Months 10 - 11

Feeding: Every other day, gradually reduced to every third day in month 11.

General Care: Dragons now only need to be bathed every third day. Oiling is still done every other day (daily in problematic areas), usually after the dragon feeds or hunts.

Dragons may have sour gums as grinding molars begin to emerge over the next few weeks and may need ointment to ease pain.

Training: Dragons work up towards 150 pounds or more in their endurance drills, although they still quickly tire from carrying such weight and sometimes have to take a few days off from weights entirely if they overdo it. By the end of month 11, dragons can comfortably carry 100 pounds for the duration of their formation drills.

Size: Dragons are 57 inches tall at their withers at the end of month 10, reaching mid-collar bone on a six foot human. At the end of month 11, they are 5 feet (60 inches) tall at the withers, or 15 hands, and quite sturdy.

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