1. Kelvin Tan aka Dark
Yup, I've created a monster! He's changed his homepage into a site for divers & it definately needs a little more work on it, but it's getting there.

2. Jeffrey Smith aka Cooooool Man
Jeff was my 1st online boyfriend & after a 2 year online relationship (the whole story is at the site), he has disappeared from my life (literally). I have no idea whether he is living or dead, but go find out more about what happened.

3. Alicia Loh aka Angel Dreamer
This is my 2nd younger & brattier sister's homepage. After much coaxing & encouragement on my part, she has finally taken the plunge to set up her own homepage & she's learning HTML from me.

4. Alexandra Wee aka Alyssa Callaway
My classmate from Secondary 1-2 & chess buddy through our 1st year of junior college. She's really into Greek mythology & I enjoy drawing her stuff once in awhile.

5. Priscilla Ong aka Damnation
She's my classmate from CJC and had we not had the kind of first impressions of each other that we did, we would have turned out as best friends during junior college. She is an excellent writer & a fantastic person.

6. Derrick Goh
A fellow guinea pig lover & keeper. Wonderfully attentive to details & truely cares for his pets (which is a lot considering Singaporeans are generally bad pet keepers & parents). He comes by my place every 2 months or so to have his piggies bathed & nails trimmed.

7. Lai Tingli aka Der Teufel
Another of my secondary schoolmates (classmate from 1995-1996) with a warped sense of humour, but highly intelligent (how else would she have gotten into National Junior College?) Oh, and she speaks German as a 3rd language...brain...*pout*

8. Jianwen
A fellow TPian and ex-classmate from Year 1 business class. His homepage is a pretty good first attempt, considering he wasn't very good with computers or software during our practical & compulsary computer lessons. *grin*

9. Matthew aka S-Aint
My senior in Catholic Junior College & another chess buddy. He fancies himself & several others as 'Dragonslayers', just because they beat our teacher cum trainer, Mr Stephen Su in a round of chess. *grin*

10. Craig Anderson aka HBK
Crazy Craig...all fascinating to talk with. You're guaranteed a barrel of laughs & I wish I could say the same about the frequency of his emails though *cheeky grin*. Drop on by his place and see what another wonderful Personals A guy is like.

11. Josh King aka Red Man
Another sweetie pie from Personals A, but unconsciencely a flirt. He's another one of those great listening ears you always hear about when you bring up the word 'friends'. He's pretty much disapeared though. I believe he went to New Zealand to meet his sweetheart, Dae. *envious sigh*

12. Bert aka Yakman
Another Personals A guy & another barrel of laughs. I haven't spoken to him in some time, but his homepage is pretty cool. Check it out!

13. Joshua Tay aka The MidNightSurfer.
Used to go to the same church as him (Christ the King) and he's one of my sister's catechism classmates. Has a real good homepage, in terms of graphics and I'm really impressed.

14. Regent.
He's another fellow Singaporean, who's in the Army right now.....I think. *pondering* I haven't seen him around of late, but he's a pretty great guy.

15. Candice aka Her Royal Highness
She was my cyber-mum and she's always had a listening ear for whoever's heart is aching to be heard.

16. Grendal aka Garfield
Erm...I wish I got to know this guy more, but I guess that's not possible. He WAS my cyber-dad and although I know very little about him, I think he still deserves to be listed.

17. Silence and Silly
This couple has been together the same time Jeff and I have been together. They got married October 1999 & now have a little girl. Congrats!

18. Brian aka SiaoBrian
This was my junior in CJC. Short, irritating & a constant pest. The only thing that saves his hide from me is his irrestable talent to worm his way from my bullying. Hee hee...

19. Kelly aka Desire
Now this girl is a REAL tiger. I absolutely loved her attitude and she was real fun to be with.

20. Jade
One of the 'counsellers' of Personals A and a wonderful friend when you got down to it.

30. Douglas Choo aka Firehawk
I've put this guy in the middle of nowhere, because he has a tendency to come to my site & tell me what to put & what not to put. He's my ex, right after I broke up with Jeff. Anyway, he's talented and all, but he needs to work on his interaction skills...

22. Cereal Killer, now known as Lithium
Another good friend and we've lost touch. Wish I had his email though.

23. Heaven 'N' Estasy
If there was one girl out there with a sane mind, this is her. ^_~

24. Kate
I remember Jeff helped her start her first homepage and she had this real cute kitty cat animation on the front. Wonder whether much has changed since then....

25. Winds Of Time
Seen this guy around once in a while, but he's more of a friend to Candice aka Her Royal Highness.

26. Fenris Lonewolf
A pagan associate. I have never met him in real life, but hey! Maybe...

27. David Jonathon Mayer aka Potasium
I met this guy on mIRC in #perth channel. Real nice guy, though the first pic of him he let me see made me laugh so hard I almost fell out of my chair. ;p

28. Yatasha Mohess
My penpal from Trinidad & Tobago just got online recently, and just started creating her own homepage. It's not bad for a beginner.

29. Derrick Kim
This guy was one of my 'nanny' or Orientation Group Leader during my 1 week orientation (28th June 1999 - 2nd July 1999) at Temasek Polytechnic & walks with a kind of sway that all my classmates just can't imitate or describe. *grin*

30. Carol aka The Slayer/Charmed One
An old schoolmate from secondary school. If you notice any similarities between our websites, it's because she copied several graphics and some of my layout format. *sigh & shake head*

31. Winston Low
He found my website via a webring & thus began the emailing. Nice guy, though I don't quite know him yet. =^_^=

32. Jean Christophe
Jean Christophe was the unofficial cutest guy in Otokuja while I was there. Although he's French, his spoken command of English is excellent.

33. Remco Hiddema
Another friend I made while in Finland. He used to stay with Michael & Adnen, but he should be back in his homeland, Netherlands by now.

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