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All WADs have been tested with THANATOS to ensure adequate performance values.
     Outer Base

102,400 bytes
My second WAD, for DooM. Outer Base is the DooM version of a dream I had, of a futuristic game that could be the sequel to the up-coming and mysterious game from iD Software, Quake. It had amazing graphics, and was fully 3D, with smooth textures and even full motion video. Too bad it was just a dream. Who knows what the future will hold for video games? Maybe games will be downloadable from Infotainment Mega-Road, and we won't need to go to a store to buy them. That would be neat, but I would still rather have my games on disk or CDROM, so I wouldn't have to keep them installed on my hard disk drive, and wouldn't have to use up all of my online time and tie up my phone line.


45,056 bytes
My first WAD, for DooM. RE1M1 is E1M1 with a little more here and there, but still true to your memories. Something of a remaster or a remake. Who knows if such a thing will become popular with video games in the future? As if they would make a Wolfenstein 3D remaster! Hah! For that matter, how could they remake DOOM?

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