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This site was originally constructed over five years ago - mainly for school but also for my nosy a** bf at the time - to highlight my experiences through the cities I've lived in (Marianna, Tampa, NYC, and DC/VA) as well as the schools I've attended (Marianna HS, Chipola JC, and USF). As I've grown as a person and a professional, the site has grown with me and is now also where I come to vent and share moments with my buddies.

Most recently I made the Love & "Relations" section that I had started years ago open to the public. As a gal who grew up in the South (Bible Belt) much to do about sex was never discussed - unless you consider "just don't do 'it'." Now, as a 20-something, open-minded conservative, I feel it's time to get out my curiousity and share with those who have been blocked the access I was early on. I welcome your input and suggestions.

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She's baaaaack!!! Missed me? Sorry had to take a little bf/gf time off but I'm back on board. The site is really bringing me down. I have to step it up another level. Yes, time for another re-design. The site is supposed to reflect me and who I am at any given stage right. Look for a fresh, sexy look in the coming months. No, I'm not going to promise the world in 30 days but if you'd like to think it'll be done in a day or so dream on little one.

I have updated my diary and was about to update the photos until I clicked on my yahoo photos and saw that those bastards are moving. So I have to get my photos transferred over to Flickr and back them up on my computer since who knows maybe that'll be gone in a few months!! *sigh* Keep hope alive.


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