After making several, receiving several... i decided, "what the heck... these are so good we should offer them to the world..." note that the word "good" is used loosely when pretaining to wallpapers made by urs truly...

The Ultimate Kristin Kreuk Wallpaper
The Ultimate Riley Smith/Michael Vartan Wallpaper- Made for Eileen... wow... i hate those blocky squares... >.<
The Ultimate Random Wallpaper- BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Enter the twisted mind of Spoon! (note that the fanart is NOT MINE)
Super Elijah!- Lol... u can tell this is decidedly different... that's cuz Legolas made it for me hahaha
Coporal Eugene Roe My favorite dude in Band of Brothers was Easy Company's medic, Eugene Roe, so i made a wallpaper. It actually turned out decently.
The "Placemat" Wallpaper aka the Ultimate Band of Brothers wallpaper, specifically targeted at those people who can never get all the guys straight. Happy viewing! :)
MotY Preview Edition Indeedly. This is a preview MotY for 2004, a birthday present for Vannie. :)
LOST YAY! "Lost"! I love "Lost". It's an awesome show. Can't miss "Lost" on Wednesdays and can't miss "Joan of Arcadia" on Fridays. :D

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