New Landing Dragon Guide Month 8 - 9 (age: 7 and 8 months)

Feeding: Dragons now eat every other day, still hunting young chickens. Dragon partners and dragons alike are eager to try hunting bigger game, and dragons will be provided goats, lambs, domestic wherries, or other medium-sized animals if they are available. Everyone is reluctant to provide such animals, which are much more valuable than what the dragons have been primarily eating: laying breed cockerels.

General Care: Dragons now need to be bathed and oiled every other day, although sensitive areas and muscle strains may require daily attention with extra oiling and soothing ointments.

Size: Dragons continue to lengthen and grow studier as they creep closer to their adult sizes. Their withers reach 51 inches in height, or to the lower-chest, by the end of month 8, and 54 inches or mid-chest by the end of month 9.

Training: Dragons begin practicing their flying drills with light weights carefully strapped at their withers. They’ll begin with five pounds and gradually increase in small increments until they’ve carrying up to 50 pounds by the end of month 8. They increase their weight in gradual increments up to 100 pounds by the end of month 9. Larger, studier dragons may be able to train with even more weight in general endurance exercises, although less weight is carried in formation drills. Partners must take care that the weights are properly secured because any slipping or jerking may cause muscle strain or neck injury in the young dragons.

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