Welcome to Writings on the Wall. This page contains any writings except for fan fics and poems. You'll find songs, stories, essays and other junk I managed to put together...enjoy!

The New Concept


Parental Advisory Explicit Content: I wrote this some time ago. Itís crap.
Je t'aime moi non plus exposť It's in English don't worry. I analysed a song. It's baaad. I have to edit it when I have time am less lazy.

~ Re-written Lyrics~

New Boobs ~ Initially by NOFX, I rewrote the lyrics for Psycho
Fun Things to Fuck (If you're a loser) ~ Fun Things to Fuck (If you're a winner) by NOFX. I wrote this cos I was bored.
Perfect Hair ~ The Party Song by Blink182. I wrote this for An because of her ::cough:: hair...I had to say sorry or sth.
Complicated ~ By Avril Lavigne. I chose that song because I think it's the most hypocritical song *ever*.
Sunshine ~ By Wheatus, wrote this about someone I know...can't give names, LOL.
Oops I Did It Again ~ By Britney Spears. She needs a life.

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