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night falls on
Name: Oscar Natal, aka Scar
Age: 31

Occupation: Artist,Waiter, Educator
Education: Psychology major, Univ of Houston
Numbers: 5.10,160#,42"c,30"w,7.5x5"un
Politics: Way Left. Socialism Rocks!
Languages: English, Spanish, French, read Russian, understand Portuguese
Romantic Status: Happily coupled. LOVE ROCKS!
Siblings: None
Sun In: Virgo
Moon In: Scorpio
Heroes: Jim Jeffords, Robert F Kennedy, Bill & Hillary, Eartha Kitt, Madonna, Robert Ingersoll
What matters: self-respect, love, health, balance, strength, friends/family, touch, eating well, a sense of humor, knowing when to speak up and when to shut up.
What doesn't: material possessions, physical beauty, drinking, popularity, acceptance

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