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Make sure you read the rules before filling out this application.

...REMEMBER... Take your time, information entered here is exactly how it will appear on your bio.....

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Wrestling Style:

Apperance (Be as descriptive as possible):

Please list 10 moves your wrestler is likely to use in a match, include any signature moves:

Finisher Name:

Description of Finisher:

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Managers Apperance:

Will your manager interfere?

If So, How?

Entrance Music:

Ring Entrance - To be written out as you wish it to appear on cards.

Title History:

Wrestlers History:

Anything Else?

Sample Roleplay - Show us your stuff! All applications MUST have a sample roleplay unless previous arrangements are made...

Have you read the Rules in their entirety and agree to follow them? You will also be responsible for following all deadlines.
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