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--thomas paine
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Early this year, I recieved a phone call at the restaurant where I work from a woman that attempted to ask for my boss, the owner. Since English is not my boss' primary language she frequently asks me to speak or listen on phone calls on her behalf, which I offered to do. Even though this woman's drawl rendered her unable to pronounce a Thai surname, she began telling me that Nong had won some sort of Small Business Leader Award and that for the low low price of $300, our business  would get a plaque and I think a mailing list, and have Nong's name appear along other such distinguished business leaders. I told this woman that it was a damned shame that Congressmen are the new telemarketers, trying to scrape even more money out of the middle class by offering such trifling compensation. especially under false pretenses. I then called the poor old biddy a shameless, greedy, ignorant, pussy-faced backwater hooker and told her that I would tell everyone what a gluttonous, two-faced, lowlife her sexist, racist, bible-thumping pig of a boss is for trying to swindle many other people the same way. Ha! No regrets here--lotsa people actually fell for this scam! Here's another account of the same tactic used on another unwilling participant
White Stripes kick ass
Andre shakes it like a Polaroid picture
Someone needs to tell all the fat Republican hogs that a 57% majority is legally entitled to only 19 State Congressional seats, not 22 of the 32, which is how many they've successfully scammed. Congressional districts in Texas went from resembling grids to paisley patterns thanks to the old GOP farts and all over the country they were recalling and redistricting anywhere they coudn't win fair & square.
DeLay: part-time telemarketer!
Miss Thang here sure did put the itch back in bitch. Not since Barbara Bush has such a fierce heifer roamed loose in the halls of the White House. But because she bungled the WMD spiel Santa may stuff a pink slip in this old cow's stocking effective next year and put her out to pasture. Who is Bush cashing in his token for? Her former boss...who happens to be a fat, old white guy.HA. See ya on the unemployment line, has-been!
peaked at 40
by hook or by crook
I wish every day was Sunday. I wish there was a TV station that would only play movies from my video collection. I wish world peace was an acheivable goal. But as tragic and unfortunate as work weeks, broadcast TV and international conflict are we don't declare war on them. They are inevitable if they're even tangible at all. Frum & Perle are two bitter, ageing jewish war cheerleaders who actually assert that Muslims are trying to take over the world! Uh, and Jews and Christians aren't?!? As long as the Bush regime insists on bullying weak, nonagressive countries into changing their forms of government and economy to best suit the needs of American corporations, these people will continue to resort  to desperate measures, commonly known as terrorism. You win wars by negotiating not by stirring up more shit. How many American helicopters went down the first month of 04? Do you feel safer? I think we'll find a real End to Evil in November when Bush is finally sent packing back to Crawford!
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posted February 24, 2004

Soon-to-be-former President Bush today urged Congress to deny Americans the right to marry persons of the same gender. Meanwhile, gay americans are still flocking to San Francisco and other gay-friendly cities across the nation to tie the knot in droves. Many, if not all of them intend to head back to their home states and challenge state marriage discrimination policies. I'm glad that even though the dumbing-down of America continues, some strides made abroad have finally helped evolve our culture here at home. Denying anyone to marry the person of their choice is morally and inherently wrong. You strengthen socitey as a whole when you foster families and communities. In today's society that can only be done by granting all of us the right to make lifelong committments and establish families in truly loving environments. Just the thought that the worst American President in modern history since Herbert Hoover would endorse a Constitutional ammendment of any kind, let alone one that would deny tax-paying Americans equal rights under the law is a total joke!
Laura Bush's granny-panties all in a bunch!
Accustomed to s
pending most of her time on Planet Happypill shopping, loaded and far away from reporters' nagging questions the First Lady of La-La Land recently scurried away from pesky journalists' questions asking her feelings on gay marriage. Maybe she's afraid that all thoseTexas stylists that work for her will sabotage her somehow. Since she already looks like a motorcycle helmet on top of an overstuffed sofa, I don't know why she can't just grow a backbone and have an opinion for once. You already look awful, girl! And now, every gay man in America is gonna tell it to your face! If manslaughterers like Laura Bitch can marry so can me and my boo!
gays vow to topple Bush evil...and penis-rockets!
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