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Welcome to Neopolitan Online!

Finally, because you told us to!

When we asked our readers if we should bring Neopolitan to the WWW, the response was incredible! Men from all over the world overwelmingly told us, "Why not? You some kind of dumbass or something?" So here we are, with our first ever online edition of Neopolitan.

Now don't expect anything different. Neopolitan is still your home for trying to figure out chicks, dames, broads, and women in general. And Neo is still 100% free of articles on French Cinema, fine wines, and other crap real guys don't bother with.

So has anything changed? You bet! Now you can submit requests and suggestions for articles, instead of waiting for our crack team of writers to come up with some crap. You still have to answer to his Lordship the NeoEditor (Ed: cut the jokes and fetch my meal, jackass).

As always, we are taking your questions for our Sex & Dating Q&A and delivering that oh-so-helpful advice, and we've got a new Alcohol Spotlight. See, not much has changed!

Except now that we're webdesigners, we get geek babes.

Are you a True Fan?
Just how much do you love your sports teams?

Take this quiz to find out. (Ed: we're still working on this one, so give a few weeks to sober up enough to write it).

Featured Xtra-Special Link
You have got to check out Oh The Humanity!.

A site dedicated to the bad movies we love to force on our girlfriends. Go find new films to torture her with, 'cause you know it's only a matter of time before she wants you to help redecorate something.

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