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Data on the Homepage of the Oldternet - This document is OOC.

Why was the site created?

The Oldternet requires a monument to its glory, and the Septemberians cannot make that happen. This site is made predominantly from my broken memory, with Notepad++. The quality of the code varies by page, mainly because I'm gradually remembering HTML 1.0 as I go along, as well as other things that are being added to the site.

What are you?

I'm BATMAN. I'm nobody, so I'm Mister X. I'm not hard to find if you know how to search, though.

What kind of computer do you use?

A Hewlett Packard 486 DX 2 called Thanatos. You can check its specifications here.

Why are there no dates?

Because the Oldternet is something that exists outside of time. The site was created in December of XXX0, and dating it would ruin it, I guess? The date range for the site is more or less 1992-1994, with a few minor exceptions here and there. I couldn't be bothered to change the dates for the files in the ZIP archives, though.

So what is the deal, then?

I had the good fortune to browse the WWW in the days of the Oldternet. In fact, the first thing I ever downloaded was the screensaver on the Files page. I didn't get a chance to get back online for about six years, so the memory was pretty well locked in place without the corruption of time. I spent a lot of time at the public library when they got Internet-connected computers, and had a massive stack of floppies to keep my art and other stuff on. When I got a computer of my own, years later, I got rolling on making as much as I could. Artwork, game maps and textures, and websites. Older websites started dying, being erased, or otherwise disappearing. I've archived a few, and the Web Archive exists, but really, time is limited. I'd like it if others would make their own retro-sites, and Geocities, as well as other places, will host simple sites for free. Alas, uses Cloudflare, which blocks browsers like Netscape and Mozilla. Fun. I've asked; they will not make exceptions for old browsers. Maybe other hosts don't have such issues. There's just something about the early to mid nineties web aesthetic that sticks with me. Thanks for popping by.

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