...I push my fingers into my eyes...

Its the only thing
That slowly stops the ache

But its made of all
The things I have to take

(The scene comes to life inside of the United Center, in Chicago, IL......Before us we see the band Slipknot, in full show gear, performing before the huge new NEW Crassus-tron. The lights all work in perfect timing to the beat....)

Jesus it never ends
It pushed it's way inside

If the pain goes on...

(The song kicks in, as does the crowd, the lights, and the huge explosions atop the rampway....The guitars whail and slam in time.....As the song continues Corey begins singing in a quite but determiend voice, almost whispering....)

I have screamed until my veins collapsed
I’ve waited as my times elapsed
Now all I do is live with so much fate

I wished for this
I bitched at that
I’ve left behind this little fact
You cannot kill what you did not create

I’ve gotta say what I’ve gotta say and then I swear I'll go away
But I cant promise you'll enjoy the noise

I guess I'll save the best for last
My future seems like one big past
You laughed at me cuz you left me no choice

(The cameras focus in on Corey before the band as he screams again....)

I push my fingers into my eyes

It’s the only thing
That slowly stops the ache

But it’s made of all
The things I have to take

Jesus it never ends
It pushed it's way inside

If the pain goes on
I’m not gonna make it

(The crunching pace begins again as Corey screams out.....)



(The song ends suddenly as the lights shut off immediately on the band leaving the crowd in darkness.....The camera cuts in the gorilla cage; Harley walks back and forth inspecting the lighting riggings, and making sure that everything is set for the show. His good friend Patrick follows closely behind him.)

Patrick: Dude how many times are you going to do this?

Harley: As many times as it takes. I want to make sure that this show goes off without a hitch.

Patrick: Your dedication is admirable but man this is getting old, you’re not worried about the lights. What’s really on your mind?

(Harley just sighs)

Harley: How many times have I done this Patrick?

Patrick: Done what?

Harley: Walked down long hallways just like this? How many times have I listened as the sounds of my blood pulsating through my body filled my ears as my heart began to beat faster, and my adrenaline began to kick in? How man times have I hit the curtain and listened as my music hit the air, and the fans 30, 40, 50 thousand strong began to cheer my name?

Patrick: Well…

Harley: Exactly, here I am going into a major pay per view and I have butterflies in my stomach like a first year rookie. You would think I would be past this by now, right?

Patrick: ‘The fact that you have not got passed those felling shows how much this means to you, you may not think that’s true but I know that it is, now I am going to tell something man and I want you to listen real good, the day those feeling go away is the day you need to walk away from this sport forever?

Harley: I guess.

(Harley hears footsteps approaching he turns around and sees Tironius Cicero, the manager and assistant of Marcus Crassus, standing in front of him.)

Cicero: Ahem…

Harley: ‘Patrick would you leave Mr. Cicero and myself alone for a moment

Patrick: Sure thing.

(Harley turns and looks at the smaller man, dressed in a black suit and tie and carrying a clipboard loaded with papers.)

Harley: What do you want?

Cicero: May I have a word with you?

Harley: As you can see I am a bit busy trying to get tonight's show up and running but if you can say it quickly and get out of my hair sure you can have a word with me.

Cicero: Perhaps when you hear what I have to say you won't be so quick to get rid of me. I'm sure you know that it was my employer who so graciously purchased your new Crassus-tron last week?

Harley: Yeah I kind of remember that, and it would be hard to forget considering the damn thing has been on the fritz all day long, not to mention that we’re standing not 10 feet from it.

(Harley points to the Crassus-tron)

Harley: I said thank you already, if Mr. Crassus need anything for his tax returns, tell him to call accounting, I do not handle the bookkeeping. Now is there anything else you need?

(Cicero raises an eyebrow...and there's just a hint of a smile on his lips.)

Cicero: Actually, I'm here because Mr. Crassus was wondering if there was anything YOU needed. Anything at all. In fact, he has given me permission to give you a check that can be used in any way a man of your obvious intelligence sees fit.

(He pulls a check from his clipboard, and hands it over.)

Harley: That's a very large check, care to tell me what it is for? I am sorry maybe it is my poor fashion sense or my urban mentality but I can't figure out why Marcus would want to give me this kind of money, or why he would do it now?

Cicero: Well, as you are the Vice President of this esteemed company, I think it's up to you what you want to do with it. Perhaps, you could fix the screen, which you have said is 'on the fritz'. Or perhaps...you'd like to renovate that office of yours. Also, you should know that I've been authorized to double or even triple the amount on that check...if you keep Mr. Crassus happy, of course.

(Harley stares at Cicero, he is clearly not happy with the situation he finds himself in.)

Harley: O, he wants me to make him happy, like his Manservant makes him happy, perhaps.

(Harley shivers)

Harley: No, ok that was creepy, no, maybe it is something like this, I take the money, Marcus gets the win, and you get top take the next week of from going in the vault to polish his Jewels. IS that about the situation we find ourselves in?

(Cicero has lost all pretense of being polite, and stares at Harley with hatred in his eyes.)

Cicero: The situation we find ourselves in, Mr. Clarkson, is that Mr. Crassus wants the BETTER man to win. And between you and me, I think we know who that is. But then again, compared with a joke of a wrestler like you, who wouldn't be the better man!?

Harley: I think I struck a nerve.

(Harley tosses the clipboard back at Cicero)

Harley: You tell your master that he can take his money, and shove it in your ass, I don't lay down for anyone, now get the hell out of my sight.

(Without warning Cicero pulls back the clipboard and makes to hit Harley in the face with it...but Harley sees it coming and grabs his arm.)

Harley: That...was dumb....

(Harley punches Cicero directly between the eyes. Cicero falls like a ton of bricks, but out of nowhere Harley is hit from behind in the head with a steel chair. It's Marcus Crassus.)

Crassus: Don't you EVER hit one of my employees, you little shit! Guess we'll just have to do things the old fashioned way.

(He lifts the chair and brings it down once more, across Harley's back, before grabbing Cicero by the arms and dragging him away. The camera cuts to the dressing room of Simon Tyrell/Night Stalker, which is totally in shambles. A chair flies from the door into the hallway as four police officers and two orderlies in white coats stand outside the door with Abark.)

Abark: He's been this way for two weeks, and looks to be getting worse. I really have no other choice but to have him commited, he needs help.

(The men psych themselves up a bit, then charge into the room. After loud sounds of a struggle, and five minutes have passed, Tyrell/Stalker comes out of his dressing room door....kind of. Straightjacketed, and handcuffed/shackled to a wheel chair, Tyrell/Stalker just stares at Abark as he's pushed away towards a waiting van.)

(The scene finnally moves back inside the arena, to the announcers....)

Jason: Hello everyone and welcome to DUALITY....You just heard Slipknot play tonight's theme song of the same name, and their latest single......Wait a minute, guys… what's this all about?

(Just before the show is about to get on the road, Joseph in his usual street clothes walks out from behind the curtain with beads of moisture plastered to his face, indicating that he'd probably just come out of a hot bath, making his blood flow more prominent.)

Jason: Well, this is unexpected, but Joseph seems to be coming the ring…

Sara: What's that–?

Brian: What's what? The microphone?

Sara: No….

(Sara points.)

Sara: That– in his other hand.

(Joseph staggers down the ramp slightly and the light catches the sheen of a whet-edged kitchen knife in his hand. Each of his steps is well calculated, and well-measured but at the same time, seemingly unstable.)

Jason: It would appear to me guys, that Joseph's got a knife–!

Sara: What for–?

(Sara's question goes unanswered as Joseph totters towards the ring steps with uneven eyeballs looking towards a fan that can't seem to repel his attention from the utensil, tightly gripped in Joseph's right hand. He bangs his shin on the ring step unintentionally, and winces with a smile, before stomping up each step carefully, as if it were his last.)

Jason: Well, it looks like Joseph's coming to the ring…with something on his mind…

(There is no music, and hardly any reaction from the audience. They seem more intent on conversing amid themselves than heeding too much attention to the slave of the Horsemen whose black shirt presses tightly to his body with a dampness that says nothing and everything at the same time.)

Jason: I don't recall Joseph being scheduled to be out here… He was going to square off against his brother Chris Evans tonight, but of course that match was shelved as a result of Evans' departure to the HWA…

(Joseph scales the side of the ring apron, in a nervous yet determined comportment, before stepping through the middle ropes slowly and methodically, carelessly catching his ankle on the middle rope, faltering slightly as he enters the ring.)

Sara: There's something about those eyes, fellas…. Those eyes…. I don't know, I just don't think Joseph's all there right now.

Jason: Well, one can only imagine the mental reduction being a slave to the Horsemen can cause…

Brian: Though, Deadman said Joseph is a "mere microcosm" of what we all are to the horsemen…

Jason: Yeah, well, I have faith that Strip will prove Deadman otherwise when they go one-on-one in the main event for the N.E.W. Heavyweight Championship…

(Joseph's voice flutters over the microphone as he silences the crowd…)

Joseph: No….

(His eyes twitch as he wobbles in the center of the ring, scanning the crowd with his head moving from one side to the next.)

Joseph: I'm not going to let this happen anymore…

Sara: Let what happen?

Brian: Shhhh–!

Joseph: Don't you see what I've been through? What I've done? What the Horsemen put me through? Don't you see who I am?

(His voice becomes as unsteady as his eyes as if he wants to start screaming, but he can't.)

Joseph: Or do you really care?

(He peers across the crowd once again with those unsettled eyes.)

Joseph: No one ever cared about me!

(Joseph shakes his head, wrinkling the bridge of his nose as he scowls.)

Joseph: They just wanted someone…. anyone… to destroy Deadman, and the rest of the Horsemen. They didn't care who did it… whether it was Strip or me… you people only loved me because I stepped up… Because you wanted someone who could do get the job done…

(He starts to breath heavily with sputters of air trembling upon every exhale.)

Joseph: I couldn't do it. I didn't.

(He bows his head looking at the knife in his right hand.)

Joseph: I couldn't get the job done.

(He continues to breathe forcefully, in and out, in and out, in and out through his nose and mouth.)

Joseph: I became nothing. You fans had no concern… and never will have any concern! You people didn't care, and you won't. You didn't when I was mowed down, and you won't when Deadman does the same to the Strip…

(He looks upwards with a single eye.)

Joseph: I became a slave. I became the slave of the Horsemen… I… was the horsemen's nigger!

Jason: Good Lord…


"Get me a beer!"
– "Yes sir, boss"

"Scrub the toilets!"
– "Yes sir, boss"

"Go pick up the horse shit in the yard!"
– "Yes sir, boss"

"Get me a beer!"
– "Yes…. Sir…. boss"


(He starts breathing even more profoundly, and his eyes widen as his teeth come together, cringing.)

Joseph: I don't even know whether I'm living in 1995 or the year 2004 anymore… but WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE??? No one cares about you! NO ONE CARES ABOUT MEEEEE!!!!!!

(He holds the knife into the air and looks at his own reflection.)

Joseph: So I guess…

(He twirls the kitchen utensil as the light from its mirrored surface flickers off the lens of the cameras.)

Joseph: I guess…. .I guess…. It wouldn't matter to anybody……

(Joseph's upper lip twitches and his lower lip curls as his eyes of unsteadiness narrow.)

Joseph: … if I was gone.


Sara: *GASP*

Brian: My God….

(He drops the microphone and it reverberates a piercing sound of feedback throughout the arena in a moment. He uses the kitchen knife to cut lengthways, deeply along the blue line on the underside of his right wrist until the artery underneath is exposed.)

Jason: This isn't supposed to be happening folks, this wasn't planned to happen….!

(Joseph yells out as soon as the blade meets his skin. The pain is unbearable. The cameras turn towards the crowd, away from the ring, for the safety of the pay per view audience, but the Chicago audience is there to witness the blood trickling down to Joseph's right hand, before he passes the blade into the red of his palm. Blood spills over the handle of the knife as he drops to a knee, bowing his head with exhaustion.)

(Women and children's' screams echo at all parts of the United Center. One mother, with her child is seen holding her son's face to her breast, not wanting him to bare the suicide by Joseph's hands.)

(Robert Apostle – not Deadman – comes out from behind the curtain in a sweater with his sleeves rolled up past his forearms and a look of unease and angst across his face. Upon seeing Deadman, who once was a friend, a teacher, a companion, a partner, a brother of Joseph's, Rival cried out and incised his other wrist the same way he did the first, with his slippery, and bloody grip on the knife's handle.)

(Apostle beckons him to stop, and he starts down the ramp, waving his arms with an expression on his face that the fans aren't used to seeing from Deadman. He shows the one thing that makes everyone human; the one thing that makes everyone a person; he shows emotion.)

(Joseph dropped to his other knee, and keeled over slightly with his arms positioned in such a way that his wrists wouldn't fall inwards, against his body which would otherwise block the blood flow.)

Apostle: What have you done Brother Joseph!?

(Apostle stopped at the edge of the ramp, just before he met the apron. His eyebrows lift up and his mouth drops open in such a way that reveals his lower teeth, and apart of his upper.)

(The man known as Deadman, waved out paramedics who started down the ramp in a hurry. Apostle halts them with an open palm. He instead lets Joseph choose his fate.)

Apostle: This isn't what you want! This isn't what is meant to be!

(Joseph begins to crumble, knowing that he only has a matter of minutes before he is dead.)

Joseph: What do you care…? What does anyone care if I die…? They don’t give a shit about me… Who really cares…? Who cares about my life…?

(Deadman, holding the paramedics back, attempts to hearten Joseph with the little time that is left.)

Apostle: I care Joseph… I care…

(Joseph looking up at Deadman with weary eyes as the canvas that was once a light shade of blue-grey continues to splatter with a contrasting flesh-red.)

Joseph: Bullshit! You used me as a slave… you didn't care… you used me… losing me, is like losing a measly entity – an object – a thing… that's all I ever was to you… I was a possession. I was nothing.

Apostle: I didn't mean for this Joseph… I didn't mean for it to come to this, brother… GOD didn't mean for this to happen. It wasn't His will for it to end this way! Not this way, Joseph… not this way!

Joseph: There is no GOD!

(He crumbles.)

Joseph: Ack… you said it yourself… God's judgment has come to pass… the Horsemen rule now… YOU'RE the conquer of the world now… and I am your slave… I was… your slave… The Horsemen's slave… but… not any more…

(Apostle, still holding back the paramedics shakes his head with desperation in his tone.)


(Joseph falls to the canvas face-first and looks into Deadman's eyes to say his last words.)

Joseph: … Then I die.

(Apostle – Deadman, drops his arms to his sides, along with his head, allowing the paramedics to pass. They quickly tie bands around the limp arms of Joseph in order to prevent further blood loss in case there was still a chance that his life can be saved.)

(Deadman turns around towards the entrance way as the paramedics gather Joseph onto a stretcher. Joseph twitches for a moment, but goes inert, shortly thereafter. His state becomes evident when one of the medics droop a white sheet over his body.)

(Deadman climbs the ramp with his head down and his eyes squeezed tight as Death is carried past him with a white sheet veiled over his once living body – but now dead remains.)

(The crowd goes completely silent. The kind of disturbing silence that no one wants to hear at the kick-start of a pay per view event. But the kind of silence that is inevitable when the hand of Death beckons the living to die before their time.)

(Joseph's body disappears through the curtain after Deadman sees his former "brother's" body, for the last time until his funeral. But the show must go on, and Deadman withdraws backstage.)

Jason: Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm sorry you had to witness that tonight.....While we regroup and figure out whats going to happen, lets show you what happened earlier tonight when Clarkson and Crassus faced off.....

(This match went smoothly, with Marcus Crassus putting on an impressive first showing. He hit several impressive moves, rocking Clarkson a couple times. He concentrated mainly on the neck, trying to weaken it up for the Stungun. He used a couple different neck breakers, and a brainbuster. Clarkson would recover and take control of the match using a variety of suplexes. He seemed to be on the verge of winning when Crassus got a second wind. Crassus had Clarkson set up for The Stungun, but wasn't able to execute it. Clarkson took advantage of his mistake, and used The Hammer to take care of the match.)

Jason: This kid really showed something here tonight!

Brian: Yea, he showed us he knows how to lose, and anybody can do that.

Jason: You can say what you want, but I guarantee we'll be seeing him a lot more in the future. Now onto our next match.

(Cut back to the current time...)

Jason: Immediately following that match we were supposed to have Nick Sharpe face off against Craig Clayborn, but Craig failed to catch his plane in time and wasn't able to make it to the arena....

Brian: BAH! He was scared of being chased out of the fed by Sharpe!!!

(The scene moves to the back, where we see a huge box with pink wrapping paper and a white bow. This box is huge, it's bigger then a person tall, and much bigger wide. There is a man with a clipboard beside it. One of the personel comes up)

Personnel: What's this for?

Delivery Man: What? The question is probably who is it for.

Personnel: Ok, who is it for?

Delivery Man: Let's see... (Looks at clipboard).. this gift is for Kevin Kirkland and Predator. To be delivered after their tag match tonight.

Personnel: Alright, I'll make sure they get it.

Delivery Man: Thank you.

(The scene moves back to the arena...Chris Evans's music plays as he walks out to the ring and grabs a mic. )

Chris: Wassup Chicago?

(Loud crowd pops from his hometown croud. )

Chris: I don't feel like bothering wrestling my last match here in N.E.W. and my mind is too far away from my match tonight, so I'm going to lay in the middle of this ring and await my opponent to come out and pin me, enjoy.

Jason: He must be thinking heavily about what happened at the top of the show.

Sara: Yeah, that was pretty upsetting.

Brian: Shut up, I'm trying to see what happens.

(Chris lays down with mic in hand. )

Chris: C`mon, it'll be easy.

(Alisynien's music plays as he comes out, he grabs a mic. )

Alisynien: You think it'll just be that simple? That I'll just pin you because your letting me?

Chris: Uhh, yeah.

Alisynien: I guess I could cut you a break.

(Chris smiles as Alisynien lays down on his chest, 1, 2, Alisynien gets up and kicks Chris in the stomach, he kicks him in the stomach again and throws him out of the ring, he scales out of the ropes behind him, he brawls up the rampway with him and once getting to the stage attempts to throw him off, Evans is using his strength to keep that from happening. Alisynien eventually gets the upper hand and we see Chris Evans sail off of the side of our stage. )

Jason, Sara, and Brian: HOLY SHIT!!!

(Paramedics go and check on Chris as we move into a promotional video for our main event.)

Two Men
One Ring
Two Histories
One Culmination


N.E.W. Heavyweight Title

Never Has One Match
Had So Much Potential
To Change The Course Of N.E.W.

Jack Darling: Introducing first, he stands 6'7 tall, and weighs in at 277 pounds. Hailing from Lima, Ohio, he is Lin SIGGGGGELL!

(A sound is heard like a gavel hitting a desk, and suddenly Lin Sigil is flying down to the ring. He slides under the ropes, and runs to the far side of the ring. He jumps up on the middle turnbuckle. He looks around for a minute, and then hops down. He bounces around to try and stay warm as he awaits the entrance of his partner.)

Jack Darling: Introducing next, he is the other half of this tag team, he is THE UNTOUCHABLE.

(The Untouchable's theme music begins playing, and he makes his way to the ring. The Untouchable and Lin Sigil begin conversing in the middle of the ring, and await the entrance of The Hellrazors)

Jack Darling: Introducing next, coming in at a combined weight of 550 pounds, they are the team known as THE HELLRAZORS!

(The light's cut off abrubtly, and "Numb", by Linkin Park begins playing. The fans begin booing, and red, white, and blue pyros begin flashing all across the arena. Predator and "Hellrazor" Kevin Kirkland step out from behind the curtain and the people begin boohing vehemenitly. Kirkland's smile splits his face from ear to ear, and Predator seems to be loving it also. The two men begin making their way to the ring as the first verse of "Numb" kicks in.)

I'm tired of being what you want me to be
feeling so faithless
lost under the surface
I don't know what you're expecting of me
put under the pressure
of walking in your shoes

(As The Hellrazor's make their way down the aisle, the get several reactions. Some people are trying to get a hand on them, some people are throwing thrash and jeering them, and some people are holding up signs and cheering. The Hellrazor's pay not attention to this though, and contine to make their way to the ring with the same looks that they had when they stepped out from behind the curtain.)

caught in the undertow just caught in the undertow
every step that I take is another mistake to you
caught in the undertow just caught in the undertow

(Red pyro's shoot off as the song goes into the chorus, and The Hellrazors begin climbing up the steps. The other tag team has exited the ring, and they are both waiting beside the ring announcer's table)

become so numb
I can't feel you there
become so tired
so much more aware
I'm becoming this
all I want to do
is be more like me
and be less like you

(The Hellrazor's climb into the ring, and sunter into the middle of it. Kirkland tears off his black T-shirt with the words "Hellrazor" on the front and "Lethal Injection" on the back. He also rips his black windpants and tosses his whole attire arrogantly at the ref. He walks over to the corner, grabs the ropes, and stretches them as he leans backward to loosen his arms and back muscles up. Predator removes his black trenchcoat, and sheds his newly made Hellrazor shirt. Both men walk over to their corner, and Kirkland climbs to the outside, leaving Predator in the ring. The lights come up, and the music fades out as the match begins.)

Jason: Well it looks like it'll be Predator and The Untouchable starting things off.

Brian: That's funny, the two men we heard the least of this week are starting things off.

Sara: Predator is looking very confident this evening.

Jason: Apparently he thinks so, too. Predator and the Untouchable lock up in a test of strength. Predator with a quick boot to the inside of The Untouchable's knee, and a closed fist to the mouth by Predator! The ref didn't like that.

(The ref steps in to warn Predator, and he backs off, flashing a smile at Kirkland in the corner.)

Brian: The ref didn't like it, but The Hellrazors sure did! You know, it's about time we had a real tag team in this federation!

Jason: The Untouchable gets to his feet, and Predator puts a boot in his stomach. Predator is going for the powerbomb, nevermind, he changed his mind and elbows The Untouchable in the back of the neck instead!

(The Untouchable cringes)

Jason: Predator picks the Untouchable up, snap suplex. Predator gets up. He gets close to Lin Sigil and slaps him.

Brian: Sigil tries to jump in the ring after Predator, but ha ha Diamond Joe steps inbetween them.

Jason: It's a good thing the ref held him back, or he would probably be delivering some JUSTICE right now!

Brian: Predator snatches up The Untouchable, tosses him to Kirkland. Kirkland locks the Untouchable up in a full nelson, Predator doing his best Muhamed Ali on Untouchable's stomach.

Jason: Finally, Diamond Joe puts a stop to it. Kirkland drops The Untouchable and raises his hands in innocence.

Brian: Come on ref! Kirkland wasn't doing anything!

Jason: What do you mean? He was clearly holding The Untouchable so Predator could lay into him with those closed fist punches.

Sara: He's cheating!

Jason: The fans here are booing like crazy.

Jason: Predator send Untouchable off the ropes, Predator lifts up the big boot, Untouchable rolls through it and knocks Predator down. Strike one for The Untouchable. Untouchable crawls to his corner, Lin Sigil is in!

Sara: You know, this is a totally different Predator than we are used to seeing. Usually he's no nonsense, and down to business.

Brian: Yea, it looks like this Kirkland guy finally got in here and straightened him out!

Jason: Predator's urging Sigil on. Sigil charges, Predator swings and misses ­ SPEAR by Sigil! Kirkland is stunned he's losing it on the apron.

Sara: I love this, the fans love it!

Jason: Sigil grabs Predator in a headlock, turns it into a SNAP SUPLEX!!! Predatror is reeling, he stumbles back into his corner.Kirkland tags and is in. Kirkland flexing ...

Brian: Kirkland flexing his muscles because he's going to crush this kid's career before it starts. Sigil comes charging in and nails Kirkland with a closed fist.

Jason: Sigil just rocked Kevin Kirkland's world! He shot out of that corner like a rocket.

Brian: It won't last long. He's as big as Kirkland, but he's no match physically.

Jason: Sigil whips Kirkland into the turnbuckle and follows with an elbow to the head. Kirkland staggers out, and Sigil quickly sets Kirkland up for a suplex. Kirkland is up, up and DOWN!

Sara: The crowd is going crazy, Untouchable looks like he's ready for a tag again.

Brian: Of course he is, NOW.

Jason: Sigil goes for another suplex, but Kirkland hits him in the ribs, and breaks out of it. Kirkland kicks Sigil in the knee, and then brings his own knee up into Sigil's face. Kirkland walks off for a second trying to clear his head.

Sara: He's so dumb, that may take a while.

Jason; Sigil gets up, Kirkland turns RIGHT INTO a spear!

Jason: What a spear by Sigil! The fans love it! They're going nuts!

Brian: Come on Kirkland! What are you doing?

Jason: Sigil jumps up, and begins kicking Kirkland. Predator's going nuts in the corner, and The Untouchable is too!

Brian: This rookie can't win, no, no, no

Jason: Sigil picks up Kirkland and whips him into the ropes, BOTH MEN SLAM INTO ONE ANOTHER, they are down. Sigil's head is bleeding.

Brian: Kirkland's up!

Jason: Sigil tags and here comes The Untouchable, he slams Kirkland's back and whips him to the ropes ­ MISSED CLOTHESLINE ­ Kirkland returns with one of his own ­ Untouchable is down!

Brian: Ha ha!

Jason: Kirkland rolling his neck, and flexing his back muscles, waiting for Untouchable to get up.

Brian: Ohhhhh Kirkland kicks Untouchable right in the face. Predator's got a big smile now.

Jason: Well, it looks like the tides have turned once again.

Brian: Did you expect anything else?

Jason: Hey, what's Predator doing?

Brian: Ha! He's getting a chair and sitting down

(Predator sits down in the chair, and props his feet up on the apron.)

Jason: This has got to be a first. I don't think I've ever seen anyone do that!

Brian: I told you Kirkland finally talked some sense into this dude.

Jason: Kirkland picks Untouchable up ... gut wrench powerbomb ... Kirkland grabs him again ... German suplex!!! Kirkland is in control now.

Brian: Well Sigil has put up a good fight in his first match here in NEW, but it looks like Untouchable isn't faring so well.

Jason: Kirkland whips Untouchable into the ropes, OHHHHH sidewalk slam. Kirkland taunting the crowd and Sigil.

Brian: Kirkland's motioning for Predator. Predator's grinning as he scrambles up onto the apron.

Jason: Kirkland picking up Untouchable, setting him up for a powerbowb with his back to the ropes. Predator up to the top rope.

Sara: What are they doing? I want to know, the fans want to know.

Jason: I don't know, but I feel sorry for The Untouchable right about now!

Brian: Jump! Jump!

Sara: Aaahhhhh

(Kirkland hauls Untouchable up and Predator launches himself from the top rope. Predator connects with the Drop Shot, and Kirkland uses the momentum to powerbomb The Untouchable.)



Sara: That was crazy!

(The fans are booing like crazy as Predator and Kirkland laugh. Predator rolls out of the ring, and Kirkland goes for the cover.)

Jason: Here's the count!

Diamond Joe: 1! 2! 3!

Jason: The Hellrazors had little problem finishing off this team.

Sara: Maybe if Sigil had a real partner.

Brian: Strip and Harbinger won't even have a chance!

Jason: Predator has a mic.

Predator: What you saw tonight was just a taste of what we will unleash in the future. What you saw us use to break little The Untouchable in half, was a move we like to call The Death Wish. When you sign a contract to fight The Hellrazors you're signing your Death Wish. Harbinger, Strip, remember that as you get ready to take us on and try to hold on to those precious titles.

(Predator throws down the mic, and "Numb" by Linkin Park begins blaring over the PA. Kirkland and Predator have been told to stay in the ring after the match. A huge box begins to be wheeled down to the ring. Predator and Kirkland seem to be kind of confused)

Brian Johnson: I wonder what's in the box...

Jason Barret: Yes, I wonder. It's probably not a wr--

SaraAnne: Shut up Jason, don't spoil it!!

(The box is placed in the ring, in front of the two men, as they stare at it. The man who wheeled it down leaves the arena. The guys argue over who should open it, before finally, Kevin Kirkland decides to open it. Predator paces the ring, almost not watching)

Brian Johnson: Here's the big moment...

Jason Barret: I wonder what it is!!

(Kevin Kirkland opens the box, and his mouth drops to the ground. You can't see the inside of the box, so you can't see what it is Kirkland is looking at. Finally, the crowd goes wild when Logan steps out of the box)

SaraAnne: IT'S BR... -ERR-.. LOGAN OUTLAW!!!

Jason Barret: Kevin Kirkland can't believe it!! These two haven't been face to face in years!!

(Outlaw laughs at Kirkland, who is realizing still how huge Logan has become. Predator sees what's going on, and rushes Logan since Kirkland is still standing there. Logan takes a punch or two, before coming back with a hard right hand, that sends Predator to the ropes, followed by Logan clotheslining him to the floor)

Brian Johnson: The crowd is loving this!!!

(huge crowd pop)

Jason Barret: Logan is in Kirkland's face. Kirkland doesn't know what to think!!

(Logan asks for a mic. He speaks, still face to face with Kirkland)

Logan: Been a long time Big man... where you been hiding?

Kevin Kirkland: I--

Logan: Awww shut your mouth!

(Huge crowd pop as Logan paces the ring)

Logan: We all know you've been hiding from me. Now you made the mistake of coming down to New England Wrestling. This is my playing yard buddy... I suggest you leave it before I make you!!

(Logan drops the mic, and gets even closer to Kirkland. The two exchange words, before Logan nails Kirkland in the face. Kirkland stumbles back, then receives a HUGE GORE from Logan, sending him to the ground)

Brian Johnson: This isn't looking good for Kirkland!!

(Logan slides out of the ring, and grabs a table. He sets it up outside the ring, and then slides back in. He picks up the mic as Kirkland is trying to get to his feet)

Logan: I don't know where you've been Kirkland, but I know where your going. You picked the wrong time to come back, because it was time for my return. The Horsemen will receive their punishment, but you sir... you are an added bonus. I wasn't expecting you to be here when I made the plans to come tonight a month ago. You and I have unfinished business from a long time ago, in a far off federation called CWF. So... consider this... the straw that broke the camel's back. Your ending isn't upon us... just yet... hahaha!!!!

(Logan grabs Kirkland by the hair as he tries standing up. He nails him in the head, breaking him open. He then positions Kirkland for a powerbomb. He lifts him up, and falls on the ropes, allowing him to drop Kirkland over the ropes, and down onto the table)


(Logan watches his work, and speaks)

Logan: Let that be a lesson to those who need to be watching. I'm coming for you too.... RIGHT NOW!!!

(Logan drops the mic, and leaves the ring)

(Scene cuts to show a white limo pulls up to the VIP Entrance. The door swings open, and out walks Trent Shanahan, the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, flanked by his brother Chris, as well as manager Rey "Dirty" Sanchez. All three are wearing business suits, Trent is carrying the NWA World Title Belt in his right arm.)

Voice off camera: Trent! Trent!

(RW Superstar RJ Cahoon walks into view, wearing a pair of blue jeans and a Ricochet Wrestling t-shirt. Trent looks over, a bit confused by Cahoon's presence.)

Trent: RJ, what's going on?

Cahoon: You know, there's another big title defense going down, I figured you would need some backup.

(Trent nods.)

Trent: That's cool.

(Trent extends his hand, Cahoon promptly accepts the handshake.)

Trent: Thanks for the help man, there's strength in numbers.

(Trent turns to walk away, Chris and Dirty motion for Cahoon to follow. The four of them walk out of the shot.)

Jason: Before we get to our next match lets see what transpired earlier today while wrestlers were arriving to the United Center. Abark confronted Hero and Justice Inc. about their threats towards Strip. Lets go to that footage.

(Justice Inc are shown walking in the parking garage with their luggage when Abark comes up to them, he looks angry.)

Abark: Hero, I‘ve heard your threats to Strip and how your going to make him pay for what he did to Beth.

Hero: And he will, maybe tonight if I have my way.

Abark: Well, it’s not your way, it’s my way! And I don’t want you messing up anything in the main event. And if Beth and Nancy want to be at ringside they need to take their bumps like everyone else or maybe they shouldn’t be there at all!

Beth: What? Are saying we can’t go to ringside anymore?

Abark: I’m not going to do that unless Hero attacks Strip. If your husband does anything to him, then Justice Inc. will be banned from not only ringside permanently but it gets much worse.

Hero: What do you mean?

Abark: I mean, if you attack Strip then Nancy, Reegan, and your precious wifey Beth will all be released from their nice big contracts and will be banned from all NEW events. That’s what I mean. Now good day, and good luck tonight against Omen. You’re going to need it!

(Abark walks off and Justice Inc just stares in shock.)

Jason: I can’t believe Abark would say that.

Brian: Believe it and I know how Abark is. He meant it!

Sara Anne: I hope Hero attack Strip so then that old hag Beth will be fired.

Jason: Get over it already Sara Anne, Hero will never be yours.

Sara Anne: We’ll see.

Jason: Anyway let’s get to our next match. It is Hero and Beth vs. The Omen. This feud has been boiling over for a long time now and tonight is the night that it all will hopefully come to an end.

Jason: And this is no normal match folks! This is a hair vs. mask match.

Brian: That’s right, if Hero and Beth lose then Beth’s hair will be cut off and if Omen loses then his mask is coming off. And this match is one of the most highly anticipate of the night only behind the main event.

Sara Anne: I can’t wait to see that rat Beth with no hair! It’s going to be great.

(The camera cuts to Jack Darling standing in the ring with the microphone.)

Darling: Ladies and gentlemen the next match is the handicapped, hair versus mask match!

(The crowd goes nuts and begins to chant.)


(Renegade begins to play as the crowds cheers turn to boos. A huge fire ball falls from the sky to start the pyro. Omen begins to make his way out.)

Darling: Making his way to the ring standing at 7 feet tall and weight in at 335 pounds, from Death Valley Texas, THE OMEN!!!!

(The crowd boos and throws things as Omen walks slowly to the ring.)

Jason: What a monster!

Sara Anne: Hero and Beth are going to have their hands full with The Omen.

(Omen stops as he makes his way to the ring and stares at a kid with a poster that says ‘Hero and Beth Rule’. Omen walks over and takes the sign and tares it in half and throws it at the kid and his father.)

Jason: What a despicable act.

Brian: I kind of liked it! And it sends a clear message to Hero and Beth for sure.

(Omen makes his way into the ring and waits for his opponents to make their way down.)

Sara Anne: Come on down Bethy poo, get your face mashed again!

("Meant To Live" begins to play as Hero and Beth walk out holding hands. Hero is In his normal attire and Beth is dressed in gray cammo shorts, black shirt, and black combat boots. Reegan and Nancy are following right behind. Reegan has on his normal track pants and a sleeveless ‘Jesus Saves’ shirt. Nancy is dressed in a long yellow dress as the crowd goes nuts.)

Darling: Making their way to the ring, accompanied by Nancy and Reegan, hailing from Atlanta Georgia are the 1-2 punch of the NEW, HERO AND BETH!!!

(The crowd continues to cheer as Justice Inc get onto the apron. Reegan and Hero hold the bottom ropes open for Beth and Nancy to enter into the ring. Reegan and Hero then enter. They all four join hands and lift them in the air as pyro goes off from the ring posts. Omen just stares at them all.)

Brian: The religious freaks look ready, but Omen is just so big!

Jason: It’s going to be one heck of a night that’s for sure.

(Diamond Joe orders Nancy and Reegan out of the ring. Beth steps onto the apron and Hero and Omen walk up and get face to face.)

Sara Anne: And here we go! The men are facing off first and look at the trash talk go flying!

Jason: Omen just laid Hero out with the punch to the face!

(Hero is down on the mat. Omen stares over and Beth who looks a little scared. He picks Hero up and whips him into the ropes and hit’s a big boot to the face.)

Brian: Hero isn’t looking so good right now!

Jason: And now Omen is choking him with his boot, stop this ref!

Sara Anne: Look at Omen laugh as the crowd boos him. He loves it.

(Omen picks Hero up and goes for another clothsline but Hero ducks it.)

Jason: The crowd is on their feet! Hero is nailing Omen with shot after shot to the head.

Sara Anne: The big man is reeling!

Brian: Hero nails a ddt on the big guy! Now he’s on top of Omen punching him in the face but Diamond Joe is pulling him off but Hero doesn’t like it.

(Hero pushes Diamond Joe out of the way and goes back to Omen who back on his feet. He whips him into the ropes and hit’s a power slam.)

Jason: Hero is on fire now. He’s going to pick Omen up now…

Brian: Cheap shot to the throat by Omen!

(Omen gets up to his feet. He grabs Hero by the hair and throws him across the ring by it. Hero stumbles to his feet. Omen picks up Hero for a choke slam, but Reegan gets on the apron.)

Brian: Omen is distracted by Reegan now, and just lets Hero down.

Jason: Big mistake! Omen is getting in Reegan’s face!

Sara Anne: Hero hits Omen from behind sending him over the top.

Brian: Reegan and Nancy are putting the boots to him now! Stop this ref!

Jason: Wait, Hero is going UP TOP! He isn’t a high flyer, what’s going on?

Brian: Reegan and Nancy are standing Omen to his feet.


Jason: We’ve never seen Hero do that.

(Beth runs over to check on Hero but he ref orders her back to her corner.)

Sara Anne: Put her in her place Joe!

(Hero and Omen lay on the ground for a minute while the crowd cheers.)

Crowd: HERO, HERO, HERO!!!!

(Hero slowly makes his way to his feet as does Omen. Hero rolls into the ring. As Omen begins to make his way in Nancy runs behind him and rakes his back with her finger nails. Omen screams but then turns and begins to stalk Nancy.)

Brian: What a dumb bi….

Jason: Omen, is chasing her around the ring, but now Reegan is standing in his way. Don’t forget what Omen did to Reegan at Rebirth.

(Omen pretends to turn away from Reegan but turns back around and slugs Reegan right in the face sending him to the ground. Hero is still getting his head straight in the ring. Omen locks eyes with Nancy again and begins to chaser her but as he goes by Beth she yells for his attention. Omen looks up at Beth.)

Jason: Omen is climbing the stairs towards Beth. Get out of there Beth!

(Beth gets into the ring and runs as Omen climbs in but as he chases her, Hero pops up and clothslines him down.)

Sara Anne : What a shot by Hero!

Jason: Hero is getting himself together now. That dive really messed him up.

(Hero helps Omen up to his feet. He slaps Omen right in the face.)

Brian: What a slap of disrespect.

Sara Anne: Oh Hero just hit a double arm suplex on the big man, that had to take a lot out of Hero. And now he’s putting the boots to him.

Jason: Hero is pointing to the top rope now. What’s he going to do now?

(Hero climbs the ropes and points at the crowd for support, and they cheer him on.)

Sara Anne: The crowd is on their feet!


Brian: And that may have hurt them both…NO Hero bounces right back up ! He’s back up! Why is Hero looking around at the crowd?

Jason: He’s asking them something?

Sara Anne: He’s pointing at Beth now! Listen to his crowd, he wants to know if he should tag her in or not! And the crowd is answering loud and clear!


(Hero shakes his head yes as Beth standing on the bottom rope holding her hand out for the tag. Hero goes over and slaps her hand.)

Jason: This crowd is going nuts!

Sara Anne: And what is this?

(Hero holds the bottom rope open for Beth to enter. She does so, and then kisses him on the cheek as he exit’s the ring. The camera shows Nancy helping Reegan to his feet then back to Beth walking over to Omen.)

Jason: What is she going to do? She isn’t a wrestler at all?

(Beth pins Omen.)

Jason: 1...2.…

Brian: No, Omen just kicked out and launched Beth across the ring in the process. Now Beth is up complaining the Diamond Joe saying it’s a slow count.

Sara Anne: Looked good to me.

(As Beth is complaining Omen makes his way to his feet and is right behind her. Hero warns her and when she turns around Omen is staring right down into her eyes. Beth screams and begins to back Into the corner.)

Jason: Oh no, Omen is going to kill her! Stop this, don’t let him do it!

Sara Anne: I can’t wait!

(Hero tries to enter but Diamond Joe stops him and forces him out. Nancy and Reegan are at ringside going nuts and screaming.)

Jason: Look at Beth, she is in that corner scared to death!

Brian: As she should be. Plead for your life honey! You wanted this match, and now you got it!

(Beth holds her hands up begging for Omen to not hurt her. He just stares at her and then turns around and begins grinding his but into he in the corner and taunting Hero the whole time while doing it.)

Brian: He’s crushing her ribs!

Jason: She is hurt!

(Omen backs off as Beth holds her ribs in the corner. Hero charges in and him and Omen are face to face but Diamond Joe separates them. Omen turns around and charges at Beth.)

Jason: NO!!!!!!

(As Omen runs Beth lifts both feet into the air while supported by the top rope and Omen runs right into them.)


Brian: Hero just pushed Diamond Joe out of the way!

(After Omen ran into Beth’s feet, he stumbled backwards right into the torture rack by Hero.)

Jason: Torture rack, he has the big man in the torture rack! What strength that takes!

Brian: But he isn’t the legal man.

(Diamond Joe forces Hero to drop him. He does and goes right back to the apron but Beth waist no time in tagging him right back in.)

Brian: Hero is the legal man again.

Jason: He is onto of Omen pounding at his face.

Sara Anne: Omen just raked his eyes. Hero is back down.

Brian: Omen is to his feet, and a kick right the balls by Omen!

Sara Anne: Not the best part Omen, leave it alone!

Jason: SARA!!!

Sara Anne: What?

(Nancy climbs into the ring and begins pounding on Omen’s back.)

Jason: The monster isn’t even feeling them.

Brian: Now her has Nancy by the throat!

Sara Anne : She’s in the air! And he’s walking towards the ropes! He’s going to throw her onto the mats below! That will snap her spine.

(Reegan runs over and begs him not to. Omen launches Nancy over the top rope and right onto Reegan and they are both down.)

Jason: Justice Inc has been laid out! Nancy and Reegan could both be hurt bad.

(Omen just points down to them. He then points over to Hero and begins walking towards him.)

Jason: What is he going to do next?

Brian: He picks Hero up and is setting him for….



Jason: Now look at this, Omen is just standing over Hero talking trash.

(Diamond Joe is standing near the ropes by Beth. Beth seems to be thinking of something. Suddenly she grabs his head and rams him into the turnbuckles and he is down.)

Jason: Beth just laid out Diamond Joe! Why would she doe that? Wait here she comes.…

Brian: Look out Omen!

Sara Anne: That wrinkled hag Beth just low blowed Omen.

(The crowd goes nuts.)

Crowd: BETH, BETH, BETH!!!!

(Beth begins screaming at Omen.)

Jason: Listen to her laying down the law to Omen.

Sara Anne: Now, she ontop of him punching him!

Brian: This is chaos!

Sara Anne: I can’t take anymore of this.

Jason: Where are you going?

(Sara Anne puts down her headset and gets runs into the ring. She grabs Beth’s hair and pulls her up but Beth pushes herself free. The women just stare at each other and scream at one another.)

Jason: What is going on?

Brian: These two have hated each other for awhile now. Ever since that SlamDance where Beth confronted Sara about her nasty comments towards the Mrs. Hero.

Jason: Sara just pushed Beth. But Beth is back in her face.


(Beth picks Sara up by her hair and does a hair beal and then another one.)

Brian: Beth is picking Sara up, and pushes her into the corner.

(Sara sinks down on the ropes and rests her head against the lower turnbuckle but Beth waists no time.)

Jason: Beth is pounding Sara’s head on that turnbuckle.

Brian: Sara breaks free and rolls outside the ring. She needs to get her head back together.

Jason: Meanwhile, Omen is on top of Hero but the ref is still out cold.

Brian: Where’s Beth going?

(Beth crawls outside the ring. She tells the time keeper to get up and he does. She grabs his chair and gets into the ring with it.)

Jason: What is Beth going to do now?


Jason: Omen rolls off Hero. Now Beth is helping Hero onto Omen.

(Hero rolls onto Omen, and Beth goes over and begins to shake Diamond Joe)

Jason: The ref is starting to wake up.

Brian: He’s counting….1.………..2.……..3!!!!!

Jason: Hero and Beth take the win and now the mask must come off! It has to come off! And Beth isn’t going to waist no time.

Brian: She has Omen by the had, and there goes the mask!

(Omen’s face is revealed and it is all scared and disgusting. Omen is still unconscious though and has no idea of this. Beth leaps into Hero’s arms for an embrace as the crowd goes nuts for the NEW’s top couple.)

Brian: What a win this was for the leader of Justice Inc. and all thanks to that little devil Beth. But what a disturbing image was under that mask.

Jason: She has always said she’ll do whatever it takes and she proved that tonight.

Brian: But Reegan and Nancy didn’t fair so good. Reegan is now carrying an unconscious Nancy to the back.

(‘Meant To Live’ begins to play as Hero and Beth continue to embrace. Omen finally comes to and realizes his mask is off. He covers his face, rolls out of the ring, and runs to the back as the crowd chants.)


(Hero carries Beth to the back while she is still hugging him, never letting go of his neck. Sara Anne staggers back to the announcers booth and puts back on her headset.)

Brian: They should get a room.

Jason: I think Beth is just so happy this long drawn out, nasty feud is finally over. And Sara Anne, on the way to it being over you got your butt handed to you on a silver platter..Guess you know now, that Beth means business?

Sara Anne: SHUT UP!!! That’s not the end of this. I’ll get her back some how.

Jason: Better come up with a better plan then the one you had tonight.

Sara Anne: SHUT UP!

(The scene cuts. Thanatos is in the back getting ready for his match. There is a knock at the door. Thanatos opens it)


(Thanatos goes flying back and hits the wall. You can't see what hit him or who hit him, but you know that he was hit hard. Thanatos is holding his head, as a trickle of blood seeps down. A figure walks into the picture)

Logan: How are you Thanny?

(Logan Outlaw is seen standing above Thanatos. He bends down, and places a rose in his lap. He speaks)

Logan: A rose is beautiful. But like everything, it wilters away and dies. This rose represents who you are right now. What it will look like soon without any water, is what you will soon become. I am a disease... a plague if you will. I will spread through the horsemen until they are a breed no longer spoke of. Your days are numbered. Carry my message to your leader, and wait for my return to destroy you. HAHAHA!!!

(Logan leaves the room, and thanatos sitting on the ground)

Jack Darling: And now it is time for our International Title match. This match will be fought under special “International rules”. Harbinger has supplied five rules. Violation of any one rule results in an automatic disqualification. Also Harbinger has stipulated that the International Title can and will change hands via disqualification. The rules are:

1) No low blows.

2) No punches.

3) You may not throw your opponent over the top rope.

4) You may not intentionally exit the ring until the match is finished.

5) You must win using a submission style hold.

Jack Darling: Ladies and Gentlemen, these are the rules. Now for the challenger!

(“Angel Boy” by Tim McGraw plays. Blackbird 13 walks down to the ring with Nightfall.)

Jack Darling: He stands 6’5 and weighs in at 265lbs. Accompanied by Nightfall, he is the former North Eastern Champion, Blackbird 13!

(The crowd gives a mixed reaction to Blackbird 13. Blackbird 13 kisses Nightfall and then rolls into the ring. He goes to the far turnbuckle and awaits his opponent.)

Jack Darling: And his opponent, one half of the Tag Team Champions and the International Champion, standing 6’3 and weighing in at 233lbs, he is Harbinger!!!

(The crowd erupts as “Light my way” by Audioslave plays. The lights in the arena dim and the NEW Crassus-tron shows an image of blue skies and a grassy knoll. Suddenly as the song kicks in, the image on the screen fades to a thunderstorm with gray skies. Rain droplets can be heard along with blinding images of lightning. Harbinger walks out onto the rampway and sounds of thunder are heard. Each time there is thunder, the image on the screen sort of shakes. The image goes black. Harbinger points to it and we see a clip of Harbinger defeating Hero last month at Rebirth for the International Title. It then fades to a clip of Tag Team Turmoil to see Strip and Harbinger run though Blackbird and Rival, Genesis and Omen and Hero and Harley all in one night to capture the NEW Tag Titles. The screen goes black. The words “The Storm of change is upon us” appears. It morphs into “From Rebirth to Tag Team Turmoil to Duality, it rages on.”)

Jason: Impressive entrance for Harbinger!

(Harbinger walks past Nightfall and eyeballs her for a second. Harbinger rolls into the ring and takes off the International Title. He does not have his Tag Title belt with him. He hands the IN Belt to Diamond Joe but kisses it before relinquishing it. Blackbird 13 grabs the title to take a quick look. The bell rings.)

Jason: And we’re underway! Duality has been an eventful night so far, and this is the third match left.

Brian: It’s been a borefest so far and I doubt this match will bring us out of it. Duality has induced a coma like state for me.

Jason: Harbinger and Blackbird lock up in a collar and elbow. Blackbird forces Harbinger into the corner. He’s going to give a clean break no wait! He just kneed Harbinger in the gut and followed it up with a wicked chop!

Brian: Harbinger sucking wind and Blackbird whips him into the opposing turnbuckle and knocks him down with a clothesline! Harbinger rolling around and Blackbird drops a few elbows!

SaraAnne: Nightfall is cheering Blackbird on, he stops to acknowledge her! Could be a mistake!

Jason: Blackbird throws Harbinger into the ropes, tries for a clothesline but misses, Harbinger stops in mid-step, turns around as Blackbird is coming off the ropes and connects with a picture perfect standing dropkick!

Brian: I haven’t seen a dropkick like that since…I can’t remember. But there was something familiar about that dropkick.

Jason: Um….okay. Harbinger gives Blackbird a scoop slam. Blackbird on the mat and Harbinger extends Blackbirds arm and connects with a few knee drops on the exposed arm! Harbinger is starting to pick a body part to work on! This has been his M.O. here in NEW so far!

Brian: Blackbird rolls away from Harbinger while holding his arm. He tries to roll out of the ring, he’s going to get DQ’ed but Nightfall stops him from rolling out! Blackbird has a look of shock on his face, I think he forgot the rule about intentionally exiting the ring!

Jason: I don’t think he was trying to get himself DQ’ed either. He stands up, shakes his arm a little bit and shows Harbinger it’s okay. Harbinger smiles and slowly shakes his head. Blackbird lunges at Harbinger! Drop toe hold by Harbinger and Blackbird goes face first into the mat! Blackbird up and Harbinger connects with another standing dropkick!

Brian: Harbinger picks Blackbird up for a suplex but it’s BLOCKED! Blackbird blocked it and reverses it! What elevation by Blackbird! Standing vertical suplex, the blood must be rushing down Harbinger’s bald head! Blackbird holds it a little longer and then leans back and drops the suplex!

Sara Anne: Harbinger trying to get up and Blackbird goes for a right hand BUT PULLS back, that would’ve been a DQ. Blackbird shakes his head, probably thinking to himself how he’s going to remember all of these rules.

Jason: Blackbird kicks Harbinger and throws him into the turnbuckle! Blackbird connects with a few knees to the mid section! Blackbird turns Harbinger around and connects with a few knees to the back! Blackbird goes to knee Harbinger again but Harbinger hits a back elbow and knocks Blackbird down and falls down himself as well!

Brian: Both men on the mat, lying side by side! Neither is moving, why doesn’t Diamond Joe start the ten count?

Jason: Because you can only win this match by submission.

Brian: So this match cannot be a draw?

Jason: That was not one of the rules Harbinger listed, but I’m guessing it was unofficial or Diamond Joe is just using his senior judgment here! Both men up and Harbinger grabs Blackbird and hits a northern lights suplex! He releases it and ties up Blackbird in the ropes.

Brian: What is this going to be? The tarantula!! Harbinger goes outside and locks it in! Blackbird wrapped up and can’t get out of it! Harbinger has it in and here comes Nightfall!

SaraAnne: Nightfall rakes Harbinger across the eyes and he relinquishes the hold! He is folded over on the apron holding his eyes!

Jason: Blackbird rolls Harbinger back into the ring. Blackbird tries for a cover but pulls up realizing he must win by submission. He is starting to lock in a rear chin lock!

Brian: He’s not going to win with that one, and he knows it. He breaks the hold and picks up Harbinger for a running powerslam but Harbinger gets free and locks in a full nelson!

Jason: And he turns it into a suplex! One rolling full nelson suplex! A second one! Can he go for the hat trick?! Harbinger did it!!! Three rolling Full Nelson suplexes!

SaraAnne: Blackbird is not moving and Harbinger is spent! Blackbird has nearly 30lbs on Harbinger! Nightfall tapping the ring, trying to get Blackbird up, but he’s out!

Brian: He’s looked really sluggish and lackluster in this match for the most part! I don’t know what the deal is with him lately, but this match is for the International Title and he needs to crank it up a bit!

Jason: Harbinger slowly gets up. He sets Blackbird up in the corner and runs to the opposite corner, he runs toward Blackbird and OH MY, WHAT ELEVATION, a huge SPLASH to Blackbird! Harbinger connects with Blackbird and then his momentum nearly carries him over the top but he catches himself on the apron!

Brian: I haven’t seen Harbinger move like that in his time here in NEW! Usually he is more methodical!

SaraAnne: Harbinger turns Blackbird over and hops onto the second turnbuckle! Guillotine legdrop to the back of Blackbird!

Jason: Harbinger back onto the second turnbuckle, now a flying elbow to the back of Blackbird! This is the more methodical Harbinger we’ve seen in his short time in NEW!

Brian: Blackbird not really moving too much, he’s holding his back and we just got a close up of his face in much pain and anguish, but he’s not moving around too much!

Jason: DWO is gone, maybe Blackbird doesn’t think he has anything to fight for! The former North Eastern Champion and a man who has many accomplishments in other federations is in bad shape here at Duality!

SaraAnne: Harbinger stands over Blackbird now. I think Harbinger is going to try and finish it here! He kneels down and grabs Blackbird’s arms! He locks in the legs and leans back, surfboard submission! He just rocked back and he’s got the surfboard locked in! This might be it!

Brian: Blackbird is tapping yet, but the foreshadowing is locked in! One has to wonder how long Blackbird can hold out in his weakened state!

Jason: Harbinger releases one of his arms and locks in the dragon sleeper while still keeping the legs and other arm locked in the surfboard, double submission hold known as the Foreshadowing Redux!!! And there it is, Blackbird just tapped!!!!!

Jack Darling: Your winner, and STILL International Champion, Harbinger!!!

Jason: Nightfall rushes to Blackbird and Diamond Joe gets the International Title. Harbinger stands in the center of the ring as Blackbird is hunkered in the corner with Nightfall attending to him!

SaraAnne: Harbinger goes to shake Blackbirds hand but Nightfall blocks him! Diamond Joe hands Harbinger the International Title and Blackbird and Nightfall quickly exit the ring. Harbinger turns back around and they are halfway up the rampway. Harbinger just wanted to shake hands but I don’t know what Blackbird and Nightfall were thinking.

Jason: In any regard, pyro mimicking rain is slowly falling from the top of the arena. What a pretty sight. Harbinger basks in this moment wearing the International Title!

(The New England Crassus-tron lights up as a heavy guitar riff blares across the arena speakers. The NeWA logo flashes across the screen and a Mexican man known as Jesus Rodriguez walks down to ringside.)

Jesus: Hola Amigos..!

(Good crowd reaction.)

Jesus: Some of you will remember me from the NeWA Cruiserweight match were Death Jester defeated Wrec Hannibal.

(Crowd pops.)

Jesus: Well tonight... I bring to you the most coveted prize in wrestling today... I bring to you... The NWA Heavyweight Championship... Of the World..!

(The crowd goes nuts again as Jesus hands over the microphone to Jack Darling. Exiting the ring, Jesus takes a seat at the announcing booth by Jason, Sara, and Brian.)

Jack Darling: Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of the main events for the evening. This contest is scheduled for one fall...introducing first, hailing from Alberta, Canada. Weighing in at 290 pounds, he is the founder of the Horsemen and the current New England Wrestling NorthEastern Champion, he is Thanatos!

(Four Horsemen by Metallica blares and the crowd cheers loud as he saunters through the curtain riding a pale looking Clydesdale and the building reverberates with the cheering of the fans. He pushes the horse forward as the song drives onward. The crowd cheers and the camera pans to see fans wearing the new Thanatos and Horsemen shirts. He continues to trot to ringside until he pulls next to the ring and dismounts onto the edge of the ring apron. He steps through the ropes and stands with him facing the entrance to the ring, waiting for the entrance of his opponent.)

Jason: He's very focused tonight, and he should be with what is at stake... But I got to wonder if he can overcome the beatdown he took earlier at the hands of Brett Logan.

Sara: Very true. But if Thanny does win tonight... It will be a NEW main event at the next alliance Pay Per View when he'd face off against Deadman.

Jason: I wouldn't have the first clue about who to cheer with that match.

Brian: Well don't get ahead of yourself... He has to beat this man first.

(The arena goes completely dark, a white spotlight shines over the entrance. After a few moments, the light begins to strobe.)

("Pompeii" by E.S. Posthumus begins to play as white words begin to show up on the big screen.)

--SIMPLY the best--

--SUPERIOR to all others--

(A very mixed reaction develops within the United Center as the words begin to emanate a blue glow, which encompasses the entire screen as a blast of white pyro goes off on each side of the entrance. The glowing words disappear and Trent Shanahan walks onstage, flanked by his longtime manager Rey "Dirty" Sanchez. The big screen begins to show some of Trent's highlights from this year, with many clips of the Deadman-Trent Shanahan encounter from the 2004 Lou Thesz Tournament.)

(Trent's walks with the poise and measured confidence expected of the world champion. His long, Champagne blonde hair hangs down beyond his shoulders, but is still neat, with nary a strand out of place. He is wearing a long, glittering powder blue ring robe with the words "Simply Superior" written on the back in thin black calligraphy. The robe is open, showing off the NWA World Title, which is strapped tightly around his waist. Trent's tights are Powder Blue accented by black and chrome double helices going down each leg. On the back, the phrase "Simply the Best" is written, one word on top of another, in the same thin black calligraphic writing from the text on his robe.)

(Dirty is dressed to please the crowd: Black shorts with a Chicago Bulls throwback jersey -- Michael Jordan's famous number twenty-three.)

(Shanahan continues to ringside, slapping a few hands along the way, garnering an impressive number of cheers. The white strobe light follows Trent as he walks down the aisle. Blue lights swirl throughout the arena, making the mixed reaction of the frenzied crowd even louder.)

(Trent arrives at ringside, drops the robe and takes a running start, leaping up onto the apron while Dirty moves to Trent's corner. From there, Trent effortlessly hops over the top rope, and drops to one knee as he lands. Trent raises both of his hands into the air as the strobe lights cut out. The blue swirling lights all turn to the ring, focusing on the kneeling grappler. Shortly thereafter, the house lights turn back on. On cue, Trent stands up and moves to his corner.)

Jack Darling: Currently in the ring, hailing from Atlantic City, New Jersey, and Weighing in tonight at 217 pounds: Representing England's Ricochet Wrestling, he is a former regional champion in the BJWC as well as Ricochet Wrestling, the winner of the 2004 Lou Thesz Memorial Tournament, and the defending National Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Champion of the worllllllllllllllllllld... "Simply Superior" TRENNNNNNNNNNNNNT SHANAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNN!

(Trent unstraps the belt climbs to the second rope, and raises the belt high into the air to a thunderous ovation. Trent advances to the top rope, then backflips off. Upon landing, he promptly makes a quick turn and stares across the ring at Thanatos.)

Jason: I don't get what all the hype is about..?

Sara: Thanatos definitely has the height and weight advantage.

Jason: Shanny has the speed advantage but surely he'll need more than that to get by the Horseman.

Brian: I've actually had the privelage of seeing Shanahan wrestle, and I can say that although his speed is impressive, it's his abiltiy to chain wrestle and counter that has made him the Champion he's become.

(The referee rolls into the ring and signals for the bell.)

Sara: We're underway...

(Shanny and Thanatos move out to the center of the ring and non-chalantly slap hands in a show of respect before they start to circle each other as the feeling out process begins.)

Brian: Thanatos drops down to one knee and shoots for a single leg takedown on Trent, but Shanahan dashes back avoiding Thanatos long reach.

(Dodging Thanny's takedown, Shanahan shoots back in at Thanatos but stops short as Thanny jumps up to both feet. Immediately both men start to circle each other again.)

Brian: Shanahan and Thanatos are both still trying to get a feel for the other.

Sara: Neither one of these two want to be the first to make a mistake, this is what we announcers mean when we call wrestling a game of human chess.

(Thanatos charges in, but the much quicker champion sidesteps in the blink of an eye.)

Brian: Thanatos misses with a charge, quick turn by Shanahan, and a SNAP kick to the side of the knee!

(Thanatos pulls his knee back reflexively, and Shanahan takes the opportunity to go low with a missile dropkick to the knee on Thanny's support leg, sending Thanatos crumbling to the canvas.)

Jason: Thanatos goes down thanks to a well-placed kick from Trent Shanahan.

(Thanatos springs back up. Shanahan runs at him, fakes high with a clothesline, but goes low with a baseball slide under Thanny's legs. Trent comes up behind Thanatos, pulling his legs out from under him before standing.)

Brian: Shanahan takes to the air, spins, and comes down on Thanatos with a legdrop across the back of the neck!

Sara: Look at that speed! Trent Shanahan is as quick as any wrestler that has ever laced up a pair of boots!

Jason: A flipping leg drop from the standing position and Shanahan nailed it.

(Shanny slides in for a quick pin but doesn't even get a one count before Thanatos presses him off in a impresses feat of strength.)

Brian: You got to wonder whether Thanatos is a hundred percent after his altercation with Logan. Is Shanny getting Thanatos best tonight...?

(As if to answer that question Thanatos doubles Trent over with a stiff shot to the bread-basket as Shanahan was pulling Thanny to his feet. Gathering his bearings, Thanny takes a couple of steps back before charging in and turning the NWA Champion inside out with a huge lariat.)

Sara: Thanatos just gave Trent Shanahan that clothesline and I think he just knocked his brains loose.

Brian: Get up Trent!

(Shanahan much to everyones surprise groggily rolls to his feet.)

Sara: Thanny looks surprised at how fast Shanny managed to get up from what some would call the most devestating Clothesline in the biz.

(Shaking his head in disbelief, Thanatos lashes out with a kick to mid-section and then hooks Trent around the head setting up for a Suplex.)

Jason: Thanatos has Trent up... And is holding him high and tight while the blood rushes from the champs head.

(Stalling out the Suplex, Thanatos drops Trent straight down with a vicious looking Brainbuster.)

Brian: Thanatos nailed that Brainbuster, and he might be getting his second wind.

Sara: Thanny now pulling Trent to his feet... Front Facelock... Turns him... Hanging Neckbreaker by Thanatos.

Jason: Thanatos now going for a pin attempt.

(The referee slides into position and manages to slap the canvas for a one count before Trent pops a shoulder off the mat.)

Brian: Only a One count... And Shanny is showing he has plenty of fight left in his tank.

(Thanatos makes it to his feet first and helps Trent up only to snag him around the waist as he sets up for a huge Backbreaker.)

Jason: Thanatos lifts Shanahan up for a backbreaker, but Trent wiggles free, contorts his body in midair, and takes Thanatos down with a whirlwind armdrag.

(Shanahan keeps hold of the arm, clasping Thanatos in a short arm scissors.)

Brian: Thanatos quickly powers out of the short arm scissors.

(Before Thanatos can fully stand, Trent kips up, catching Thanatos around the neck with his feet instead of standing, and whips him over with a headscissors takedown.)

Sara: Once again, Trent Shanahan stays one step ahead of Thanatos thanks to his superhuman speed and agility!

(Shanahan reaches his feet before Thanatos, and catches Thanny in a hammerlock before the Horseman can gain his bearings.)

Brian: Shanahan with a hammerlock, but he quickly transitions to a Cobra Clutch!

Jason: I'm not sure about this move... Thanny can easily power his way free before Shanahan can choke him out.

(Shanahan threads his left leg through Thanny's right.)

Jason: Shanahan fires himself backward, taking Thanatos down with him in a Cobra Clutch/Russian Legsweep combo!

Brian: Chain wrestling... I said it before and I'll say it again... Shanny has manouveres planned out three or four moves ahead of time.

(As Brian finishes talking Shanny rolls backwards still tangled up with Thanatos bringing both of them back to there feet with Thanatos still hooked in the Cobra Clutch/Russian Leg Sweep combination.)

Sara: A second modified Russian... NAILED IT... And Shanny going for a pin.



Brian: Shanny Wins..!


Jason: TWO..!

(Thanny jerks his shoulder up at the last possible second... The entire arena goes silent, and then pops as the referee fires two fingers in the air.)

Crowd: (Booming) TWOOOOOOOOOOOO..!

Jason: I knew it... I called that... What action..!

Sara: Shanny's up... And I mean really up... He just leapt to the top rope.

(Shanahan waits and measures Thanatos as he staggers to his feet. As he turns, Shanahan flies from the top rope with a Missile Dropkick.)

Sara: Missile Dropkick...


Brian: Thanny just batted Trent right out of the air... That counter was nothing more than brute strength.

(Trying to catch his breath Thanatos takes a quick leaner on the top rope, while Shanny tries to shake off the cobwebs.)

Brian: I hate to say it... But Thanatos looks in trouble, and you got to know somewhere in the back Brett Logan is smiling, knowing that his actions before this match will have a lot to do with the outcome.

Jason: Don't count Thanatos out yet. He's a Horseman afterall..!

(Shanny spins up to his feet and fires off with a Muay Thai kick. The crowd pops as Thanatos somehow snaps out of his exhausted state and catches the side kick pulling Shanahan in and grasping him around the neck with his free hand.)

Sara: Chokeslam by Thanatos...

(Thanatos lifts up, but Shanahan does a pull up on Thanny's wrist, wraps his legs around his shoulders, and pulls back with an armbar.)

Sara: What in the hell is that move?

Jason: He's dangling off of Thanatos' arm!

(Thanatos falls to his knees, but then summons the strength to stand up, dragging Shanahan over to the corner. Thanatos tries to swing his arm, with Shanahan attached, at the turnbuckle, but Shanahan releases the hold, and lands on the second rope.)

Sara: I've seen gymnasts with less body control than this guy!

Jason: Shanahan jumps off of the second rope, catches Thanatos with a front face lock, and spins around with a Tornado DDT!

Brian: What started out as Thanatos delivering a chokeslam has turned into a Tornado DDT by Trent Shanahan!

(Still in a daze Thanatos stumbles to his feet moving more on instict than anything else. Thanatos swipes wildly at Shanahan, but misses and slumps over, exhausted.)

Sara: Thanatos looks like he's out of gas.

Brian: Shanahan springboards off the middle rope, and picks Thanatos off with a dropkick to the head!

Jason: Trent Shanahan seems to be just as quick as he was in the beginning of the match. He's just not getting tired out there!

(As Thanatos reaches his feet, Shanahan stands sideways, so that his shoulder is in line with Thanny's face.)

Brian: Shanahan throws his foot forward... SAVATE KICK TO THANATOS' CHEST!

(Thanatos falls backward as if he's been shot. He's desperately gasping for air.)

Sara: Trent Shanahan has used that move as a finisher in the past, but he usually connects with his opponent's head or jaw, he just smacked Thanatos dead in the chest.

Jason: He was trying to knock the wind out of him!

Sara: Judging by the hacking and coughing we're hearing from Thanatos, he did a good job.

(With Thanatos bent over gasping for air, Trent grabs Thanny arm and places his leg over Thanatos's head setting up for Elix's Skippers play of the day.)

Brian: Trent going for his finisher... The Superiority Complex..!

Sara: (Slow Motion) It's...

(Trent begins the move getting ready to roll Thanny over.)

Sara: (Slow motion) Over...

(Thanatos counters standing up as he muscles Shanahan up into a Powerbomb position.)

Jason: Counter... Counter... SIT-OUT POWERBOMB by Thanatos...



Sara: We could have a new champion...


Brian: NO Shanahan reaches out with both hands and grabs the bottom rope.

Jason: The referee signals two and points to the ropes.

(Thanatos and Shanny both get up at the same time, but Thanatos manages to get a hold of Shanny using his strength advantage to pull Trent in to a Front Face Lock.)

Jason: Thanatos has Shanny set up... Shot Gun DDT..!

Sara: Both men are down... Both men look spent..!

Brian: Thanny throws an arm over the champ... The ref slides into position...



KICKOUT by Shanahan...

Sara: Thanny looks frustrated what is it going to take to put away Shanahan..?

(Thanatos slaps the mat in frustration and then gets to his feet pulling Shanny up as well.)

Brian: Big Irish Whip by The Horseman... MONSTER SPINEBUSTER... I think he just broke Shanahan..!

Sara: It has to be over...

Jason: After that beatdown... Thanny had to be a huge underdog, and now he's Three seconds away from being the NeWA Heavyweight Champion.



(The crowd goes silent as the referee lowers his hand for the third time.)


Sara: Yessssss... It's over... New champ... New Champ..!

Brian: No... Shanny Popped his shoulder up...

Jason: It was Three...

(All three wrestlers look to the ring and the NEW official.)

(The arena goes silent.)

(You can taste the excitement lingering in the air.)

(The referee raises his hand in the air and gestures...)

(The Crowd explodes.)

Brian: Two...


Sara: This match isn't over...

Jason: What was that... Two and 99/100ths...

(The New Big Screen shows a slow motion replay of the count which proves without a shadow of a doubt that Shanahan actually does manage to jerk his shoulder up milli-seconds before the referee can slap the mat for the third time.)

(Thanny covers his face with both hands clearly frustrated as he removes his hands and looks upwards wondering what he has to do to get the victory here tonight.)

Jason: Thanatos back on his feet... He has to get control of his emotions here... He lifts Shanny up... Another big Irish Whip by Thanny.

(Thanatos fires Shanahan into the ropes, Shanahan rebounds with a high cross body, which Thanatos drops on his stomach to avoid. However, Trent lands on all fours, where he leaps from, as if he was a cat, onto Thanatos. Trent locks on a grounded double chicken wing. Knowing what's coming, Thanatos desperately tries to wiggle free, but is too tired to do so.)

Jason: If Shanahan can steady himself and somersault forward, he'll have the Cattle Mutilation locked in!

(As if on cue, Trent plants the crown of his head in between Thanny's shoulder blades, then somersaults forward into a bridge, completing the Cattle Mutilation.)

Brian: He's got it! Thanatos is trapped in the Cattle Mutiliation!

Sara: You can't imagine the pain that this hold causes.The double chicken wing plys both shoulders backward, while Shanahan's head is pushing them down. The somersault into the bridge is using gravity and Thanny's own weight against him. I'm not sure if Thanatos can escape -- he'll either give up, or both of his shoulders will be popped from their sockets.'

(Thanatos wails in pain, but gives no indication of submission.)

Jason: The pressure of this hold will have an effect on Thanatos' breathing as well, Shanahan's head is bearing right down on the top of his lungs.

(Shanahan cinches in, the unmistakable sound of bone popping can be heard, but one cannot tell if a shoulder has dislocated, or if it was a simple crack, no different than the cracking of a knuckle.)

Brian: Thanatos has to soon start thinking of living to fight another day.

(The free camera zooms in tight on Thanny's hands, pinned back in the double chicken wing.)



(...TAPS OUT!!!)

Sara: It's over! Thanatos is frantically tapping!

Jack Darling: The winner of this match, and still NeWA Heavyweight Champion of the world... Simply Superior Trent Shanahan..!

(The crowd begins to buzz as somebody appears at the top of the entrance way.)

Brian: Who's that..?

Jason: I think... Yes it's the Deadman..!

(Deadman emerges from the backstage area and applauds the NeWA World Heavyweight Champion with slow, and calculated claps. The champion turns his head towards the entrance way and points at Deadman who begins to nod slowly with a smirk. He points back at the champion and backs up, disappearing behind the curtain once again.)

Jason: Oh man... It's gonna be these two individuals squaring off at NeWA's Wrestle Classic! It's gonna be great!

Brian: I can't wait...

Jack Darling: The following contest is for the N-E-W Heavyweight Championship, it will be one fall, with a sixty-minute time limit. Coming to the ring first, the challenger … from Las Vegas, Nevada, by way of Patriot County, Kentucky ….. THE STRIIIIIIIIIP

(MC Hammer's "Do Not Pass Me By" starts to play as a choir, in full robes, lines the rampway, clapping and singing. Hammer takes a spot in the center of the ramp as his dancers fill the ramp. All on the stage are in white.

The crowd parts as STRIP appears in the middle of it, wearing a full-length green and white robe.)

Jason: Wow, what an entrance by STRIP! Some of the crowd is actually starting to smile.

Brian: ~yeah~ MC Hammer is coooool.

(STRIP continues down the ramp, as Hammer, the dancers and the choir continue to perform on the stage. He steps through the ropes and takes off his robe and NEW Tag Title belt and hands them to the timekeeper. He begins to stretch.)

Sara: STRIP isn't smiling like he usually does.

Brian: Not many people are smiling today.

Jack Darling: And his opponent… from Toronto, Ontario, Canada……

("Death Blooms" begins to play as a long path of smoke relieved by a hint of midnight blue prolongs down the ramp. Deadman emerges from behind the curtain as he slowly walks towards the ring.)

Jack Darling: He is the N.E.W. Heavyweight Champion…… DEADMAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!

(Ignoring the boos, he stops in front of the squared circle, and looks up at the house lights, before walking up the ring steps and over the top rope. Deadman positions himself in the center of the ring and instantaneously shoots his arms up from his sides as a bang causes the lights to turn on.)

Jason: This crowd is violently against Deadman tonight, and who can blame them? Slavery was outlawed in this country for a reason, it demoralizes and destroys a man, and if Deadman likes that, then he should be booed STRAIGHT into Hell!!!

Brian: We've got a match to call here Barret, no time to listen to you moralize.

Jason: The bell hasn't rung yet, but there's a staredown in the middle of the ring, Diamond Joe is pushing them apart.

Brian: Just ring the damn bell so they can fight, Joe.

(The bell rings)

Sara: Finally.

(Deadman arches his back and clenches his fists)

Jason: and - we're off! Strip is bouncing around as Deadman is trying to close on him.

Brian: It'll be hard for Strip to bounce away from those long arms for too long. He's got to make contact eventually.

Jason: Strip shoots at Deadman, Deadman grabs his arm - an excellent arm drag by Strip, Deadman on his back, rolling back up.

(Deadman clenches his jaw)

Jason: Strip and Deadman circle again, Strip keeping close eye on the big man. The two lock up, Deadman with a massive headlock on Strip – he's wrenching it in.

Sara: But Strip leans back and shoots Deadman into the ropes – CLOTHESLINE by Deadman.

Jason: Strip tries to shake it off as he gets up, Deadman glaring at him. Strip, off the ropes – bodyblock by Deadman, Strip falls again. But he's up, unrelenting.

Brian: Strip isn't going to out-power the D to the Man.

Jason: Strip, up again, circling – Deadman slaps his chest as a challenge to Strip. Strip nods his head .. off the ropes again – flying bodyblock! Deadman catches him, turns him for the slam – RIGHT DOWN on his back. Strip is hurting.

Brian: Of course he's hurting, he's facing the NEW Champion, he's facing the man who has held this title like it was his child.

Jason: Side headlock by Deadman, he's really working to wear down this energetic challenger.

Sara: Is it just me, or does he seem to be more ferocious tonight?

Jason: Strip struggling to free himself, he slaps at Deadman's face, to but to no avail. Oh, both are starting to get up, Deadman still locked like a pitbull on Strip's head. Strip trying to break free – he's getting into position for a side suplex … No!

Brian: Of course, NO, did you expect Strip to be able to get Deadman up for that?

Jason: Strip slips out of the headlock and backs away.

Sara: Deadman can't find him, but now he does – Strip's got that old grin as he straightens his white trunks.

(Deadman grins a wide grin and sticks his hand high into the air, pointing at it, daring Strip to take it.)

Sara: Don't do it Strip!

Strip rubs his chin and flexes, then reaches up with both hands.

Jason: Deadman and Strip – oh, Strip is overpowered, he's crumbling to his knees – Strip falls back, and Monkey flips Deadman into the corner.

Brian: Deadman looks furious.

Jason: Clothesline by Deadman – Strip almost flipped – Deadman for the pin.




Brian: Deadman pulls that punk up by the hair – he's readying for the chokeslam.

Sara: No, Strip twists away , he's got Deadman in a Fujiwara armbar.

Jason: Deadman to the ropes, Strip breaks the hold. Deadman up, he looks a bit lost.

Brian: Lost, nothing. The only thing lost tonight is Joey Rival's soul – Deadman knows exactly what he is doing.

Sara: ~sob~ I can't do this right now.

Jason: Sara?

Brian: Let her go cry to Clarkson.

Jason: Deadman catches Strip's kick – clothesline!

Brian: I hope Strip's been doing those bridges!

Jason: Deadman is all over Strip, with a reverse chinlock. Diamond Joe is asking Strip if he gives up.

Brian: What an idiot Diamond is, Strip can't answer, but we know he wants to.

Jason: Deadman is sitting on Strip's back, now, this is practically a camel clutch.

Brian: Well, if he won't give up. let him be crippled.

Jason: Deadman breaks the hold …

Brian: Lucky for Strip

Jason: Strip looks tired as Deadman pulls him up by his hair and locks his head between those giant knees.

Brian: Here comes the POWERBOMB!

Jason: Deadman released Strip at the height of that move. He's covering him.



Foot on the rope by Strip!

Brian: How the hell?

Jason: Deadman thinks that should have been it. He's arguing with Diamond Joe, pointing at himself, remindimg Joe that he is a Horseman.

Brian: That's right!

Jason: Strip from behind – SCHOOLBOY!

Brian: What?!!

Jason: 1 count and Deadman kicks out.

Brian: That sneaky Strip has NO honor.

Jason: Deadman is back up, kicking the ropes, yelling at Joe again.

Brian: Joe needs a good butt whipping, you don't contribute to some sneak attack by counting the pin.

Jason: Deadman rushes at Strip like a mad bull, Strip sidesteps him. Deadman again, Strip again, out of the way. Deadman looks like MadMan

Brian: Just wait till he hears you running him down, he'll be mad and I'll be glad not to be you.

Jason: Deadman makes another charge – Fireman's carry by Strip, into an arm bar, into a chicken wing. Now Strip is straddling Deadman's back and applying pressure, a one armed man can't do a full-nelson slam.

Brian: rrrg

Jason: He's pushing up harder – Strip's telling Joe to ask Deadman if he quits.

Brian: Of course he won't

Jason: I don't think he will either, but it's good psychologically, makes one feel weak.

Brian: This isn't Northwestern, this is professional wrestling, and I'm telling you that – Oh, look, Deadman's getting up.

Jason: Indeed he is, with Strip on his back like a piggy back ride. He falls back into the corner. Strip is stunned, Deadman smacking his arm to try to get the blood back and …

Brian: Deadman moves in on Strip – left hand, left hand, left hand. Strip stumbles out of the corner – Deadman ..

Jason: Deadman misses getting the chokeslam, he's only got one arm right now. Elbow to Strip's face

Brian: Just like Karl Malone!

Jason: One-armed whip to the ropes by Deadman – bodyblock – Strip is down. Deadman with an elbow drop to Strip's face – he's grinding that elbow into Strip's throat. Joe calls for the break – Deadman breaks, then Right back to the throat – grinding his elbow – Strip's struggling, Joe is counting to break the hold. Deadman grins at Joe.

Brian: Now Deadman, using that elbow again, grinding it into Strip's spine, pulling Strip's chin with his free hand. Now three quick strikes to the back of Strip's head. Strip's nose is bleeding.

Jason: This is what Deadman is best at, torturing an opponent.

Brian: This is going to be worse than Abu Grahib – no underwear on the head here.

Jason: Strip is down, Deadman is up, looks like he's deciding what to do. Strip starts to stir, Deadman .. on him again. He's twisting Strip like a pretzel, what is that hold called?

Brian: It's called pain Jason.

Jason: Strip is screaming out, but he's not quitting.

Brian: I think that Arrrrrgh Awwww is Himalayan for "I Quit"

Jason: SOMEHOW, Strip reached the bottom rope with his free hand. I don't understand how, but he did.

Brian: What? Joe must have pulled the rope closer!

Jason: Strip puls himself out of the ring, he looks terrible, blood from his nose and mouth, bent over like an old man.

Brian: Fighting Deadman will shorten your life .. just ask Joey Ri …

Jason: If you say his name again, I'll kill you where you stand.

Brian: Hey, ok.

Jason: Strip outside the ring, Diamond Joe's count is up to … UNHOLY NIGHT – Deadman over the top rope, and he MISSED!

Brian: …

Jason: Strip looks shocked – Diamond Joe starts the count again. Strip rolls into the ring, still feeling the effects of Deadman's assault. Deadman is slow getting up


(Strip starts to bounce on the balls of his feet)


(Deadman rolls back into the ring, with an exaggerated limp)

Jason: Strip delivers a dropkick to Deadman, taking him off his feet. Deadman is getting up, Strip is there to meet him with a European Uppercut. Deadman, shot off the ropes, BELLY to BELLY SUPLEX by Strip! Strip with the cover.




Brian: Of course there was a kickout – GET UP DEADMAN!

Jason: Strip to the second rope – Elbow Drop to Deadman's throat. Strip up, off the ropes Leg Drop across Deadman's throat. Diamond Joe with the pin count.



Brian: KICKOUT! He can't beat the Horsemen!

Jason: Strip pulls Deadman up, hooks him for a suplex – he can't quite get him up …

Brian: Deadman with the reversal, he's got Strip up high, holding him, letting the blood run to his head – and DOWN, stomach first across the top rope.

Jason: Strip gasping for air – Deadman to the top rope in the corner – Legdrop across Strip's neck. Deadman for the pin. Nooo, Strip grabs the bottom rope.

Brian: Just take the pin like a man!

Jason: Strip is trying to pull himself under the top rope, Deadman grabs the back of his head, pulling his throat against the bottom of the bottom rope, choking him. Diamond Joe calling for the break. Deadman breaks.

Brian: Strip's not moving much except to clutch, his wittle froat.

Jason: Deadman has Strip's feet in his hands, SLINGSHOT STRIP's THROAT AGAINST THE BOTTOM ROPES! He's got his feet hooked under Strip's back as he leans back, he's crushing his throat.

Brian: YOU KNOW!

Jason: Diamond Joe breaks it. He's warning Deadman. Meanwhile, Strip rolls out of the ring, he's looking up at Deadman and … Deadman stops. Diamond Joe starts to count.



(Strip grabs a drink from a fan in a "RIVAL III" shirt.)


(Strip walks around the ring, away from Deadman as Deadman glares at the fan)


(Strip rolls back into the ring opposite Deadman, who is still glaring at the fan)

Brian: What the?

Jason: Deadman turns to face The Strip. He's breathing hard, looks like he's thinking.

Brian: Strip better be grateful that Deadman can think, or he'd be getting hurt right now.

Jason: Both men are looking a bittired here.

Brian: Yeah, Deadman tired of kicking Strip's ass.

Jason: Strip is moving across the ring towards Deadman, who hasn't moved – They lock up, Deadman goes behind Strip. German suplex! GERMAN suplex! GERMAN SUPLEX! He goes for the pin.



Brian: That was three, I heard three!

Jason: Strip rolls away, Deadman breathing heavily, looking at Joe in disbelief.

Brian: Just stay down STRIPPER!

Jason: Strip is up, he grabs Deadman, whips him into the ropes, goes for a clothesline – Deadman ducks, He hooks the Full Nelson – no, Strip tries to sit out, he's pulling Deadman over the top of him – Deadman doesn't let go, he pulls Strip over and Strip lands hard on his tailbone, still in that full nelson!

Brian: Go Dead!

Jason: Both men are very still, Deadman starts to shake his arms, pushing harder against Strip's neck. The full nelson was long used as a submission in this sport, it looks like it's making a comeback.

Brian: Strip won't get out of this. Diamond Joe is asking him and checking his arm.

Jason: Strip is rocking back and forth, deadman can't keep him still. Deadman is stronger and bigger, but Deadman is off his feet now.

Brian: Hold him Deadman!

Jason: Strip is trying to get his feet underneath him – he pushes back hard, both men fall backwards, Deadman with that Full Nelson still locked in. Diamond Joe is counting – Strip lifts his shoulder.


Deadman lifts his shoulder – but he had to release the full nelson to do that!

Brian: Dammit!

Jason: Deadman, on his hands and knees, getting up – STRIP behind Deadman, he grabs Deadman's wrist and pulls it across his body, Deadman falls flat. OH … Strip still has hold of Deadman's arm – he's got a mounted Cobra Clutch on Deadman.

Brian: That's a choke. A CHOKE!

Jason: Deadman on his stomach, no leverage, could this be the end?

Brian: I don't hear your wife singing yet.

Jason: Deadman is grabbing at the mat, trying to get up. Strip lets go – He rolls Deadman – crucifix pin attempt




Jason: Strip up! He kicks Deadman's hand and hooks the chicken wing again. He's wrapping his legs around Deadman.

Brian: Deadman grabs the ropes again – Strip isn't letting go – DQ him JOE!

Jason: Strip breaks the hold

Brian: Not soon enough for me.

Jason: Strip drops an elbow on Deadman's arm and hooks his legs around it. He's trying to break it at the elbow. Deadman is in obvious pain.

Brian: But he's getting up. Strip lets go of the arm and grabs Deadman's leg.

Jason: Deadman down, Strip with the spinning toehold on the champ. Deadman is leaning back.


He brings his shoulder up form a quick count by Diamond Joe.

Brian: Why's he counting? Deadman's just trying to get up.

Jason: Strip is twisting Deadman's leg hard around his own. Deadman kicks at Strip, catches him in the stomach. Strip releases the hold, leaning forward WHOOA!!!

Brian: Deadman launches Strip across the ring with that free leg. Strip crashes hard against the turnbuckles – Strip was airborne, AIRBORNE I SAY!

Jason: Deadman rolls over and gets up, obviously trying to ignore the pain in his leg.

Brian: So he doesn't have to ignore the pain in his a …

Jason: Strip comes at Deadman, he's caught in Deadman's hand – thrown by the throat into the corner. Deadman's got STRIP in the corner – CLOTHESLINE!! Strip stumbling forward into a BIG BOOT!!! Strip is down! Deadman reaches down with that big hand – he has Strip up for the chokeslam – OHHHHH OVER THE TOP ROPE AND THROUGH A TABLE!!!!

Brian: Good for Strip that table broke his fall.

Jason: The ref is counting Strip out.



(Deadman glares at the crowd then stares up at the scoreboard.)


(A Wendy's sign appears.)


(A pained _expression crosses Deadman's face, then a scowl.)


Jason: Deadman explodes over the top rope landing on Strip this time, he grabs the recovering Strip and throws him into the ring.

Brian: Looks like Deadman has a second wind.

Jason: He whips STRIP to the ropes – BIG BOOT – no, HE MISSES! Strip MIRACULOUSLY with a clothesline to the back of Deadman's head. DEADMAN IS DOWN, DEADMAN IS DOWN!

(Strip straddles Deadman's back and hooks his neck)

DRAGON SLEEPER – Strip has it locked in!!!

Brian: C'mon Deadite!

(The crowd starts to murmur with anticipation as the long-standing NEW Champion lies, prone, while his neck is wrenched backwards)

Jason: That's gotta be tough, considering Deadman's size. Strip's grip slipped! Deadman is starting to get up.

(Strip struggles to get the grip back on Deadman's neck, by the time he does …)

Jason: Deadman is standing, with Strip across his shoulder, Strip's arm around Deadman's neck. Deadman can't keep his balance.

(Deadman bounces off the top rope with his stomach, trying to shake Strip)

Brian: Deadman – No, he's falling backwards – Strip still locked in, he drops Deadman's neck across his knee from behind– THE STARDUST NECKBREAKER!!!

Jason: Deadman's barely moving.

(Diamond Joe counts as Strip throws himself across Deadman)



Brian: Kickout by Deadman!!!! Strip can't believe it, he looks shocked, he hooks Deadman's leg and neck with his hands.



Brian: Kickout by Deadman!!!

Jason: No, it was too late, referee Diamond Joe is calling for the bell.

(The crowd begins to clap, slowly building to a roar, with people on their feet. Strip stumbles around the ring, till he gets his footing, leaning against the ropes in the corner. referee Diamond Joe presents Strip the NEW Championship belt and raises his hand.)

Jack Darling: This match ends with a time of 44 minutes and 18 seconds, with the winner, your neeeeeeew NEW Heavyweight Champion, THE STRIP!

(Strip waves for something and a cell phone flies into the ring. He opens it and starts to make a phone call. )

(In the other corner, Deadman has made his way to his feet. He stares at the turnbuckle, but it is apparent that he is looking somewhere else. )

(With a microphone in his face, you can hear Strip say, "Peter, this was for you man." )

(Suddenly, a large hand falls upon Strip's shoulder – the ring quickly clears of everyone but the two. Strip and Deadman stand, staring at one another, the tension thick in the ring. )

(Slowly, Deadman's open hand comes forward – Strip looks at it a moment, then looks into Deadman's face and shakes his hand.)

(The announcers are silent. )

(The giant's hand stops moving and his head tilts downward, eyes closed, face wet. Strip does the same.)

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