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HWF (Hardcore later Heatwave Wrestling Fed.)

Battle Clash 4/28/01 (Seekonk,Ma.) Lou Albano (2:37:30)

Ringwars II 9/29/01 (Seekonk,Ma.) Snuka,Samu,etc. (2:27:30)

Thanksgiving Meltdown II 11/30/01 (Seekonk,Ma.) Missy Hyatt (2:20:00)

HWF matchlistings

PCW (Primal Conflict Wrestling)

Body Count 4/18/01 (Johnston,RI.) Tommy Dreamer, Bilvis Westley & the fire incident ,Nuts!!!

Set In Stone 7/8/01 (Woburn,Ma.) Fujita,SAT's,Red,Z Barr,Brian XL,Quiet Storm,Etc.

No Remorse 8/4/01 (Billerica,Ma.) CZW's Softcore Connection, Ruckus, Highlight kid & a crazy brawl with Balls Mahoney

Back N Jack 10/4/02 (S. Attleboro, Ma.) New Jack goes nuts with wine bottles, Z Barr, Ruckus, Ortiz & more.

Other PCW tapes
NOTE:the vq on these are good but not from 8mm masters like the ones i taped

Like 15 hours of early 2000 PCW/NEWA tv

Stop The Mayhem (Johnston,RI.) 4/28/00

Return To Wonderland 9/8/00 (Revere,Ma.)

November Dismember 11/19/00 (Johnston,RI.)

Primalmania 12/1/00 (Revere,Ma.) Kronus,Pitbulls,etc.

Best of Primal 2000 (PCW tv)

Xtreme Xecution 1/21/01 (Johnston,RI.) Sandman,New Jack,Etc.

PCW on "The Wrestling Scene 2/19/01

Brutal Beatings 3/2/01 (uncut) Wakefield,Ma. New Jack, Kronus, Dreamer, Balls, Belvis,etc.

Masks of Crimson (with mini shoots)

Brutal Beatings tv 3/01?

Body Count (tv version)

PCW matchlistings

UCW (Ultimate Championship Wrestling)

1/12/02 (Attleboro,Ma.)

2/17/02 (Raynham,Ma.)

3/10/02 (Bridgewater,Ma.)

4/28/02 (Raynhem,Ma.)

5/25/02 (Attleboro,Ma.)

6/7/03 (Taunton, Ma.)

UCW matchlistings

NEWA (New England Wrestling Alliance)

Roccos Revenge: Carnival of Carnage 5/12/01 (East Providence,RI.)

Back To Redemption Tour 2/15/03 (Quincy, MA)

Back To Redemption Tour 3/1/03 (Attleboro, Ma)

Begin The Mayhem Tour 3/29/03 (Quincy, Ma)

Begin The Mayhem Tour 4/19/03 (Lowell, Ma)

Violence Is A Virtue Tour 5/17/03 (Quincy, Ma)

"V" is for Virtue 5/31/03 (N. Attleboro, Ma.)

Payback 6/21/03 (N. Attleboro, Ma.)

Elimination Avoidance 7/12/03 (N. Attleboro, Ma.)

Elimination Tour 7/19/03 (Quincy, Ma.)

Bring It On 8/16/03 (N. Attleboro, Ma.)

Bring It On 8/22/03 (Quincy, Ma.)

other NEWA
NOTE: same as pcw

Like 15 hours of PCW/NEWA tv from early 2000

NEWA matchlistings

WCWA-NE (World Class Wrestling Ass.)

WCWA-NE 2/2/02 (Seekonk,Ma.) 2:31:00

WCWA-NE matchlistings

NCW (Northeast Champ. Wrest.)

Silence the Violence IV 2/9/02 (Bristol,RI.)

Wrestlefest III 5/18/02 (Bristol,RI.)

Aftermath 6/9/02 (Natick,Ma.)

NCW matchlistings

P3 Pro

Summerfest V 8/16/01 (Providence,RI.) Puerto Rician Festival

Headlocks For Humanity 11/18/01 (Somerville,Ma.)
2 tape set-$15

P3 Pro matchlistings

CMW (Crimson Mask Wrestling)

Debut Show 1/10/03 (Watertown, MA.)

CMW Matchlistings

APCW (Action Packed Championship Wrestling) &
NGW (New Generation Wrestling)

Maximum Impulse House of Horror 7/26/03 (Seekonk, MA,)

NGW Matchlistings


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