When people think of music in San Antonio, they're usually envisioning mega-cheesy acts like Patsy Torres or Jim Cullum or some god-awful piece of accordion crap. Radio in SA is just as dismal with only a smattering of decent stations while the majority are right-wing, hatemongering talk radio, headbanger shit or Spanish. And they don't even play GOOD Spanish music--hell, most of the deejays don't even speak Spanish!. At any rate, if you look around you can catch a few good shows, but forget seeing any good concerts here. All the happening artists go to Austin. Popular acts just wanting to cash in like Destiny's Child, (who don't mind sharing a stage with Shamu as long as they can get their hands on their weave money) do pop up regularly, however. For the time being, I will search for and put up anything local that's musically relevant. Links to semi-cool radio stations are located to the left. But you must not miss any of the sections below! Check out the lists I've compiled of my personal top10 favorite bands and divas as well as reviews of some of the music in my library. Links are scattered throughout so click anything underlined if you wanna go there!                                         --OFMN
writing and producing your own music? sacrificed love for your art? received apologies from critics, the pope and the president of the USA? if you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are you may be DIVA material. The word "diva" has almost certainly lost its meaning on nobodies like Britney and has beens like Whitney. Check out the girls that rock my world. Click below.
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always a fan of the unique, I present my list of my top 10 favorite bands of all time. click the Muse photo above to see some of rock and pop's most intriguing groups and see why these artists truly are .
night falls on
San Antonio
Radio Stations

1. KSTX 89.1
Texas Public Radio/National Public Radio affilliate. A liberals' voice of reason in the talk radio wasteland.

2. KSYM 90.1 San Antonio College radio. Closest to independent radio we have.

106.7JAMZ! A gay man's oasis where trash disco and current dance hits rule

95.1 FM The only Spanish language classic pop radio station in town. No Tejano crap here!

99.5 FM The smaller the market, the greater the stretch! This station plays crap like Limp Bizkit but also cool stuff like, the Gorillaz.
my taste in musuc hasn't necessarily  changed, so much as expanded in the last 20 years. click the Morcheeba pic below for reviews of many artists or soundtracks in my music stash not already appearing in either of the two sections to the left. check it out! a buttload of cool links too!

Orale, ese! Pass the Coors Light!
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