at the incubus who was lapping the sensitive skin of his stomach now. The incubus gazed up at him with James Potter's face.

"So, you didn't manage to save James Potter? If you want to, I can make you pay for it each night." he whispered and clawed his fingers painfully into Snape's side.

Snape gasped and tried to move away, but the incubus moved quickly to press him down onto the sheets, wrists in a firm grip. Severus saw silverblonde hair falling into his face.

"Or if you want to continue your relationship with Lucius, I can be that, too." he whispered. Severus' affair with Lucius had been short, destructive, and very intense. When Narcissa's jealousy had stopped their relationship, Snape had not known whether to be relieved or sad about that.

A movement of his head and the incubus caressed Severus' face and neck with his silverblonde hair like Lucius had done so often. He even smelled like Lucius.

Severus raised his hand to pass his fingers through the incubus/Lucius' soft long hair. It felt like silk.

Severus sighed and hugged his lover close while he felt him move his lips along his shoulder, forgetting for a moment whom he was with.

Then the demon whispered: "I can be whatever you want me to be. Your predecessor was very fond of me; we agreed that I come to him in the shape of his lost love."

Suddenly Severus remembered that Dumbledore had mentioned that the former Potions Master had died of a mysterious sickness, getting thinner and paler over months.

Severus panicked and struggled to get away. A blow in the face, burning pain on his cheek stopped his attempt.

"I told you to behave!" the incubus with Lucius' face said. "Unless, you want me to punish you, then you could just ask for it. I'm flexible." the incubus added and changed into James Potter.

Snape let out a whine and gave up. For now. Tomorrow he'd ask for help. Promise.


>>and I feel like I'm being eaten
by a thousand million shivering furry holes
and I know that in the morning
I will wake up in the shivering cold
and the spiderman is always hungry<<


"You look tired, Severus," Dumbledore said during breakfast, "do the students give you a hard time?"

"I'm fine!" Severus hissed harsher than intended.

"He is rather giving the students a hard time." Mc Gonagall said pointedly. "Some Gryffindors complained to me that he's already giving detentions in the first week."

Severus glared grimly at her. As if she had never given detentions during the term's first week.

No, frustrating as the children's disinterest in potions was, it was not them who were giving him a hard time. Severus tried not to think of last night, but the memories were pushing back every single second. The incubus had been changing shape all night, taking him in missionary position in Lucius Malfoy's form, turning him around on all four and riding him in Sirius Black's body. Arousing him with touches as Remus Lupin and taking him again as James Potter.

Severus felt as if he really had been having sex with four men. And he felt... dirtied.

Severus looked around the table. Maybe this was the right moment to ask for help. A knot of fear tightened in his stomach. What would they think if they knew... Maybe it was better if Severus told Dumbledore his problem alone in his office, later that day.


In the early evening Severus stood unmoving in front of the Gargoyle that was the entrance to Dumbledore's office. The problem was not that he did not know the password - after all, he was one of the staff members now, he was informed on it. But for some reason he did not find the courage to form the word sugar-cane.

Dumbledore had just helped him out of the biggest trouble of his life, had recruited him as a spy when he had realised how stupid he had been to follow Voldemort, had even given him that job here when no one else would employ him. Could he #again# ask for his help? Did he want to be indebted even more to him?

But who else could he ask? He did not know half of the staff members, and the other half didn't trust him any further than they could throw him, and vice versa.

Still undecided, Severus heard the noises of footsteps nearing. As if caught at doing something forbidden, Severus turned around and run into the opposite direction.


Severus spent the rest of the evening cursing himself for his cowardice and dreading the night. Sooner or later his demon lover would come again - in a twofold sense.

And there was nothing he could do except roll over and offer his ass.

Severus tried to distract his mind from the unavoidable by reading a book until he fell asleep on the couch.

He was waken from his unquiet sleep by the feeling of lips kissing his neck, hands on his skin. Severus opened his eyes to see that the incubus, lying on top of him, had already opened his robes while Severus had been asleep. Severus groaned as the incubus' fingers moved down over his stomach to encircle his cock.

"Aren't you confined to the bedroom?" he asked.

"No." The demon answered, his lips curled in a mocking smile. "You can't escape me by sleeping on the couch."

Severus gasped as the demon's fingers played lightly over the sensitive skin of his cock, sending jolts of fire up his spine.

"I hate you." Snape hissed.

"Do you?" the incubus replied, licking his lips. "I think you're exquisite." In an almost inaudible whisper he added: "I hope you'll last longer than the others."

The demon's fingers closed around Snape's prick in a strong grip and he started pumping hard and fast. Gasping, Severus tried hard not to thrust up his hips to meet the demon's hand, but in vain.

To his shame he came after a short while, spilling his semen all over his stomach. Severus saw the demon's eyes lighten up, before he knelt between his legs and bent to lick off the cum on his belly. Severus tried to ignore the tickling sensations of a tongue licking in sensuous strokes over his abdomen. Finally the incubus sat up, looking as satisfied as a cat after stealing the cream.

"So, who do you want me to be when I take you?" he asked.

"Go to hell!" Severus hissed.

"I don't think so." the incubus said and rolled him onto his stomach.

Severus winced in slight pain as fingernails raked down his back, tried to ignore the fingers kneading his buttocks. He did not even want to know whose shape the demon had taken, so he just stared at the pillow as the he was mounted and ridden.


Severus woke up when someone knocked repeatedly at his door. A glance at his watch told him that it was already noon. Damn, he had missed his classes!

Severus slipped into his bathrobe and opened the door. Albus Dumbledore was standing in front of it, looking worried. "Is everything all right, Severus?"

Severus bit back the desperate tears burning in his eyes. "No," he said, then stepped aside to let Dumbledore in. While the old wizard looked worriedly at the messy living room, Severus quickly walked past him and picked up the Encyclopaedia of Demons.

"You said, the former Potions Master died of a mysterious sickness?" Severus asked, forcefully controlling his voice.

"Yes," Dumbledore said, looking at Severus in a scrutinising way. "Over the months he grew paler and thinner, but he did not want to consult a mediwitch."

Severus nodded his head and gave Dumbledore the book, opened at the entry to Incubus. "I found the cause."

Dumbledore's eyes grew wide as he read it. "When did you find out?"

"A few days ago." Severus replied.

"Why did you not go straight to me?" Dumbledore asked.

Why? Because he did not trust anyone. Because he was too proud to ask for help. Instead of answering thus, Severus just shrugged his shoulders.

Dumbledore sighed. "I'm going to ask Minerva and Thor to assist us in banishing the incubus." Thor McClohr was the new DADA teacher, not much older than Severus. "By tomorrow you'll be free of him."


"An Incubus!" Professor McClohr called in anticipation. "That's so exciting, I never exorcised an incubus before!"

McGonagall, Dumbledore and Snape looked sceptically at the young DADA teacher.

"But you do know how to banish an incubus?" Dumbledore asked.

"Yes, yes, theoretically I know it all." Thor McClohr said, cleaning his classes and smiling brightly. "But unfortunately at university they did not have an incubus to practise on..."

Smiling at Severus, he asked: "How did you find out that there was an incubus?"

"I stayed awake." Severus replied evasively.

"And what happened then?" Thor asked eagerly.

Severus felt the sudden urge to strangle him.

"What do you think usually happens when an incubus haunts people?" McGonagall replied sharply on his part.

"Well, I think they usually..." Thor stopped, obviously noticing Severus' furious and Minerva's warning gaze.

Snape sighed and rolled his eyes. If Thor was always chattering away like that, then soon the whole school would know about his troubles with an incubus.


Hours later, Severus was lying in his bed, waiting. The three other wizards had cast a circle and were now standing in a triangle around his bed, Minerva on his right, Albus at the foot of the bed, and Thor at his left. Before, they had taken an invisibility potion, so that the demon would not notice that he was not alone.

Soon he felt the familiar weight pressing down onto the sheets, when the incubus crawled onto the bed, quickly moving onto him.

"FRIGOTE!" the three wizards called. The potions effect faded as soon as a spell was cast, but it anyway was not needed anymore.

The incubus screamed in a shrill voice as three greenish lights hit and held him. Severus was a bit worried that Thor might not be strong enough to cast a good spell, but obviously he was more than just theoretical knowledge: no matter how much the incubus struggled against the green light holding him, he couldn't free himself.

Then the three wizards started to chant in unison:

"Daemon nocturnus
Fuge hic loco
Obite infernam
Numquam redite"

They repeated the chant again and again while above the bed a whirl opened in the air that would transport the demon into another dimension.

Severus watched with fascination as the wizards lifted the incubus closer and closer to the whirl, still chanting.

"Please!" the incubus called with a desperate face and stretched his hand towards Severus. "Save me!" the incubus begged.

Severus grinned. No way he would save the demon that had forcefully taken him each night and was feeding from his life energy.

The incubus' face changed, his hair lightened up to a silverblonde. "PLEASE!" he pleaded with Lucius' face.

Severus' grin faded as he had to remind himself that this was not Lucius Malfoy, not his ex-lover, but an incubus.

Then the long silver hair grew black and shrunk to short messy curls. His face turned thinner, his eyes brown: "Save me!" James Potter called. "I saved your life, now you have to save mine!"

Instinctively, Severus raised his hand to reach the incubus, but received a hard blow into his face from his right side.

Severus gazed in consternation at Minerva McGonagall, who had slapped him with her left while with her right hand she was still pointing her wand at the incubus. Incubus, of course. Severus buried his head between his knees so that he did not have to see whose shape the incubus would take while pleading him to save him.

He heard him begging a few minutes longer, felt his hair being tangled by a strong wind, then a sucking sound, then silence.

Severus looked up. The three wizards were standing around his bed, with dishevelled hair and exhausted faces. Thor was wiping the sweat off his face. "That was... difficult." he said.

"Are you alright, dear?" McGonagall asked in a mild voice.

Severus just now noticed that tears were running down his cheeks. Embarrassed he wiped them off; he never cried, not even when he was alone. But more tears seemed to well up in him like in an overflowing cask, constricting his throat and pushing to the surface.

"It's alright, Severus," McGonagall said, "let it go."

As if her words had broken some barriers, Severus started weeping quietly, tears after tears washing out of him.


Dumbledore had asked, or actually ordered, Severus to take a few days off. The morning Severus would take off his classes again, he looked around in the Great Hall, waiting for signs that Thor McClohr had been talking about his liaison with the incubus. But no one looked oddly at him or talked behind his back. Maybe, Thor McClohr had against all odds kept his mouth shut.

Minerva was rather friendly, she actually smiled at Severus and tried to engage him into Smalltalk.

Severus reluctantly smiled back. Maybe, after all, there were some people he could trust.


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