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Phoenix Changeweaver.

Real Name: Phoenix Changeweaver also known as Faurion
Occupation: Steward of Avalon, Mage teacher and healer
Races- Celestial elemental phoenix, elf, dryad, garou, fa�ae and garou
Identity: The general populace of Earth does not know that Phoenix is an extra dimensional being.
Legal Status: None on Earth; no criminal record on this world
Unusual features: Phoenix has feathery wings that are night black every so often they will sparkle like stars in the night sky. He also has hooked black claws on his hands and feet, because of the claws on his feet he is barefooted more times than not.
Other Aliases: None known
Place of Creation/Base of Operations: Avalon and realms connected to it.
Marital Status: Married to Yua (celestial elemental phoenix). Widower of Lursa Changeweaver (garou mother of Topaz Moon), Anna Changeweaver (dryad mother of Starlight, Bronwyn, Taryn), Nixie Blue Changeweaver (blue phoenix, Tequila and Blue), Robyn DarkForest (rainbow phoenix, mother of Sylverstar, Talli Rose, Ashes Heart and Phelan Kell).
Known Relatives: (currently MIA)=- Crystal (mother) council elder for the gods/goddesses, Damon (father) Keeper of Nightmares (sister, clan lordess vampire), Skyflame Changeweaver (sister, demoness), Starlight Silverdawn (sister, vampire) Lady Caroline (sister, timewalker), Phelan Kell (vampire, son), Faith Kell (vampire, granddaughter), Christy Marie Kell (human, granddaughter) Raizor (son, demon /vampire), Ashes Heart Changeweaver (phoenix, daughter), Kiryn (vampire, adopted daughter), Lady Laurastina (adopted daughter, fa�ae), Electra (vampire? Clan lordess, daughter), Rose Petal (demon princess, niece), Desiree (timewalker/phoenix?), Tytana (former timewalker), Lady Starlight (elf queen).
(currently around) Wraith Rimlani-Changeweaver (demi goddess, adopted daughter), Tequila Blue Dragonannoyer (demoness, daughter), Blue Changeweaver (daughter, shape shifter), Topaz Moon Dracul (garou, daughter), Taryn Changeweaver (son), Starlight Changeweaver (daughter), Anastaya (adopted daughter, drow), Bronwyn Changeweaver (daughter), Wraith (granddaughter), Sylverstar Changeweaver (golden phoenix, daughter), Talli Rose Changeweaver (daughter, phoenix), Nanashi (granddaughter, shape shifter mage), Aaralyn Xavier Alexander (adopted daughter), Azzy (elf, adopted daughter), Salies Tara Changeweaver (daughter, phoenix/garou/vamp?)
Group Affiliation: Leader of the rebels on his home world
Titles: Steward of Avalon, Guardian of the Heavens, Keeper of Souls, fa�ae knight

Height: 6 ft. 2 in. |Phoenix form(30'84)
Weight(lbs): 280 lbs|Phoenix form(12 tons)
Eyes Color: light brown|Phoenix form(Blue)
Hair Color: light Blondish brown|Phoenix form(Blond/goldern)

Other Abilities: Extensive magickal knowledge as was taught to him by Talisean (known better to mortals as Merlin), knowledge of herbal healing remedies and techniques, knowledge of scientific and natural principles, some knowledge and training with some weapons mostly a staff, knowledge of nature and animals, metallurgy, bard singing and playing (mostly with a guitar), knowledge of the bodies of many species.

Weapons: A metal bo staff about 5 feet long, a crystal sword that is fa'ae in origin that amplifies his abilites....has Merlin's sword once upon a time....

History: Not a whole lot in known about Phoenix�s entire history. This is what is known. His mother Crystal was a council elder on the gods and goddesses council. She was part of the splinter group that said humans should not have to worship gods and goddesses because of what they are. Her decision which was supported by a young Odin, for he had not lost his eye yet, and led to the first gods/goddesses war. Needless to say, Crystal�s faction lost. It was during this time that Phoenix was born along with his twin sister Skyflame. Crystal and her allies created a land where the children of the losing side could go to and be safe otherwise they faced their deaths. Phoenix was aged to seven years old which secured his soul to his body, the knowledge and abilities of his mother and their allies were imprinted on to him, while they did this Skyflame and others were sent to other plane and started to change into other magickal beings. After they were changes his siblings, except for Skyflame who was sent to the newly created Avalon with him. After Crystal and the others were done imprinting a part of themselves to him, Phoenix was sent to the same plane and then was transformed into a sylver phoenix....

Again not much was known about a few millennia until Avalon was in its prime. Then he was one of the two children of Avalon�s sworn enemy and a fallen star. His father was so dark that the fallen star was extinguished by the time Phoenix was 14 in that life. Upon the death of his mother he challenged his father to a duel, and would have lost had not a protector of Avalon had not come to his aid. The protector then took the young teenager back to her homeland, Avalon. He was shunned because of who his father was as a result he became more daring and wanting to prove himself to others. One of these adventures, it is not clear as to how it happened; he stumbled into a fa�ae realm and befriended a pair of fa�ae princesses named Rachael and Solaris. He visited them as often as he could though within a few months the master Druid Talisean had started to teach him.

Time moved on, and when Phoenix was twenty-seven he ran into a beautiful woman at the Avalon market. Her name was Robyn DarkForest. He went to visit her at times and at first she was less than impressed with him. Over time though, they became very close and eventually married. The grandmother, who had very little, offered her house and property as dowry for her granddaughter. Phoenix was honored by the offer but in return gave it to Robyn�s grandmother and extended protection to her as well. Several months later, they had known each other over a year by now, they were handfasted in Avalon. It is thought from time of Phoenix meeting Robyn to until her leaving this mortal coil was one of the happiest times of Phoenix�s lives. Over the next nine years they had five children, two boys (one of which was Phelan) and three girls (Salies, Talli Rose and Ashes). One day Phoenix went into the town to sell the last of the farm�s production (hay I think) in town. It was one of those days that he had a feeling he should not leave and in fact he stopped at the bottom of the hill looked up at his home and almost turned around then. However, they needed the money it would bring in and so he went into town. Phoenix actually did well at the market and was done quicker than he thought. He was about to leave when a sequined green silk dress caught his eye, and he decided to buy it for his wife Robyn. It was about six in the evening when he came home. It seemed odd to him that his family did not come out to greet him, but he thought they were having dinner thinking he would not be arriving until much later that night if at all. So he put away the horses, walked into his home and found his family dead all six of them. The blood was still warm but it had been long enough that all their blood had pooled together. He would later find out that they had been killed, because of him. He would stay in that home for 2-3 more years but then he had to leave for the ghosts of memories and what they could have been haunted him too much.

The next few decades he roamed around helping where he could. Sometimes he was a healer, and sometimes a bartender, sometimes a bartender. He roamed until he could no longer ignore the call of Avalon and came back. This time, he took over the mage school right upon returning and went back to teaching occasionally. It was around this time an excellent student came to the school. Her name was Morgan LeFay who was so advanced that within a couple of years Phoenix was personally teaching her. Then Arthur died. Phoenix was one of those that took part in Arthur�s funeral. Soon afterwards, he noticed how magicks were stagnating in Avalon and those under Arthur�s rule were becoming more fanatical Christian and more scientifically advanced as well. These warnings fell upon deaf ears and were dismissed as an old man�s ramblings (Phoenix was past 60 years old now in this life). Eventually, Avalon did fall. People and beings wandered away for a long time.

Except, for a few episodes of memory fleeting here and there not much is known until this life. History really picks up for him after standing up to this life�s version of the Lady of Avalon. Phoenix felt that though she held the title she needed to earn it as well; this lead to him leaving her and following the elder teachings as he knew them. In this life, Robyn appeared for a short time in his life they were handfasted in Avalon, this time back in its early days, by his former master with Excalibur itself cutting the bond between them. Before she disappeared from his life, this time, they had a girl Sylverstar who has become a golden phoenix.

Circumstances dictated Phoenix taking in Avalon on every level it existed into him in exchange the land itself gave part itself into him and part of himself went into Avalon itself. For awhile, he stayed in Asgard and became involved with the woman warrior Ambrosia. They were scheduled to be married, but before the ceremony�s date was finalized through politics Ambrosia left him and married another. Heartbroken, he wandered a bit finding Kielder Highlands as a home eventually joining a war effort on the far away place (think another planet) on the continent called Kirak. After the bloody battle he found the opponents general�s daughter and took her home and raised Wraith as his own daughter. He taught her some of his magicks and she was very adept with the wind. Eventually she became an aeromancer a few short years later.

Not long after adopting his daughter Blue. A blue phoenix called Nixie appeared on the scene. Nixie had trouble expressing her affection towards others but would always stand by the children and care for them in actions when words failed her. They grew close and were considered married by many people. However, her darker side overwhelmed her and she left. Phoenix searched for her over a year but could not find Nixie. Shortly afterwards, Tequila and her daughter Nanashi took Phoenix to Dragonshire where he resides for the most part now.

Magickal Abilities: Ability to changeweave (ability to take on another form with the attitudes, abilities and thoughts of that form), to channel pure celestial energy, all abilities related to phoenixes, to stick to most surfaces with his hands and feet, to control evolution in himself and others, ability to combine two or more abilities in a weave/spell, manipulation of the odds in his favor, telepathy, empathic abilities, ability to time walk myself and others, dimensional walk ability, shadow walk ability, transmutation, to �phase� himself/others through solid objects or touch other people/objects (i.e. ghosts, spirits) not on the dimensional plane that he is on, claws out of his hands that can cut through 2 inch thick steel, ability to conjure perfect three dimensional holographic images capable of fooling the five basics senses, telekinesis, ability to fly with his wings, enhanced sense of smell, an occasional ability to sense danger beforehand, ability to see possible futures, dryad abilities, mage sight (the ability to see into a living being used mostly for healing), ability to run up to 4 miles per minute, knows most magickal healing techniques, ability to have more than one train of thought simultaneously, at one with Avalon and with at least one faery realm, ability to go without sleep for very extended periods, ability to transfer kinetic energy from one moving thing to another moving thing, ability to spin silk from his wrists, Strength greatly enhanced courtesy of mer abilities (remember every 20 feet is one atmosphere of pressure), ability to find objects that were thought lost. .

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