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Hello!  We are Nellis and Debra Domenici.  Thank you for visiting our Home Page.  We hope you enjoy it and each of our pages that we have here.  I have had a lot of fun putting together these web pages for our family and friends to stay in touch with us, and to see what we are up to, since we live so far away from all of them.  This will also be a fun place for new friends, or those that we are reuniting with, to get to know us.  We hope that you enjoy this site and come back often as we will be updating these pages frequently.
Please check out our other pages:
Our Meeting and Wedding
Our Accident
Our Lives Now
Nellis' Page
Nellis' Health Issues Page
Debra's Page
Debra's Health Issues Page
Debra's Endometriosis Page
Debra's Infertility Page
Our Experience with Endometriosis and Infertility
Our Pets
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