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Each of these books are filled with the wonderful, enchanting and mystical beasts and ideas. Immerse yourself in any one of these books and join them on a ride on the fantasy side.

The Piers Anthony Collection

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Castle Roogna
Centaur Aisle
The Color of Her Panties
Crewel Lye
Dragon on a Pedestal
Demons Don't Dream
Golem in the Gears
Harpy Thyme
Heaven Cent
Isle of View
Man from Mundania
Night Mare
Ogre, Ogre
Visual Guide to Xanth
Source of Magic
A Spell for Chameleon

The Rainmaker by John Grisham
This was the first John Grisham novel I ever read. My godsister lent to me and told me it would be easy to read and understand, even if the theme involved law. Boy, was she right! Never have I ever come across a novel which is so easy to understand and intruiging. The pace is easy and the plot unique, though some might argue it may be a tad too slow for their tastes. Well, to each his own...but I say it's great!

A Time to Kill by John Grisham
This is the only other John Grisham novel I've read (I'll get round to reading the others after my exams). The book has been made into a movie(starring Samuel Jackson & Sandra Bullock) and this one really pulls at the heart. A black father is put on trail for killing his daughter's raptists after learning that she suffers from nightmares and will never have children.

The Complete Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice
I didn't get the whole vampire chronicles in one go, but bought each one as they came out into the market (damn! Had to pay a damn lot more that way). The only book missing from these chronicles is 'Memnoch, the Devil', but that's ok. I watched both the movie 'Interview With the Vampire' (starring Brad Pitt & Antonio Banderas) and read the book, which are quite different from each other. Excellent reading material, if you don't mind lots of description in the story.

Carrie by Stephen King
Although I don't quite like Stephen King's novels as much as his movies, this one really scared me. I never watched the movie for this one, but after reading this novel, I really got the goosebumps at night. The only complaint I have of this book is that compared to his other novels, this one was a little short. The story revolves around a girl named Carrie with one hell of a crazy mom and developing psychic powers which she uses to wreak havoc upon those who tormented her.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
Although this book is titled a 'guide', it isn't a guide to or for anything. It's the first novel of a collection of 4 very funny books. The ideas in it are hilarious and the situations the main characters, Aurther Dent & Ford Perfect are put through are hysterical. Earth gets demolished to make way for a galactic freeway and Ford Perfect is really an alien who writes the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy on a little gadget that looks like a calculator.

Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett
An excellent comedy! One of Terry Pratchett's most excellent works. When a dying wizard hands his magic staff to the 'eighth son of the eighth son' without checking the child's sex first, all Hell breaks loose in the Discworld. The town witch tries to bring her up as a witch (with very little success) and the Unseen University with all the master wizards will not hear of having a female wizard running around in their halls, but there's no keeping this little girl from her destiny to become not only a wizard, but a VERY strong wizard...not even the creatures beyond the Discworld, who seek to harness the power of her magic.

Magic Kingdom for Sale - Sold! by Terry Brooks
Whoever heard of a magic land which exists? Ben Holiday, a lawyer couldn't believe it when he saw an ad suggesting such a place for sale in a Christmas shopping catalogue, but his life was going nowhere and he was desperate to escape reality. So he took the plunge and paid a million dollars to be king of this magic kingdom called Landover. Little did he know that there was a lot more to the situation than he bargained for, but he is determined to see his term of office through & help Landover with her difficulties with the help of his loyal court subjects: Abernathy, Questor Thews, Bunion & Patly.

The Black Unicorn by Terry Brooks
Meeks is back and with a vengence that would have Ben Holiday done for. He employs magic to make himself appear as Ben Holiday and manages to change Ben's appearances as well, so that no one would recognise him. Ben gets thrown out of Sterling Silver to brave Landover's hazards on his own. Who knew the fairies would send Edgewood Dirk, a prism cat to help him in his journey to re-discover himself & seek a way to prevent Landover from crumbling. Meanwhile Willow is plagued by dreams Meeks has been sending out to her, making her search for the legendary black unicorn, a creature whose magic everyone is willing to risk everything to have, even her own father The River Master.

Wizard At Large by Terry Brooks
Questor Thew has done it again. Claiming to have found a solution to Abernathy's problem, he accidentally transports Abernathy to Earth WITH Ben Holiday's medallion. The fate of Landover & its High Lord (Ben Holiday) now rests in finding Abernathy & solving the riddle behind the pretty bottle that returned in Abernathy's place. He must find a way to get Abernathy back to Landover, for without the medallion, Ben is without his champion The Paladdin & Landover would be lost again to the tarnish & decay. Meanwhile Abernathy is stuck in Ben's old world, Earth with only a new found friend to help him escape the evil clutches of the old Landover's King's son.

Tangle Box by Terry Brooks
Horris Kews, conjurer & opportunitist is back in Landover with more trouble up his sleeves. He has the Tangle Box in his possession and has unwittingly set the Gorse, an evil fairy creature free from the Tangle Box. Now the Gorse wants its revenge by tearing Landover apart & manages to trap Ben Holiday, Nightshade & Strabo into the mists of the Tangle Box, stripping them of their memories & identities. Meanwhile, Willow is with child and goes on her own quest to birth the child she & Ben created in the most unusual fashion. Her quest: to collect the soils from Earth, Landover & the fairy mists, so that her child might be born safely with the magic of the 3 realms of which she is a part of.

Witches' Brew by Terry Brooks
Nightshade has been plotting her revenge against Ben Holiday for 2 years and now it has been set in motion. King Rydall from another realm beyong the fairy mists has threatened & challenged Ben Holiday's position as High Lord of Landover, while Abernathy & Questor Thews & Misty, daughter to Ben Holiday & Willow have gone missing. Ben now has to face the 7 challenges Rydall has set forth, or never see his daughter again. Misty joins the company of Nightshade & learns the art of using her magic from the witch's knowledge & daily lessons. Nightshade encourages her to use her magic to create monsters, telling her that they are to protect her father from Rydall's champions when in truth, the monsters are the very champions Ben has to face.

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