New Landing Dragon Guide Month 7 (age: 6 months)

Feeding: Dragons continue to eat once a day for the first two weeks of this month, then eat every-other-day the second two weeks. Young chickens are still provided, although the dragons are beginning to develop enough hunting skills to go after bigger domestic animals, although the scientists request they donít try hunting wild animals yet out of fear of injury and picking up disease. Dragons may not understand some animals are off limits as food and get into trouble for eating something they arenít supposed to.

General Care: Halfway through month 7, bathing and oiling is reduced to once a day. Dragon partners still must examine the dragons daily to watch for muscle strain due to all their flying exercises. Scientists now do checkups every other day rather than daily.

General Life: The dragons reach their sixth month birthday as they begin their seventh month of life. Although sexual maturity is still a long ways away, the dragons may become more competitive and may bicker over their place in the hierarchy. Competitive emotions may extend to the human partners.

Size: Dragons are now 4 feet high and reach approximately the solar plexus. Golds, bronzes, and some browns continue to bulk up and may slightly surpass the greens and blues in length.

Training: All that studying of Thread fighting tactics used by the sleds finally pays off this month. Formation flying becomes a large focus. Human partners practice giving commands from the ground and communicating through their dragons, working on their ability to mentally communicate with and through their dragons. Dragons take off, do aerial maneuvers, and land all as a group. Dragons also will mock injuries and have other dragons learn to support them in the air, mimicking the way fire-lizards help one another when injured in flight. The dragons now will practice flying in formation with older groups, if there are any. Among the artificial clutches, everything seems to be going well so far, but many are still skeptical of the dragons because they havenít proved able to flame or do that mysterious teleporting trick yet. Dragon partners begin to get anxious to ride their dragons, but the science team cautions them that trying could be too much of a strain on the young dragons.

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