be my valentine

Philosophy of Love


I believe in love at first sight (show me your bungalow)

I believe that love is blind (I don’t have to look at your potato face)

I believe that age does not matter (the faster you die the better)

I believe that love brings happiness (depending on your bank account)

I believe in true love (what’s yours is mine)

I believe that love knows no boundaries (great shopping deals in Asia)




This page is made up of silly, funny, serious, sad, ironic writings about love and valentine’s day. I have chosen a mixture of different types of works, there are love songs in here, they’re just not typical love songs you hear on the radio everyday. The only typical writing in here is of my views about love.


:::Written Especially for this Page:::

**Roses Have Thorns**

(In order of reception, except for mine)

When I first met you by Blakette

When I fall in love by Blakette

Letter to Skye by Kathryn

V-Day Motto by 614

Cupid is Dead by Cher

A New Shift by Josh Parton

Roses are not necessarily red by Skye

To Wife, Love Husband by Skye

Love is blind as far as the brain can’t see by Skye



:::Various Love Poems:::

The Clod and the Pebble by W. Blake

Never Seek to Tell Thy Love by W. Blake

You can learn a lot from heartache and you will by Ernie Morrison

You’ve broken my heart by Ernie Morrison

Love by Kathyrn

Coward by Skye

The Blues by Skye

Love is All Around by Blakette

Zorges by Skye

:::Love Songs?:::

*Valentine’s Day* by Marilyn Manson

*Coma Black* by Marilyn Manson

*Road Signs and Rock Songs* by The Ataris

*Falling in Love* by NOFX

*Monosyllabic Girl* by NOFX

*Every you, Every me* by Placebo

*Je t'aime moi non plus* by Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin


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