Carnival of Carnage: Rocco's Revenge 5/12/01 (E. Providence,RI.)

1. KIAS Doctor & Quentin Michaels Int. with Rocco

2. Dave Donnavan & Steve Stallion vs. Greg Drago & Robby Cage (That Guy)

3. Quintin Michaels Int.

4. Shawn Tayzer vs. Kevin Karizma (Title Tourn.) Jose Perez is ref.

5. Masked guy jumps security gaurd

6. Angel vs. Blackout (for light heavy title) Blackout turns on & jumps Juice before match

7. Quentin Michaels with Brian Cairo Int.

8. Vertabreaker vs. Jason Chaos (title tourn.)

9. P.R. Kid vs. Nemesis (title tourn.) ref. Jose Perez jumps Nemesis

10. KAIS Doctor vs. Quentin Michaels (for Commishionership)

11. Tiger Kahn vs. Dallas Austin (title tourn.) Rocco's ref.

12. Lowlife & Felony (champs) vs. Dante & Dana Cama (for tag titles) loser leaves town,Dangerboy Alfrado is ref.

13. Jason Chaos vs. Shawn Tayzer (title tourn.)

14. Dallas Austin vs. P.R. Kid (title tourn.) Verte & Chaos brawl

15. Nemesis vs. Jose Perez (Jose's thumb bleeds from hubcap)

16. Vertabreaker vs. Jason Chaos vs. Kevin Karizma vs. Dallas Austin (title tourn. finals (who ever makes pins wins title)

17. Battle Royal

Back to Redemption 2/15/03
(Quincy, MA)

1. Scotty P. vs Gooey B. ?

2. Angel (Champ) vs J. Black (for jr hvy title) after match Black steals belt

3. Brian Cairo & Jason Chaos int.

4. Jason Chaos (champ) vs "Bruiser" John Phear (for title)

5. Paul Lombardi & Bobby Biggens int.

6. Bobby Biggens vs The Zycho's (handi cap match)

7. All Money iz Legal vs Techno Heat & Devious (after match the score debuts & jumps them all)

8. GPA & The Score int.

9. Woody McGraw (champ) vs Lowlife (for TV title)

10. Paul Lombardi & Ryan Drew int.

11. Mike Benoit vs Ryan Drew ?

12. "The Duke of Dorcester" Pete Dorhety on Damien Darksides "Dungeon Pit" with Money & Gino Falcone

13. Quinton Michaels int. (security tries to make him leave ring & they end up brawling till John Phear comes in & kicks the security guard in face & bloodies his nose)

14. The Mighty Mini Int.

15. The Mighty Mini vs Billy Kryponite

16. Twisted Latin Souls vs Gino Falcone & Bad News (for tag titles) Pete Dorehity is spec ref

17. NEWA Classic Battle Royal

18. Brian Cairo & Jason Chaos int.

19. Wrecka vs Jason Chaos

20. John Phear (champ) vs Brutus Beefcake (for title) after match Brutus cuts Cairo's hair

Back to Redemption Tour 3/1/03
(Attleboro, Ma)

1. NEI exclusive video

2. Zack the ref/Damien Darkside promo (NEI exclusive)

3. Keith "Dr. Pain" Mancini & all those lost in Rhode Island night club fire tribute with all wrestlers at ringside

4. Bad News & Guido Falcone promo (NEI exclusive)

5. Bad News & Gino Falcone vs Twysted Latin Souls

6. Damien Darkside, Bad News & Gino int.

7. Lowlife & ref. Todd "Fatpants" promo (NEI exclusive)

8. I.Q. (Irwin Quincy of the score) vs Brian Fierce

9. GPA & Score int. (He runs down Jose Perez, who's in the crowd & Jose jumps in the ring)

10. Jose Perez vs GED of the score (after match score jumps Jose)

11. Mike Benoit & Lowlife outside (NEI exclusive)

12. Lowlife (champ) vs Mike Benoit (for TV title)

13. Brian Cairo promo (NEI exclusive)

14. MCAS & SAT of the score vs Hardcore Maffia

15. The Score promo from "Harvard" (NEI exclusive)

16. Brian Cairo int.

17. Jason Chaos vs Ocho the luchadore (Squash)

18. Mighty Mimi promo (NEI exclusive)

19. Brian Cairo int (he puts a $1,000 bounty on John Phear)

20. NEWA classic battle royal (Phear throws a chair at me after the match)

21. Luchianos & Dana Cama vs Blade Bishop, John "the painter" Lowe & Jimmie Beane

22. John "The Bruiser" Phear promo (NEI exclusive)

23. Mighty Mini int.

24. Mighty Mini vs Billy Kryptonite (2/3 falls)

25. Billy Kryptonite promo (NEI exclusive)

Begin The Mayhem Tour 3/29/03
(Quincy, Ma)

1. Show recap video (NEI exclusive)

2. Damien Darkside & Michelle the babysitter promo (NEI exclusive)

3. National Anthem

4. Mcas & SAT (of the Score) vs The Freaks of Nature (mad jester & Relic)

5. Mighty Mini promo (NEI exclusive)

6. Gooey B. vs Scotty Cairo (Kid X interferes)

7. Lowlife promo (NEI exclusive)

8. Mighty Mini & Duke of Dorcester Pete Dorhety int.

9. Mike Benoit promo (NEI exclusive)

10. Lowlife (champ) vs Mike Benoit (for TV title)

11. Billy Kryptonite, Mike Benoit & Score int.

12. Mike Benoit (champ) vs Billy Kryptonite (for TV title)

13. Brian Cairo & Jason Chaos promo (NEI exclusive)

14. Ocho vs Army of 1

15. Twizted Latin Soulz promo (NEI exclusive)

16. Brian Cairo int with Quintin Michaels (Dana Cama "jumped" in the back)

17. Bad News & Gino Falcone (champs) vs Twizted Latin Soulz (for tag titles) after match Score Jumps TLS, cut a promo then Jose Perez & Kevin Karizma run in from front door & jump Score

18. Jose Perez & Kevin Karizma vs IQ & GED (of the Score) if Jose loses says he'll "quit", turn into a brawl with Score, TLS & 2 old guys from crowd getting invovled

19. The Family (Tony Ciani & Vinny Guiliani) vs Eddy Edwards & DC Dillinger (with Nikki Roxx)

20. Damien Darkside, Michelle the babysitter & Brian Cairo promo (NEI exclusive)

21. Might Mini vs "Pistol" Pete Mulloy (Pete Dorhety is Sp. Ref) Duke KO's Mini after match

22. "Proud to be a American" Tribute

23. Brian Cairo & Damien Darkside int

24. John "The Bruiser" Phear vs Damien Darkside & Jason Chaos (handicap, lumberjack match)

Begin The Mayhem Tour 4/19/03
(Lowell, Ma)

1. Video (NEI exclusive)

2. Quintin Michaels promo (NEI exclusive)

3. National Anthem

4. Camp Cairo with Bad News & Gino Falcone Int.with Quintin Michaels

5. John "The Painter" Lowe & Jimmie Beane promo (NEI exclusive)

6. John "the painter" Lowe & Jimmie Beane (New Evolution) vs Freaks of Nature (Relic & Mad Jester)

7. Gino Falcone vs Lowlife

8. Score promo (NEI exclusive)

9. One Man Army vs Eclypes

10. Damian Darkside & Brian Cairo promo (NEI exclusive)

11. Score int

12. Twysted Latin Soulz (champs) vs Score (Mcas & SAT) for tag titles (Harvard rules match)

13. John Phear (in woods) promo (NEI exclusive)

14. Bad News promo (NEI exclusive)

15. John "Bruiser" Phear & Quintin Michaels vs Damian Darkside & Brian Cairo (divorce on a pole match) Bad News comes out & brawls with Phear

16. John Phear & Bad News (outside) promo (NEI exclusive)

17. Camp Cairo int.

18. Brutus Beefcake (champ) vs Bad News (for title) after match Phear jumps Bad News

19. Legion Cage promo (NEI exclusive)

20. Legion "freakin" Cage vs Paul Hudson

21. TLS promo (NEI exclusive)

22. GPA (champ?) vs Jason Chaos (for TV title) masked guy interferes

23. NEWA classic battle royal

Violence Is A Virtue 5/17/03
(Quincy, MA.)

1. Exclusive Video/John Phear & Quintin Michaels with Tim Kilgore arriving (NEI Exclusive)

2. National Anthem/Quintin Michaels Int.

3. "Pistol" Pete Mulloy (W/ Krystal Kitty) vs "Handsome" Todd Hansen

4. Brian Cairo & Damien Darkside Promo (NEI Exclusive)

5. Mademen Int. with the Score

6. Brian & Scotty Cairo Promo (NEI Exclusive)

7. Damien Darkside vs Ocho (after match Cairo fires Darkside, Camp Cairo jumps him & Freaks of Nature carry him outside)

8. Army of One vs Jason Chaos (masked guy at ringside interferes then walks out front door)

9. Bad News Promo (NEI Exclusive)

10. SAT & M Cas vs Freaks of Nature

11. Lowlife Promo (NEI Exclusive)

12. "From The Mouth Of Mini" (debut segment) with Mike Benoit & GPA (Pete Mulloy & Kitty come out)

13. John "Bruiser" Phear vs Tim Kilgore (after match Phear & Bad News almost fight)

14. Bad News (champ) vs Lowlife (for title) after match guys run in & Drago turns on Lowlife

15. Freaks of Nature & Darkside out in the woods (NEI Exclusive)

16. IQ (Irwin Quincy) vs Gino Falcone

17. Twysted Latin Souls (champs) vs Mademen (for tag titles) Score comes out

18. Legion "Freakin'" Cage vs "Superstar" Mike Monroe

19. "Miracle" Mike Benoit (champ) vs Mighty Mini vs "Pistol" Pete Mulloy (for tv title)

20. Mini Int. (he kicks Kitty & brawls with Pete)

21. Pete Mulloy & Krystal Kitty Promo (NEI Exclusive)

"V" is for Virtue 5/31/03
(N. Attleboro, Ma.)

1. Exclusive Video

2. Mighty Mini Promo (NEI exclusive)

3. Quintin Michael Int/National Anthem

4. G.E.D. vs One man Army (GPA & Mike Benoit come out)

5. Made Men vs Freaks of Nature

6. John "Bruiser" Phear vs Delisious D.

7. Bobby Biggens promo (NEI exclusive)

8. Bobby Biggens vs Bloodstone (in middle of match I go outside to film tag brawl that starts)

9. Twysted Latin Souls (champs) vs M Cas & SAT (for tag titles) Spanish Harlem backlot brawl, Jose Perez is Spec ref (match starts across the street, in the ran. like 10 minutes of exclusive outside footage before brawling into building, GED jumps Perez & mademen interfere with the "other" tag titles)

10. Score int

11. Jose Perez int with Score & TLS (NEI exclusive)

12. Cameron Mathews promo (NEI exclusive)

13. Brian Cairo int with Quintin Michaels

14. Lowlife & Ocho vs Jason Chaos & Brian Cairo (Scotty Cairo & Trip Rider brawl & Chaos chases masked guy out)

15. Mike Benoit & GPA promo (NEI exclusive)

16. Mike Benoit (champ) vs Cameron Mathews (for TV title)

17. Legion Cage "shoots" on Tim Kilgore

18. Legion Freakin Cage vs Tim Kilgore

19. Quintin Michael anouncement

20. Mighty Mini vs Pete Mulloy (Unsanctioned Street Fight)

Payback 6/21/03
(N. Attleboro, MA.)

1. Exclusive Video

2. Jose Perez & Amber promo with TLS (NEI exclusive)

3. From the Mouth of Mini with The Score (SAT & M Cas) TLS & Jose Perez comes out & start brawl

4. Score (champs) vs Jose Perez & XLS (for tag titles)

5. Grayton Alexander promo (NEI exclusive)

6. Grayton Alexander int (announces the tourn)

7. G.E.D. vs Bobby Biggens (tourn for #1 cont to TV title) P.H.D. interferes

8. "Mighty" Mini & Blair Warner promo (NEI exclusive)

9. "Mighty" Mini vs Cameron Mathews (tourn for #1 cont to TV title)

10. Brian Cairo promo (NEI exclusive)

11. Legion Cage int with Pete Mulloy & Krystal Kitty

12. Legion "Freakin" Cage vs "Pistol" Pete Mulloy (tourn for #1 cont to TV title)

13. Quintin Michaels int with Brian Cairo

14. Bad News, Jason Chaos & Scotty Cairo (camp Cairo) vs Lowlife, Ocho & Trip Rider (Brian Cairo interferes & beats on Scotty then Masked guy interferes)

15. Score promo (NEI exclusive)

16. John "Bruiser" Phear vs Gino Falcone (after match Phear beats on ref. Barry Ace)

17. Freaks of Nature int. (with new members)

18. I.Q. vs One Man Army

19. "Hurricane" John Walters promo (NEI exclusive)

20. Grayson P. Alexander int

21. "Mighty" Mini vs Legion "Freakin" Cage vs G.E.D. (tourn finals for #1 cont to TV title) Krystal Kitty distracts Cage & Mulloy jumps him then Mini's body gaurd debuts & interferes

22. "Hurricane" John Walters vs "Life Saver" Billy Kryptonite

23. Billy Kryptonite promo (NEI exclusive)

Elimination Avoidance 7/12/03
(N. Attleboro, Ma.)

1. Exclusive Video

2. Jose Perez, TLS & Amber promo (NEI exclusive)/National anthem

2. TLS, Jose Perez & One Man Army vs Score (GED, IQ, MCAS & SAT) elimination match

3. Cueball vs "Handsome" Todd Hanson (winner gets NEWA contract)

4. Jose & Amber promo (NEI exclusive)

5. "From the Mouth of Mini" (Blair & Rodgers) with Mademen (Score comes out)

6. Generation X, Scotty Cairo & Jason Chaos vs Lowlife, Gooey B. & Masked man (elimination match)

7. Mike Benoit (champ) vs Mighty Mini (for TV title) Blair & Grayson "cat fight" then both & Rodgers get sent to back

8. Quintin Michaels int (he strips Bad News of title & says he's fired)

9. Mike Benoit & GPA promo (NEI exclusive)

10. Tim Kilgore vs Relic

11. Mademen vs Billy Kryptonite & Pete Mulloy (Kitty & Kelly at ringside)

12. Elimination Aviodance battle royal (for NEWA title) ppl run in on Phear at end & Cueball makes save

13. Mademen promo (NEI exclusive)

14. Army of One & Quinton Michaels promo (NEI exclusive)

Elimination Tour 7/19/03
(Quincy, Ma)

1. Exclusive video

2. Tim Kilgore & Legion Cage promo (NEI exclusive)/National Anthem

3. Billy Kryptonite (with Kelly) & Pete Mulloy vs Legion "Freakin" Cage & Tim Kilgore

4. Mini smacks a fan the Brian Rodgers throws fan in ring & beats the crap out of him

5. Mouth of Mini (Mike Benoit & Grayson Alexander jump him)

6. Brian Cairo & Todd Hanson int with John Phear, Bobby Biggens & Duke of Dorcester Pete Dorhety

7. IQ vs XLK

8. "Showcase" Matt Logan (One Man Army) & High Risk Hazard (Cameron Mathews & Paul Hudson) vs Freaks of Nature (after match freak jump Logan & some masked guy makes save)

9. Bobby Biggens promo (NEI exclusive)

10. Mighty Mini (champ) vs Mike Benoit (for TV title) ref takes bump & Rodgers interferes

11. MCAS vs Vinnie Gulianni

12. Lowlife & Gooey B. vs Scotty Cairo & Jason Chaos

13. Matt Logan promo (NEI exclusive)

"Bruiser" John Phear vs "Handsome" Todd Hanson vs Bobby Biggens (Pete Doherty is special enforcer) Duke beat crap out of Brian Cairo & after match Cueball runs in

"Bruiser" John Phear promo (NEI exclusive)

Just Bring it 8/16/03
(Quincy, Ma.)

1. Exclusive Video

2. Jose Perez Promo (NEI exclusive)

3. Freaks of Nature Promo (NEI exclusive)

4. Joe Perez vs Vince Vicallo (debut)

5. "Coach" Buzz Johnson & Solution Promo (NEI exclusive)

6. From The Mouth Of Mini (Rodgers, Lemonhead & Blair) with Matt Logan

7. Mighty Mini vs "Showcase" Matt Logan (Mikey B's music plays)

8. Mini, Rodgers & Lemonhead Promo (NEI exclusive)

9. "Showcase" Matt Logan Promo with Quinton Michaels (NEI exclusive)

10. Solution (with Coach, debut) vs Freaks of Nature

11. "Bruiser" John Phear Promo (NEI exclusive)

12. Krystal Kitty int.

13. Andre Laboutte (debut) vs Psycho (after match Andre turns on Kitty)

14. "Main Event" John Lowe Promo (NEI exclusive)

15. "Lifesaver" Billy Kryptonite (with BJ Cummings) vs "Big" Brian Rodgers (with Mini & Lemonhead) Rodgers attacks ring announcer Chris Norman before match

16. High. of Kryptonite backstage (NEI exclusive)

17. Brian Cairo, Todd Hanson & Bobby Biggens Promo (NEI exclusive)

18. NEWA Classic Battle Royal

19. Brian Black Int.

20. Brian Black vs G.E.D.

21. Billy Kryptonite & BJ Cummings Promo (NEI exclusive)

22. John Phear & Cueball Promo (NEI exclusive)

23. John "Bruiser" Phear (champ) vs "Fabulous One" Bobby Biggens (for title) Todd Hansen jumps Phear & Cueball makes save

24. Cueball Int.

25. Cueball vs "Handsome" Todd Hansen (falls count anywhere street fight)

Bring It On 8/22/03
(Quincy, MA.)

1. Exclusive video

2. Jose Perez with freaks of nature promo (nei exclusive)

3. From the mouth of Mini (Rodgers, Lemon head & Blair) with Todd Hanson, Brian Cairo & Bobby Biggens (Jose Perez comes out)

4. Jose Perez vs Todd Hanson (#1 Cont. match)

5. Freaks of Nature promo (interupted by Jose Perez (nei exclusive)

6. "Showcase" Matt Logan promo (nei exclusive)

7. "Showcase" Matt Logan vs Relic

8. Quintin Michaels announcement

9. Billy Krytonite (with BJ Cummings) vs George Ceasar (debut)after match Mini & Bubba Rodgers jump Billy, Cueball & Mikey B. make save

10. I.Q. (Irwin Quincy with PHD) vs Blade (debut)vs "Pistol" Pete Mulloy (with Krystal Kitty) andre LeBoutte comes out & Mulloy goes after him

11. Score vs Mademen (MCAS gets taped to the ropes & Score is left laying)

12. Mighty Mini & "Big" Brian Rodgers promo (nei exclusive)

13. George West vs Mad Jester

14. Psycho vs Andre LeBoutte (Mulloy jumps Andre)

15. Mighy Mini, Brian Rodgers & Bobby Biggens vs Cueball, Mike Benoit & Billy Krytonite (after match Grayson Alexander jumps & turns on Mikey B.)

NEWA TV 1994

1. Thrash (champ) vs Kid Liberty (a very young & thin maddog of the damned) for TV title)

2. Doctor Feelgood (debut) vs The Comic

3. Chain Linc (champ) vs Wolverine (for TV title)

4. Gino Giavandi & Tiffany Int.

5. Gino Giavandi (champ) vs "Badboy" Billy Black (for RI state title)

6. Billy Black (champ) vs Stargazer (for ? title)

7. Dragonfly (Greg Drago) champ vs Wolverine (for RI state title) Dangerboy Alfrado interferes

8. Fire & Ice (Iceberg & Inferno) vs Dr. Pain & Muffin? (for vacant tag titles) after match Dr. Pain turns on Muffin

9. Tiny the Terrible Int./promo

10. Tiny the Terrible vs Half Nelson (pretty stiff midget match)

11. Gino Giavandi & Steve Stallion (SSS) Int.

12. Wolverine (champ) vs Gino Giavandi (for RI state title) cuts off before match starts

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