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Until the first dragons are old enough to reproduce, the only way to get a dragon is through Impression. Because there is no way to create an instant dragon, all dragonriding characters are considered a rank. There currently no additional requirements for metallic dragons. Requirements may be revised when dragons mature and reproduce and chromatic colors become more common.

Dragonriders have a few options for meeting the rank requirements. If you exclusively reply to round-robin style threads, we’d like to hear from your character at least 4 times a month. If you start at least one round robin thread or participate in at least one co- or full-post we’d like to hear from you at least 3 times a month. In addition to those requirements, you must participate “Attn: All Dragonriders” involving milestones in dragon development.

We also have the following requirements for types of characters...

Hold Mayor - 4 posts a month
Dragon Protect Team, Headman/woman, other leadership type positions - 3 posts a month
Hears All Dragons - 4 posts a month
Pets - 2 posts a month involving metallic fire-lizards (at least one be about something other than a mating flight), 1 post a month for all other pets
We’d like to hear from all other characters at least once a month.

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