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Hall Of Fame

  • Carter Hayes

    First ever N.E.W. World Champion. The Crybaby, what else can we say?

  • Glory

    Second World Title holder....Still works with the company on occasion....

  • O.L. Ripper

    First ever N.E.W. North Eastern Champion....Wasn't with us long, but made an impact like few before him....

  • Da Man 2000

    First, Last, and Only NEW Hardcore Champion...Also Former NEW World Champ, Dynasty member, and NEW Icon...

  • The Superstar

    Arguably the best International Champion the N.E.W. ever had, and one of the original founders of the N.E.W.

  • Thanatos

    Founder of the Horsemen, Couldn't even be put down by a sword in the hands of Doomer as he rose from the dead....

  • Island Stu

    Co-Headlined three consecutive Pay Per Views in NEW's first run, and was the first N.E.W. World Champ during it's second run...

  • Diamond Mine

    Diamond Mine has always showed unending loyalties to the N.E.W. and was honored for it on N.E.W.'s PPV, TRIBE.

    First Ever N.E.W. Grand Slam Champion.
    (Has Held The Xtreme, International, North Eastern, and World titles.)

  • Soldier

    One of the longest running members of N.E.W....And one of the N.E.W. All Time Fan Favorites.....

  • Sampson "War Dog" Black

    One of the most well known and respected wrestlers of New England Wrestling and the professional wrestling world as a whole finally earns his spot in the infamous N.E.W. Hall of Fame.

  • Night Stalker

    Night Stalker came to New England Wrestling as a struggling mid carder, but eventually worked his way up through the ranks of skill and respect of his peers to become a N.E.W. Heavyweight Champion, and now, a respected member of the Hall of Fame.

  • Deadman

    When Deadman first came to N.E.W. he was already an established wrestler, but he had a very hard time getting a foothold in N.E.W. due to Abark just plain out not liking him much. But Deadman earned his way to the top the hardest of ways, with odds against him. Now he holds the respect of all N.E.W.ites, including Abark.

  • Pagan

    The seemingly unbeatable Pagan held the N.E.W. World Title for what seemed like an eternity, But eventually his life caught up to him and he was forced to leave N.E.W. Leaving the fans to wonder if he will ever be back....

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