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        Welcome to the First Pass. Are you ready to defend your world?

        Pern was the perfect world. Isolated, with an ideal climate and resources, settlers could make a life for themselves away from war and crowded, polluted planets. In eight years, colonists multiplied and spread across the southern continent. Then, suddenly, the unexpected happened. The stray planet known as the Red Star began dropping deadly spores onto the planet's surface. This Thread ate through any organic matter. The Pernese took to the sky, but it was clear their technology wouldn't last the fifty years Thread would fall. A rift divided the colonists, half of which fled to the safety of the rocky north, the others remained south, putting their faith in the scientists who set out to achieve the seemingly impossible: create a renewable defense against thread. Inspired by Anne McCaffrey's Dragonsdawn, join us and explore this unprecedented and vital era in Pern's history. Be among the first to call themselves Dragonriders of Pern!

        New Landing Weyrhold is a round-robin and full post club set three years into Pern's first pass. Join us to be among the first to call themselves the Dragonriders of Pern!

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"The World of Pern is copyrighted by Anne McCaffrey © l967."
"The Dragonriders of Pern© is a registered trademark, as are Benden Weyr, Ruatha Hold, and many other places on Pern."
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