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Name: Degolith
Age: Elder 50
Sex: Male
City: Unknown
State: Unknown
Country/Planet:? Race/Ethnicity: Demon+Human

Height (Feet): 7'8 |dragon form(30'84)
Weight (lbs): 400 lbs|dragon form(12 tons)
Eyes Color: coal black|dragon form()
Hair Color: silver|dragon form()
Known Relatives
None yet, sep for clan memebers
Known Allies

Known Enemies
None as of yet?

*Superhuman physical powers:
strength to lift 3.5 tons due to demon blood and enhanced senses and speed up to 90mph.

*Special Skills/Abilities:
Elemental usage of lightning and wind. special skills. will have sperate sheet for all info on each thing.

from Fate/Stay night
Strength Hight 90's Excellent
Dexterity good Typical Averge eartherken
Constitution 50/50 Nuetral
Intelligence 1000+ Monsterous
>Wisdom 1500+ Unearthly
Charisma 410+ Demonic

Fighting Skills:
Ninjitsu/ Taikwondo. Akido.

*Personal Weaponry:
dual sword skills. will be told if askes about them. staff skills. ditto

*Superhuman Mental Powers:
Mind not able to be penetrated by another mind. if so degoliths pain will be portrayed in the other 3 fold..
*Source of Superhuman Mystical Powers:
Light and darkness supplies some.
*Source of Superhuman Powers:
Crystal within his heart.

Beautiful girls and having his crystal removed.

His own wings.

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