I Am Deiter!


Real Name: Deiter Aliases: -Nemisis-King| Jinn-OutSider|Jinn-Prince

First appearance: Pantheon System 8-15-02 Categorized Pantheon Level: Demi-Gods, Jinn-pure-blood Pantheon Class: Druid (More Pagan), Jinn/Scientist Height: 5'1 Weight: 5000 LB. Eyes: Light green, glow neon pink, when using powers. Hair: Blond to shoulders, also glows neon pink when using powers. Distinguishing Features: (In inventer form) Always has a tool-kit at side, and a huge unknown ruby around neck. (Warrior Form) Long golden hair, armer, and magick sword. (Pure jinn form) unknown! Occupation: Jinn Prince/Alien, Nemsis/OutSider Citizenship: Cosmos Group Affiliation: Nemsis-Of-The-Cosmos Forever Cosmic-OutSiders.
Place of Creation/Birth
[Reality Name Avowallace]
[System House Of Scorpio]
Known Relatives


Known Allies


& other forces for
Known Enemies
Pantheon gods/goddess, as well as AnyWho interfere with my plans of cosmic-justice....

Fighting Skills:
Still unknown to the fullest height, but to help you say Bruce lee,
if he lived for 89,000 centuries on an earthly number.

*Superhuman physical powers:
Great navigating throws other realities, Balance of all-round performance; Mechanical & computer/biology genius.

*Special Skills/Abilities:
Jinn/Genie= All the abilities of the race.
Aerial Vajla= Dries skin, to painful irritation.
Farallon= Fragrance of whatever sex your into seems to come from all the males/females around you.
Liday Clash= Makes Foe hyper-allergic to everything. (Last only 15 mines.)
Lenellncy= Makes you question everything until you drink fruit juice from ralon 8, in the selcatemer Universe.
Hexamet= Makes the sexual arousal of the person uncontrollable. (Well not work on Dead or reanimated, that have no emotions.)
Kresjuexnugal= Changes the sex of a person/being to that of the opposite sexual-identity, affects all save/except, animals. (Person or persons can revert to previous form by
matting with one from opposite sex;)

(i.e. if you where male and now female you must have full intercourse with a male.)

Strength 15 Typical
Dexterity 20 Good
Constitution 60 Monsterous
Intelligence 65 Unearthly
Wisdom 55 Alien/Optaned with age
Charisma 45 Incredible

*Superhuman Mental Powers: That of a jinn/genie.
*Superhuman Mystical Powers:
Jinn All the power of the jinn/genie as many know them.
*Powers Source*:
Jinn Blood/Louisianan blood, and a unknown shadow-person just called Shadowen.

*Personal Weaponry:
Wrench, pack of other tools,
Jewel that I wear round neck, has a vast
amount of abilities, it's full power and
still greatly unknown to me, power that
I do know as far is to juice up anything/person.
Worp Orbclocks= Track and hits all that there sent after,
                when it hits the person/s they get shifted
                with turbo speed in and out of the reality
                were they where, after set off ends with in
                a few seconds, but they may feel the effects
                longer, then it seems.
(The person/s feel a sensation of vertigo.)
Sweetness[those that are kind to him have nothen to fear....], Suger-}has a sweet tooth{, and Spider-Man <effects an allergic reaction to me that if around him long enough well cause death>.

Under own divers powers/also just a natureal ability of spices!

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