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Name:Copper/Copperflame/Copperflameous Omega

Physical discriptions: Human Form (a)

In this form, Copper assumes a shape of a human male, thin and athletic,
around the age of 22 with brillant copper hair and large green eyes.
He commonly is dressed in an oversized black firefighter jacket, jeans and leather boots.

Stamina: 23
Strength 25
Dexterity 20

Perception 7
Intellegence 7
Wits 7

Manipulation 13
Appearance 20
Charisma 17

Human Form (b)

In this form, Copper assumes the shape of a vulumpuous female, small and perk,
around the age of 22 with brillant copper hair and enveloping green eyes.
She is usualy dressed in a thin white T-shirt that has a picture of Albert Einstien sticking out his tongue, leather pants and boots.

Strength 15
Stamina 13

Perception 7
Intellegence 7
Wits 7

Manipulation 53
Appearance 70
Charisma 77

Dragon Form:

In his natural state, Copperflame is well over a hundred feet long.
He has no wings though still retains the ability to fly naturally.
His long serpitine body is covered in lusterious copper scales that shine like a brand new penny. There is a long mane down the length of the ridge of Copper's back of floresent fibers/hair ending in a bladed tail.

Perception 7
Intellegence 7
Wits 7

Alertness 5
Athletics 2
Awareness 5
Brawl 7
Dodge 5
Instruction 3
Intuition 3

Etiquette 3
Meditation 1
Stealth 2
Survival 5
Lore 7
Medicine 2
Occult 5
Science 3

Arete 10
Willpower 12
Rage 7


History & Personality:


Copper has lived a long time. Born in deep umbra from Bahamut (God of Dragons) and the universe herself, he was predestined with a purpose. In his early years, Copper was very much a kid with all the curiousty and wonder of a newborn hatchling. It took years for him to learn enough to survive in the world of darkness, even longer to begin to tap into the vast amount of power that was his. The first clan that sheltered Copper for the longest time was the Soliders of Silence (SoS). During this vulnerable state, Copper was allowed to grow and learn without the constant threat of death. It was a peaceful time where he asorbed massive amounts of information from the very diverse clan until its unfortunate dispersement. Now, Copper being bearly the equivalent of young teenager, was thrusted out danger once more. He was hunted by many, stepted on more that a few toes, and even insulted an entire clan. It seemed Copper survived by sheer luck alone.

Later, Copper was inducted into the Shadow Deamon clan. Alittle more learned and practiced, he quickly found hiself in useful positions in the clanhood. But clan strife hammered again and drove the entire clan into chaos. A few freinds and Copper were strong enough to hold the clan together until it shifted into a new clan called Hell's Brotheren. Copper was ravished by the political inner wars, backstabbings and perils of running a new clan. He soon left when the last shreed of goodness was stripped from the clan.

Years passed again till Copper ploped into the Final Rights clan. Though scarred and scared, he was welcomed openly by a few members. He enjoyed another long period of peace and happiness. He even became a father to a beautiful large brood of dragons. His enemies learned of this though and used it against him. In a war that shook the heavens, his enemies aquired afew of his brood, aged and mutated them, and turned them against thier father. Copper cried for help from the clan for he was not strong enough to subdue his children. Copper was force to open up to the fearful power of his birthright and slay his own children. He left the clan adbrutly.

The revulation of his powers opened questions for him. The next years were spent finding out about his past. Why he had these powers beyond anything conceivable. He found them in a stark realization. He was not a dragon, but a function of the universe. When the humanity is served its judgement... wither you call it Aremgeddon, Jayhad, or whatever... after all the ashes and screams, after the killing and soul reaping... the unverse must end, to be recreated in the ever cycle beyond the comprehention of most beings. Copper is the means of the End. He will destroy the universe so it may be born again new. He was born to do this.. he will die doing this.

The information drove him to the brink of insanity. Copper rejected everything and everyone for a long time before reemerging with the grim fate. Asked by his dearest of friends, and his surviving children, to join a new clan to help those that have lost thier way, Copper eventually accepted. The clan never really developed but still has the potential to be great.

Currently, Copper spends most of his time waiting. Those few that know him can reach him. Those who don't, may never know him. Still... rumors of his abilities draw the attention of the curious and the powerhungry alike.

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