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By Year 8, the Southern Continent was covered in small and medium holdings. Threadfall and the move north caused the settlements further from Landing to be abandoned. The following are the remaining Mayor Holds of the Southern Continent.

New Landing Hold (Formerly Jordan River Hold)

Mayor: Jack Moore
Location: The western side of the mouth of the Jordan River
Population: Approximately 2500 in the main hold and another 1000 living above the hold on the plateau.
Industry: Fishing, agriculture (grains, tubers, root vegetable, and livestock are common), science and technology
Notes: Although New Landing is similar to a Weyrhold in structure, the term has not yet come into use in character. New Landing Hold is the hub of activity in the South. Many of the refugees who lost their home to thread still live at New Landing, and young people from across the continent come to New Landing for education in fields of science and technology.

Barrier Hold (NPC)

Mayor: Leyana Ortega
Location: 150 miles southwest of New Landing, along the eastern Jordan River and in the foothills of the Eastern Barrier Range
Population: Approximately 800
Industry: Mining, logging
Notes: Whers in our timeline were an early attempt to make larger fire-lizards. They’ve proved to be quite useful in the mines at Barrier Hold where they can be trained to assist in mines and cavernous exploration. While the general population lost interest in the ugly creatures, there is a small breeding and training program at Barrier to continue the species.

Barrier Hold before (left) and after (right) Threadfall.

Kahrain Hold (NPC)

Mayor: Larry Petrowski
Location: 250 miles northwest of New Landing in the center of a peninsula that juts northward
Population: Approximately 1200
Industry: Agriculture (Fruits, livestock)

Unprotected lands of Kahrain.

Araby Hold (NPC)

Mayor: Vanessa Walker
Location: 100 miles southwest of Kahrain Hold on the mouth of the river mouth
Population: Approximately 1000
Industry: Textiles, agriculture (cotton, livestock, grains), fishing

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