Well, everyone... it's time this site got a makeover. That's right, you heard me correctly, a MAKEOVER... so, whenever i find time to do that... that's when it's gonna take place... booyah!

I'm Aiken for Clayton! My American Idol... *squee* SO CUTESY! and he has an AWESOME voice, too! Go Clay! :)

Here it is, Leo... take it and make the Fellowship blog PRETTY

ahahahahaha... yeup! itz my Fambly! :D

So Gabe gave me the little disc thing with all the photos from our retreat/camp on it, and i had a lot of fun modifying everything. Well, the group is asking you to see the pictures... so YOU BETTER!

Who was that mystery man anyway? dum di dum... i'm bored... if you want to see just exactly HOW bored i was... click on the "mystery man" o, but guess who it is first (no, i'm not drunk)

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Since sometimes people get confused (basically becuz this is a confusing site) Nick talks in white. Trowa talks in green. Matt talks in orange. Kurt talks in this purply color I talk in lime...

Hi Visitor NumberCounter!!!

DISCLAIMER: no matter WHAT i say, i don't own Nick, Kurt, Matt, or Trowa... in fact... i don't even really know who does, but itz not me, although i pretend i do *evil cackle* so, nothing on this site is copyrighted to me... just thought you'd like to know... O! i also don't own anything associated with the above people. This means, i don't own the Backstreet Boys, X-Men, Digimon, or Gundam Wing *sigh* don't i wish...

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