So, during the winter, we went on this bodacious Camp/Retreat. It was lots of fun. we hung out in the mountains and played games and learned about God and ate lots of good food and basically had a great time. Gabe gave me some of the photos he took during the camp, and here i am to bring them to you. ENJOY!

This is my "big sis" Minar! *waves* She didn't come with us :( but this is her in her car, dropping off CIN CIN!!! I think Minar is sooooo cool! ;) This picture was taken before we left the parking lot at church.

This is my "big bro" Chongus (whose real name is Chongai)! Chongus and Minar both go to Berkeley (GO BEARS!) and sometimes they come and visit me on rare occasions... but anyway... this is at the retreat center.

Whenever we go on our trips and stuff, we always need someone to take care of us. This is Mama Hank... and he's my momma when my mommy isn't around... HE'S THE GREATEST *thumbs up*

"The Bruthas" I don't know... i just looked at the picture and said "The Bruthas" Well, anyways, i think we're about to play the game where we try to untangle ourselves from this huge knot.

The Wall Game is the funnest game in the world. Itz where everyone stands on one side of a string and then everyone has to get to the other side of the wall depending on teamwork and the strength of ur teammates. Lotz of fun and lotz of trust involved.

This is Cindy, Mina's sister, and she's holding up a blanket for a game we were playing to see how well we knew everyone else on the retreat/camp

"I'm r-----e" Jonathan says... oh, yes, very, just look at all the girls that want to rape u! LOL ima jk...

Creativity strikes in the oddest of places... and this was one of them... when i told Irving that he was in the perfect position to take a pimp pic... this isn't the one i have on my bulletin board. The one i have on my bulletin board is much more... pimp-like.

This is almost everyone who went on the retreat/camp. For your convienience, i've labeled them all for you. Hope you enjoyed this! I'll post more pics when i have more time!

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