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(The arena lights dim, soon the crowd is engulfed in a black blanket. The TRON fades in to a dead channel. The scene stays like this for a few seconds before flashing to some of the greatest moments in Jack DeVargas' wrestling career. "Anxiety" by Black Eyed Peas hits the P.A. as the footage begins to play.)

I feel like I wanna smack somebody
Turn around and bitch slap somebody (bitch)
But I ain't goin' out bro (no, no, no)
I ain't givin' into it (no, no, no)

(We see scenes of Jack spearing a masked wrestler off the WNW Jumbotron, the impact sending both wrestlers through the stage floor.)

Anxieties bash my mind in
Terrorizing my soul like Bin Laden
But I ain't fallin' down bro (no, no, no)
I won't lose control bro (no, no, no)

(We cut to another clip of one of the most memorable moments in Jack's career; Jack DeVargas tackling his opponent onto a C4 board, the explosion burning Jack's left eye, the same explosion that caused him to lose his vision.)

Shackle and chained
My soul feels stained
I can't explain got an ich on my brain

(We cut to another clip of Jack on the top of the AWWF cage. The camera zooms to his opponent lying on a barbed wire wrapped wooden table. Jack leaps off, performing a 450 flip in mid air before crashing onto his opponent, turning the table to splinters.)

Lately my whole aim is to maintain
And regain control of my mainframe
My bloods boiling its beatin' out propaine
My train of thoughts more like a runaway train
I'm in a fast car drivin' in a fast lane
In the rain and I'm might just hydroplaine

(Fireworks shoot out from the NEW ring as the TRON continues to show footage of Jack's career. Smoke begins to engulf the ring as the fireworks start to shoot out from the stage. "Anxiety" by Black Eyed Peas fades as Aw Naw by Nappy Roots takes it's place.)

Awnaw! Hell naw! Man
Y'all done up and done it
Awnaw! Hell naw! Boy
Y'all done up and done it
Awnaw! Hell naw! Boy
Y'all done up and done it
Ah, y'all done up and done it
Man y'all done up and done it

(The arena lights fade in and it is then that we notice the furniture in the NEW ring. The Slam Dance apron has been replaced with a black apron with the word Anxiety written in bold white letters. The mat itself has also been replaced with a red velvet carpet. A plant box has been set up in front of each turnbuckle. In the middle of the ring is a poster sized picture of Jack raising the TV title over his head in victory after his match against Predator. Also in the middle of the ring is a wooden mahogany desk, a golden name plaque with the name DeVargas sits on the desk along with a coffee mug and a pack of cigarettes Behind the desk is an expensive black, business like leather chair. A smaller version sits in front of the chair. Jack DeVargas appears on the stage. Jack is wearing his trademark black Doc Martin boots and a matching color dress pants. Jack is wearing a black T-shirt with a red button up shirt and his trademark black leather duster. Jack glances at the fans for a minute before making his way down the ramp.)

My first song was like forty-eight bars with no hook
You hear me flippin thru my pages out my favorite notebook
The microphone was in the closet (What?) No headphones, we lost it
Niggas scared to get some water, roaches hangin over the faucets
No AC, Tez'll break a sweat just tryin to make beats
E-Dubz was being a hustler, (Heeeyy man!)
all play flirtin all his customers, and flat broke
Nappy smokin blacks out on the back po'ch
I'm thinkin I got everything a country boy could ask for

(Jack pauses in front of the ring and looks at his surroundings before walking around the ring. Jack stops in front of the announcer's booth and grabs a microphone. The microphone isn't the usually mikes that NEW uses. This one is all black with the words Anxiety written in white Mistral font. Jack slides into the ring and paces around, looking at the decorations before raising the mic. to his mouth.))

Jack- Cut the music. Hello Ladies and Gentleman, and sure your wondering what all this lovely decorations are during in the ring. Well, welcome to Jack DeVargas Presents ANXIETY! Now I got a lot of fan mail telling me how much you people enjoy watching my promos and watching me wrestle and an idea came to mind. How do I get more air time for my fans? By putting on a show. So welcome to Anxiety, a show within NEW. Now all you people are probably wondering. "Jack, what's this show about?" Now this show is basically a talk show with wrestlers. Everyone week I'll have a special guest, a member from the NEW roster. That guest will walk down that ramp, step into the ring with me and be interviewed, LIVE, for your viewing pleasures. Want to know what a wrestler's thoughts are? What their goals are? All those will be answered. Now, I would like to introduce to you, the first guest on my show. You may know him as the former Television champion....Predator!!

(Jack walks over towards the desk and takes a seat in the leather chair. Leaning back, Jack tosses his legs on the desk and places his hands on the back of his head as "Numb" by Linkin Park strikes up, and the fans begin booing immediately. An image appears on the screen...

...and then Predator comes sauntering out from behind the curtain. Predator is looking very professional with some black slacks, black dress boots, and a black Polo shirt, tucked in. Predator takes a minute to survey the crowd, and then begins making his way to the ring.)

I'm tired of being what you want me to be
feeling so faithless
lost under the surface
I don't know what you're expecting of me
put under the pressure
of walking in your shoes

(Predator makes his way down to ramp and catches it from fans on all side. Predator doesn't pay any attention to them though. He isn't paying attention to them because he's staring so hard at Jack DeVargas, who is sitting in the ring smiling brilliantly at Predator.)

caught in the undertow just caught in the undertow
every step that I take is another mistake to you
caught in the undertow just caught in the undertow

(Red pyro's shoot off as the song goes into the chorus, and Predator makes his way up the steps.)

become so numb
I can't feel you there
become so tired
so much more aware
I'm becoming this
all I want to do
is be more like me
and be less like you

(Predator ducks in-between the ropes, and makes his way over to the unoccupied chair across from Jack. Predator stands there for a minute to see if Jack is going to stand up, but he just sits there smiling, and Predator takes his seat as the music fades out. The Time Keeper quickly walks over towards Jack's side of the ring and tosses another microphone to Jack before taking his seat next to the bell. Jack places his feet back on the mat and hands the microphone to Predator who just simply stares back at Jack. Jack shrugs and places the mic on the desk between them and puts his feet back on his desk. Jack pulls out a cigarette from the pack and lights it up before tossing the pack at Predator. The pack hits Predator in the chest before dropping onto his lap. Predator slowly stares at the pack before pulling one out himself. Predator reaches into his pocket and pulls out his own lighter. Before lighting up Predator takes the pack from his lap and tosses it onto the desk. Jack raises the his mic.)

Jack- Welcome, Predator, and thanks for coming on my show.

(Predator just blinks at Jack, still not responding. Jack only nods his head at this display.)

Jack- Huh...not very talkative are you? Well, I think the question all the fans would like to know is how does it feel to lose your title to myself, Jack DeVargas? A man who's been out of the business for over two years.

(Predator looks at Jack for a few seconds, and then looks down at the mic. Predator reaches over and picks up the mic, but doesn't say anything immediately. Predator takes a couple seconds to gather his thoughts and then speaks.)

Predator- Well, Jack, as you can tell, I'm not very happy at all about losing MY title. It doesn't really matter who i lost it to.

Jack- Um...okay. Ya know, Predator. You could do better than just state the obvious but...whatever. Now you lost your title to myself, without the TV title, what's next on the Predator agenda? Are there any goals your looking to accomplish? Any wrestlers you want to get your hands on? What's going on in that little head of yours?

Predator: Well, if you have seen the schedule for this week, you would know that I'm getting a shot at the International Title. I will be going up against Hero once again, and once again a title will be at stake.

(Predator lowers the mic like he's done, but then raises it up and adds one more thing.)

Predator: It looks like your "greatness" has propelled me to a higher level. Seeing as I'm getting a shot at the International title and all...

(The sarcasm is heard clearly in Predator's voice. He wanted no one mistaking the fact that he didn't mean a word he just said. Jack just gives Predator another smirk, not even bothering to rise up to the bait.)

Jack- See, I told you facing me will make you famous.

(This time it was Jack's turn to reply with a sarcastic remark. Jack lifts his TV title and drapes it over his shoulder. He stares at it for a few moments before turning back to Predator.)

Jack- Now like you mentioned, later tonight you'll be facing Hero for the International title. What are your thoughts on Hero? Do you consider him an honorable opponent?

(Predator laughs a bit at the question and a smile appears on his face.)

Predator: You know, i would like to give Hero a little bit of credit. Tell you he's the real deal, and he's going to put up quite a fight tonight, but then i would be lying. I haven't seen nor heard from Hero in weeks, and now all of a sudden he's getting an International Title shot? I think Abark was just making my path to fame a little smoother. Hero...honorable?

(These last two words are muttered, but are picked up by the mic anyway. Predator pulls the mic away and laughs a bit while looking at Jack and waiting for the next answer. Surprisingly, Jack joins in on the laughter.)

Jack- No, I don't think he is. I don't see any problem with you taking him out, and what kind of name is Hero anyway?

(The crowd boos at this remark, clearly not pleased at the cheap shot Jack took on one of the fan favorites.)

Jack- Oh shut up. We all know it's a stupid name, I just got the balls to say it on national TV. Well, Predator, that's about all I've got, do you have anything you would like to add?

(Predator sits in his chair, mic in his lap, and thinks for a moment. An amused look creeps onto his face, and he raises the mic.)

Predator- Well Jack, I'm not trying to steal the limelight here, but do you mind if i ask you a couple questions?

(Jack gives Predator his trademark smirk.)

Jack- I already know what your going to ask and no I'm not single and even if I was, I don't swing that way.

(Predator, surprisingly, laughs at the comment.)

Predator: Oh, Jack, you're a funny guy. Well, I'll take that answer as a yes. My first question is, did you think you would grab gold so early in your career here in NEW?

Jack- No, to tell you the truth I was quite surprised. I already know how great my skills are but NEW didn't seem to know they had a great talent in their roster the last time I was here. I spent four months wrestling in dark matches before I was finally brought to the lower card. So coming back to NEW and given a title shot right away did come as a shock. The fact that I won, however, wasn't very surprising.

Predator- Most wrestlers come into a fed and spend some time working towards getting gold. You got it in your first match, so what do you expect in the future from NEW?

Jack- Well, I hope to add the International title, the Tag title, the N.E. title and the World title under my list of Titles I've Won. How long that's going to take is anybody's guess. I happy with what I have now but I can tell you for a fact that I'm not going to be sticking with this title for long. I also hope to bring the NEW Xtreme title back. It's been a long time since I've been in a hardcore match and I gotta say, I'm missing the feeling you can only get when you beat your opponent with a chair and smack him upside the head with a garbage can lid.

(Predator stops smiling abruptly, but Jack doesn't seem to notice.)

Predator: Well Jack, that sounds real ambitious, but you're going to have a tough time doing all that. First of all, you're going to have to find a partner who's able, and then take the Tag Titles from me and Kirkland. Second of all, after i win the International Title tonight, i don't plan on letting go until I'm good and ready.

Jack- Well, finding a partner shouldn't be too hard. Hell, maybe I'll ask your good friend, Hero. It's not like I need a partner anyway, I just need a guy who can stand in the corner and wait to NOT be tagged in. As for the International title, I took this Television title from you didn't I? I don't think taking another title from you will be such a problem.

(From the outside appearance you would think Predator was calm. If you look into his eyes, though, there is a fire blazing hot enough to set the desk on fire, and singe all the hair off Jack DeVargas completely)

Predator- Well, Jack, everyone gets lucky once in a while. I can tell you most assuredly, that it won't happen again. You may THINK that you would have a chance at beating me and Kirkland to take the Tag Titles, but not even Strip and Harbinger had a chance of beating us. As far as the International Title goes. You ask and you shall receive. I'll battle you title for title or with my International title alone at

Jack- Yak, Yak, Yak, Yak, Yak. Am I the only one sensing deja-vu? Didn't you already give me this same speech already? 'Jack, your not going to beat me. You only got lucky in IWO, the samething won't happen here. Things are different, things have changed, nah, nah, nah.' Why don't you just do me a favor and SHUT THE HELL UP! I'm not in the mood to listen to another one of your tiring, falsely spoken speeches. As for putting your title on the line, I decline your offer. I want you to appreciate your title before I take it away from you. Besides, I have my eyes set on those tag titles you and your buddy Kirk have.

(Predator stands up suddenly, knocking over his chair. Predator is now visibly fuming, fist at his side, chest heaving as he breaths laborously. Predator raises the mic he has clutched in his right hand.)

Predator: Jack, my boy, you better watch your mouth. You are already on my bad side, and it's just getting worse. You try Jack. You try and take the titles from me and Kirkland. You're a very confident man Jack, and i will gladly prove you wrong. Like i said, you got lucky once, and it won't happen again.

(Jack also jumps to his feet, his playfully attitude clearly dissapitated. He stands in front of Predator untill they're almost nose to nose.)

Jack- Actually, I apparently got lucky on three seperate occassions. Twice in IWO when I beat you, and just last week when I took your Title. I think the "Luck" excuse isn't going to work this time.

Predator- Well why don't you try your luck one more time, and see where that get's you?

(Predator drops his mic at Jack's feet, and then turns his back and walks away. Predator ducks between the ropes, hops down, and begins making his way to the back. Before Predator disappears behind the curtains, Jack speaks one more time.)

Jack- You know, Predator, I just might take you up on that offer.

(Aw Naw by Nappy Roots hits the P.A. as Jack climbs out of the ring. Walking up the ramp, Jack takes a quick glance back to the ring and sees the NEW stage hands taking his decorations and getting the ring set up for the first match. Raising the title belt in the air, Jack disappears behind the curtains.)

Jason: Next up we have Harbinger taking on Mr Uncensored!

(Harbinger came to the ring, and Uncensored never followed suit. Match was awarded to a visbly upset Harbinger.....)

Jason: Harbinger wins by default...Harbinger looks at the crowd and waves, what's this about?

(Jack DeVargas defeated Ben Mauler in 12:42 to retain his TV Title....)

(Camera's cut to backstage...)

Brian: Harbinger has his bags, he just shook Nick Sharpe's hand and gave him a little hug, is Harbinger leaving???

Jason: It looks that way.

(Some interviewer comes up to Harbinger)

Man: Harbinger a word ...

Harbinger: Of course. My time here is up.

Man: But what about your purpose, the changes you were supposed to bring...what happ...

Harbinger: It's out of my hands. If someone wants to carry on my work, they will. If not, life will go on. I'm not quitting, but I'm going to accomplish other purposes now. Everything does not revolve around wrestling. Yes there are things that are wrong here, but there are many more things wrong someplace else. It's time for me to recharge, go home, focus on what's important. Friends and Family. So long NEW.

(As we fade out, we see Harbinger get into a car with a license plate that reads LVEWRE)

(Predator cut Hero's welcome back short as he defeated him to become the new N.E.W. International Champion.)

(Dominic Demonstone continued on his NEW Winning streak, rolling over Logan Outlaw to become the new N.E.W. North Eastern Champion!)

(The Strip battled Nick Sharpe in one of the most techincal matches in NEW history...In the end, Nick wasn't able to upheaval the champ, and Strip retained his title yet again!)

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