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  • First and foremost, the NEW will be an ANGLE BASED FEDERATION. And I'm saying this now, YOU WILL LOSE EVENTUALY. Roleplaying WILL be kept in consideration. People will win or lose mostly based on Roleplays, the angles will be played around this however. There's a balance, and we'll use it.

  • Monday Slam Dances will be posted preferably on the day it's supposed to. Delays happen, DO NOT ask if its going to be out today, soon, etc....Everyone else has already asked by the time you do, I assure you.

  • No using another Wrestler or a member of the Staff in your Roleplays without their prior consent.

  • No Gay Bashing or Racism.

  • No insulting or threatening other Wrestlers or Staff Out Of Character.

  • Strats and Sneak Attacks MUST Be sent to [email protected] or by using the Match RP form (which gets it to the same place!) Any sneak attacks, stratagies, challanges, or anything else sent to the staff over ICQ or AIM will be IGNORED. If it's not in the In-Box then it's NOT going to happen.

  • If your Wrestler does not Roleplay for a couple weeks, without a member of the Staff reciving an Email saying why, Your wrestler will simply be erased from the Roster. The staff doesn't have time to chase people around and try and get them to RP. You can always re-apply.

  • Do not argue with decisions made by any member of the Staff. If you think you were treated wrongly, email The Front Office, and in a mature form, question it. We will do our best to reply in just as mature a manner.

  • Keep in mind that people do have lives other than the Internet. Dont complain if a card is late, or if a certian part of the page isn't updated...Just wait. :)

  • Regarding swearing...Swearing is allowed...HOWEVER...Overuse of swearing does decrese the appeal of an RP and makes it count for less. Just use common sence and you'll be fine.

  • Try to be realistic, it adds to the fun...This means no "Smart" terms like "Jobber" or "Face" or "Angle". They aren't THAT big a deal, just try to shy away from them if possible.

  • Each week or so the staff will nominate a "Wrestler Of The Week." This person is one that has participated in the fed through roleplaying, challanging, and other stuff.

  • Each handler may control two wrestlers (More with permission). They may be a tag team if you so choose, but it's not required.

  • If your wrestler is under 250lbs he is considered a cruiser weight.

  • When making your wrestlers be sure to be realistic and original. We don't want to see 8'0" 700lbs guys doing frankensteiners. Some "Giant" wrestlers will be allowed as long as they are created and handled realisticaly. Also, no Real Wrestler clones. We're sure you're all sick of the Sting, Stone Cold, and Buff clones.

  • There is no minumum or maximum amount of RPs for a match, but if you don't RP for a long enough time you will be removed from the roster with no warning. If you don't plan on RPing for longer then 2 or 3 weeks for ANY reason, then E-Mail the Staff and tell us so. We don't care WHY you won't be, We just wanna know you won't be.

  • We know it's becoming a cliche but when it comes to RPs, It's QUALITY over QUANTITY here. You can write as many RPs you want, or make them as long as you like, But if it's full of stuff that has nothing to do with wrestling, or if you write 10 roleplays saying almost the exact same thing, You won't win! We don't care if you have a shorter roleplay if you have a point to make or something worthwhile to say.

  • It may be nessesary for your wrestler to lose a match in honor of heating a feud or an angle. I will try my hardest to keep these kinds of loses to a minumum, and loses in a way that were not the wrestler's fault (if they did better RPing.) I.E. Distraction, outside interfearence, or the immortal...Corperate Screwjob. :)

  • We will also somewhat base match decisions on RPing history. If some guy who has RPed once in a year suddenly kicks out ONE really good RP....While his opponent has been working steadily for the same year....We will obviously go with the steady worker.

  • If you have a sugestion or comment on how the fed could be better please use the O.O.C. Board or E-Mail the fed with your sugestion.

  • It is YOUR responsability to read the news on the main page, and to also keep up to date on things on the O.O.C. Board....If you do not keep up to date with things, it's your fault...

  • Roleplay deadline for Slam Dance is Saturday at 9:00pm EST......Roleplay deadline for Pay Per Views is Saturday at 12:00 noon EST on Saturday......Deadline for Card Interaction is Sunday at 12:00 noon for both Slam Dance and PPV's....

  • Card Interaction (Strats, Attacks, Etc...) must be fully writen out so we can just paste them into the card....If you want to do Guest Commentary or be a guest ref, you will be asked to write the match in most cases......Also, your strat must fit the current angles, and you must have enough heat to do it....A rookie will not be allowed to attack our world champ...Be realistic....

  • ALL match writers whom are assigned are to request from Pres. Cody the winner(s) of the match(es) they are to write.

  • All roleplays must be posted ON the roleplay board, no linking to foreign sites....

  • There will be NO complaining on the OOC board AT ALL. Any complaints or questions are REQUIRED to be emailed to our email. You will be responded to within 24 hours as ABark or I check the email quite often. This can include a simple question about the match, wondering if a roleplay will be counted if it's posted late, or complaining about the outcome of a match. The others on the OOC board DO NOT need to see your problems.

  • If the roleplay board is down, post your roleplay on the OOC board...If both are down, use the News Board....If all are down, email it to us for it to be counted.....

  • ALL ROLEPLAYS must have a MINIMUM of 300 words (about 2 paragraphs) for them to be counted. We believe this is quite an acceptable standard for all handlers to abide by.

  • Make sure that you HAVE FUN...But make sure that in the process of having fun you don't stop OTHERS from having fun TOO! =O)

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