New Landing Dragon Guide Month 2 (1 month of age)

Feeding: The dragons will gradually be eating bigger meals 3-4 times a day.

General Care: Dragon bathing can be reduced to once a day. They require oiling approximately three times a day, although this can gradually be reduced to twice a day by the end of the month. Baby teeth begin falling out and will be replaced by a new set of teeth, resulting in sore gums for most dragons. They often will teeth on their humanís belongings, and some may request medication for discomfort.

Size: At the end of this month, the dragons are approximately two feet tall at the shoulder, coming to the lower thigh of a six foot human. The golds and bronzes will fill out more than the smaller colors, although the length difference between colors is still minimal. Their body parts become slightly more proportional and less babyish. The dragons become less clumsy and learn to use their wings for balance as they make their way around on foot. They are able to walk longer distances, although they still rely on skimmers to make the trip between the hold and the plateau.

Housing: The dragons can still fit comfortably indoors, although longer and stronger tails mean more bumps and bruises from turning too quickly and smacking into furniture.

General Life with a Dragon: Dragons are now strong enough to begin exercising their wings, to build muscle strength while under the supervision of their human partners and the senior scientists. After exercising, specialists will check for muscle strain and look for stretch marks that may need extra oiling. The human partners also begin and an exercise program to build up their endurance in anticipation for their future careers as Thread fighters. The dragon partners also attend classes on Thread fighting tactics as part of their training, which are now taught at the plateau by both pilots and older dragon partners.

Personalities: The dragons will become much less emotionally dependent in month two. They gradually will learn to handle being left alone for longer periods of time. They also sleep much less and become more independent, often instigating play with other dragons without informing their human partners.

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