The Weirdest Hobby Ever

So, i bet you were looking for hobbits, weren't you? And suddenly this picture pops up and you say "That's not a f*cking hobbit! He's like no hobbit I'VE ever seen!" And that's because he's NOT a hobbit, he's a Catholic. Yes, that's my BIZARRE hobby: collecting the names of Catholic celebrities. It's not something that matters to me, it's just something that fascinates me when i'm bored and becuz i have no life (at least... none that I know of) so... wouldn't you like to know who that is? hahaha It's Jim Caviezel, of course... u know... The Count of Monte Cristo? ;) He's being Jesus in "Passion", that new movie directed by Mel Gibson (another Catholic) and also starring the Italian lady playing Persephone in the upcoming Matrix movies (trust me, after the movies come out, u'll know who i'm talking about)... so, what's going to be here? A list, maybe a brief bio... who knows? A list for sure, tho... check for updates.
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