New Landing Dragon Guide Month 3 (two months in age)

Feeding: Feeding is reduced to three times a day this month. The dragons become better at tearing up their own food as more baby teeth fall out and require less prep work in preparing their food.

General Care: Dragonets need to be bathed once a day and oiled twice, sometimes more if they complain of itchy hides. Dragon partners need to be careful and check for strains stretch marks that may need extra attention.

Size: The dragons continue to lengthen and fill out, although their growth is not as dramatic as it was during the previous two months. By the end of the month, they are about 30 inches high, standing mid-thigh on a six-food person.

Housing: The dragons can still fit inside, although they’re getting a bit large for it and many riders encourage their charges to start sleeping outside on the dragon porches attached to the plateau cots. Clever partners have learned many of the same tricks used on young children will work on dragons, and point out sleeping outside is what the “big dragons” do.

General Life with a Dragon: The dragon partners are now working out regularly and attending classes on Thread fighting tactics. The dragons continue to build muscle and endurance through wing exercises, which are increased as the initial newborn growth-spurt has tapered off into a steady growth period. Dragons now practice walking in formation, first in small groups with their partners and then in small groups by themselves. Turns at leading the small marching groups are taken by everyone.

Personalities: The dragons are much more independent now and further develop their own interests and personalities. Even the most timid of dragons may permit their human partner to leave for hours at a time. The metallics may start showing some bossy tendencies towards the other colors, and golds may have discovered their “voice of authority” by this point.

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