In Defense of Elijah Wood
*AHHHHHH* the fangirls scream *She's finally snapped!* I HAVE NOT! insanity... here i am to prove to the world... there is something to be desired in the world of Elijah Wood (Legolas be damned! *manical lafter*) Note: i do not do drugs nor do i drink alcohol... nor was i drinking alchol/taking drugs when i was watching "Lord of the Rings"... MY JUDGEMENT WAS NOT IMPAIRED!

This... would quite obviously be the Elijah Wood you see... *rolls eyes* hahahahahahahahahahaha... *cough* *sniff* yes... well, how wrong your perception is... (spare me the "Legolas is so hot" babble... i'm well aware of that already. i'm not defending Orlando Bloom, here)

I believe a comparison is in order

Yes, ladies (since the only thing the gentlemen are interested in are the flavors) this is indeed not a joke... that is truly Elijah Wood, not a computer generated picture... sure is adorable, neh?

Now... onward ho! The part of Elijah in question is undoubtedly his teeth... EARTH TO PEOPLE! TAKEN A LOOK AT MY TEETH LATELY?! Actually, his teeth aren't that bad...

My favorite part of Elijah Wood? His eyes, of course! Who could resist these baby blues? (ew... that sounded corny) Legolas' eyes? please... *rolls eyes*

My mistake... this is Elijah's henna tatoo that he got BEFORE filming LOTR... His LOTR tatoo is... the elven number 9, i believe? Something like that... itz in the same general area... Thanks to Minar for clearing that up, or else i would have looked like the stupidest Lijjie fan ever

The moment you've all been waiting for, Legolas vs. Elijah! I've *dissected* them for your convenience... yeah, they're both human (whoops, my bad, ELIJAH is a human, Legolas is an ELF) and Elijah has nicer EYES! *runs away before the fan girls can come in for the kill* *runs around room yelling* ELIJAH IS NOT SHOPLIFTING! ANOTHER DIFFERENCE... LEGOLAS IS IN THE WOODS, LIJJIE IS IN THE CITY

Now this is the Elijah Wood i see... u have to OVERLOOK the past (o, except for that rilly cute pic to the left rite there...) and take a look at the present... Yummy! (*whew* finally finished...)

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