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We are the Tyr(tear) or OutSider/Nemsis of RolePlaying!

PAY For Your unjustice and Wickedness, Fools!

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These Are Role-Playing Charaters

Hello everyone, here's an Ideal thats started by my mentor Ninja and Doom they teamed and create a group known as
The Nemisis. There where of Pantheon(ChatRoom| D&D type play) yet with none there most of the time there now, inter-univers group...

We're manily are about keeping some fun in the chatrooms, because people in rooms team up and kill off foes/Enimies far to fast. Thinking death final, yet forgetting it is more to it then that, it'll take much more work, for those types such as we of the, Tyr to be killed off for good/ all time. We of the Tyr mostly are in the rooms to keep things fair, what this means is mostly we do cause a lot of mischief.. either as beings of good or bad. A Tyr or Nemesis/OutSider memeber during the day, while he's roleplaying, trys to keep things fun, so when whomever takes over at night, won't be bored and have nothing to do, and visa versa. At lest thats how we'd like things to go yet some of us vanished, so the group of foes and allies we tryed to keep around with dept and drama, was to much for others that also played in serten rooms like (Pantheon). We many as we where left pantheon to themself so they could roleplay how they thought the room, sould be rpled in. It got borning so many leaft for Marvel Utopia, though many of these were the same people from Pantheon and other such deadrooms...

Also on a side note: I would challege a member and non-members alike to an fight, or other such non-direct combat, but they don't play it out to well for me pantheon.

If someone else wins the fight/battle they got 4 free wishes from Deiter with no tricks. None won much, so I stoped fighting and just had dramtic type fun, advenchers, mess-up others plains and polt that kind of thing.

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