I Am Pirogoeth!



Real Name:~Lilian ~Laura ~Pirogoeth Aliases: Laura (Daughter of THOR)| Pirogoeth Elder-Olympus|Pirog Nemsis-Of-The-Cosmos First Reappearance: Patheon 2-19-03 Categorized Level: Intermediate Deities Class: Fighter Height: 5'8 Weight: 55000 LB. Eyes: Light blue/green, glow neon when using powers. Hair: Blond. Group Affiliation: Nemsis/OutSiders. Distinguishing Features: Enchanted sword at side, Ruby in forehead. Occupation: Nemsis, Of THOR, no matter the reality Citizenship: Princess of New Olympus.

Place of Creation/Birth
[Reality Name New Olympus]
Known Relatives
No-good Father- Thor
Mother~Maira Odinson Mother/Michaela Odinson
Brother/Johnathen Thorson
and Armon Thorson
Brother/Armon Thorson

Strength 30 Excellent
Dexterity 65 Unearthly
Constitution 50 Amazing
Intelligence 10 Poor
Wisdom 15 Typical
Charisma 10 Poor

Known Allies

T-Smasher Body

And other forces of muti-verse-justice.
Known Enemies
THOR, any Patheon, those whom would add him.

*Superhuman physical powers:
(Trigger words: -Dragon-Spark-) Great navigating throws other realities
(STORM Dance) Agility to control body no matter my soroundences.
(~Ethereal~) Balance of all-around Mind/Body/Soul.

*Special Skills/Abilities:
Intermediate Deities
Jinn/Genie= All the abilities of the spices/race, and of me role-bloodline from Pathoen.
Solar-Flar=Dries skin, to painful irritation, and can caous death in some.
Thounder Clash= hyper-alers to everything and everyone, with Highten releafs last only 5 mins.
Lenellncy= Makes you question everything and dought yourself, last until you face your fears.
Hexamet= Makes the sexual arousal of the person uncontrollable as the only way to get ride of it is to have sex.
(Well not work on Dead or reanimated, that have no emotions.)
Kresjuex= Changes the sex of a person/being to that of the opposite sexual-identity, affects all except brainless animals.
(Person or persons can revert to previousor rightful form by
matting with one from opposite sex;)

( i.e. if you where male and now female you must have full intercourse with a male.)

*Superhuman Mental Powers:
That of a role-blooded godlien with jinn/genie, blood as well.
*Superhuman Mystical Powers:
Magical myst, rest Unknown!?!.
*Source of Superhuman Powers:
Gods/Jinn Blood, and a unknown shadow-person just called Shadowen And friend and Brother Deiter.

*Personal Weaponry:
Jewel woarn in forhead, has a vast
amount of abilities, it's full power is
still greatly unknown to any, Elemental power that
Is unkonw as to how far and greatly it can be maintained.
Worp Orbclocks= Track and hits all that there sent after,
                when hit the person/s gets shifted
                with Dark-turbo speed in and out of the realities
                ends with in a few seconds, but effects may lingger
                and change the person/s in unknown ways.
(The person/s feel a sensation of verdio, as they pass through each dimintion.
Affects all beings/spacies no matter there power-levels.)
Mother, Blackholes-}Carups her abilities{, nega~energy- if in contact long enough well cause death.

Spell called= DragonSpark/also gems natureal ability of Transference. Also Magical Myst.

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