Meet my friends I've made through the course of life.
(will have more pics up when I get them scanned)

Secondary mates
From left to right
Me, Alexandra Wee & Lai Tingli

This is my favorite pic of me and 2 of my Secondary schoolmates.

Graduation Night '96
Maryann Koh, Me, Hui Ren, Angi & Pam
My Graduation Night in December 1996

Outram Institute friends
This was taken in 1997 at a chalet my Outram Institute friends held.

Hurming & Jiti
Wong Hurming & Leong Jiti
Just 2 of my crazy junior college classmates

Alex & Me
Alexandra & Me
Taken 16th March 1998

Class Girls
Carol Teo, Priscilla Ong, Susan, Anna Du & Sally Toh
Hanging outside our classroom in junior college

Temasek Poly - 1B02
Baoyun, Geraldine, Me & Jennifer
Ha ha...just a couple of my friends from 1B02 '99 at the bowling alley

Roland  Dwayne
Dwayne Augustine & Roland Tan
2 classmates from 1B02 '99

Temasek Poly - 2M04
Norashikin, Me, Agnes, Dulcie & Adrian
We had just finished our law project play, so we took a photo of us in our costumes.

French Study Trip Group 2000
Taken while we were attending school at Antibes.
This is the whole gang who went on the 17 day study trip to France!

Kerry Drakeley (UK), Steve Baker (UK) & Yusuf Khan (Singapore)
Kerry Drakeley (UK), Steve Baker (UK) & Yusuf Khan (Singapore)
I definately plan on putting up better pictures of these guys when I get my film developed, but in the meantime, these are the greatest people I know since I came to Finland. *hugs*

Temasek Poly Marcom Year 3 Project Team
Me, Karen, Kian Chye, Brenda, Agnes & Teri
I can't believe our team came to school so coordinated: 2 black tops, 2 red tops & 1 white tops. 3 pairs of sneakers & 3 pairs of sandals. 3 skirts & 3 pairs of jeans.

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