Primal Conflict Wrestling

Body Count 3/18/01 (Johnston,RI.)

1. Blackout vs Angel (Sandy Starr runs in,bleeds & pins Angel)

2. Rico Santana vs King Kong Krummy (they for the P.W.O.)

3. Kevin Karizma vs Tiger Kahn

4. Dave Padulah & Vertabreaker Int.

5. Scarecrow vs Thrash (Table Match) Scarecrow takes stiff table bump

6. Brian Cairo Int.

7. "ECW's" Belvis Westley vs Cueball

8. Greg Drago & Prettyboy Hernandez vs Mighty Intern & Doctor Slice ("94 WHJY's "Big Jim's Sp. Ref.)

9. Tommy Dreamer & Bilvis Westley Auto. Sighning

10. Dave Padulah & Dave Donnavan Int with Brian Cairo & Gladiator

11. Dave Donnavan vs Gladiator (Weapong match) bloody brawl with some of Evil Ed's best weapons used

12. Vertabreaker vs Jose Perez (Wrestler Of The Year Match)

13. Brian Cairo Int.

14. Astroman (champ) vs Jaimie Pain (for Hardcore title) Nemesis runs in & puts Jaimie threw a flaming table & he catches on fire ,totally nuts!!!!

15."ECW's" Tommy Dreamer vs Nemesis (falls count anywhere)

"Fire spot gone WAY wrong & ECW stars return"

Set In Stone 7/8/01 (Woburn,Ma.)

1. King Kong Krummy vs Angel & Blackout (Handicap match)

2. Mongoose Max Mason vs Death Hadder

3. Intern vs Primantis

4. "CZW's" Z Barr Int.

5. "CZW's" Z Barr vs Shawn Tayzer

6. Team Primal Int. with Dave Padulah

7. G.Q. Smooth vs Jay Busta

8. Greg Drago vs Cueball (Nemesis interferes)

9. Vertabreaker (champ) vs Tiger Kahn (for Light Hvy title)

10. Verte (champ) vs Peurto Rican Kid (for Light Hvy title)

11. Verte (champ) vs Kevin Karizma vs Minoru Fajita (for Light Hvy title) Z barr jumps Verte

12. S.A.T. vs Boogaloo,Brian XL & Quiet Storm (CZW)

13. Jose Perez vs Thrash vs Scarecrow (for vacant PCW title) 3 way dance

14. Astroman (champ) vs Nemesis vs Jaimie Pain vs Dave Donnavan (for Hardcore title) 4 Way Primal Prosicution match with weapons (Steve Stallion & Padulah handcuffed,Cueball Interferes & Padulah turns & joins Team Primal,brawl all over)

"CZW's Invasion !!!"

No Remorse 8/4/01 (Billerica,Ma.)

1. Brian Cairo Int.

2. Astroman (champ) vs Jaimie Pain (for Hardcore title)

3. Steve Stallion Int. with Sandy Starr,Greg Drago & Allison Sane

4. Greg Drago vs King Kong Krummy

5. Greg Drago vs Rico Santana

6. Greg Drago vs Mongoose Max Mason

7. Greg Drago vs Intern

8. Dave Padula vs Cueball

9. "CZW's" Ruckus vs "CZW's" Hurricane Kid

10. El Mascarado vs G.Q. Smooth

11. "CZW's" Softcore Connection (Z Barr & Nick Berk) vs Vertabreaker & Jose Perez (Falls Count Anywhere, Weapons match) brawl

12. Angel vs Blackout

13. "ECW's" Balls Mahoney vs Nemesis (Fans bring the weapons match) B.wire bat, Bulb bat, bed of tubes & more used,Nemesis take 3 Balls chair shots!

14. Nemesis Int. (N.E.I. exclusive)

B.B.B. :Blood,Balls & Billerica "The day it rained blood in billerica!!!"

Back N Jack 10/4/02 (S. Attleboro, Ma.)

1. Steve Stallion & team primal (Drago & Sandy) Int. with new commish Brian Cairo (he turns on SSS)

2. "Cowboy from hell" Dave Donavan Int./promo (NEI exclusive)

3. "CZW's" Ruckus vs Cueball

4. Tiger Kahn vs Kevin Karizma (for Kahn's mask)

5. Brian Cairo & Kevin Karizma Int.

6. Luis Ortiz (debut) vs Kevin Karizma

7. Jaimie Pain (champ) vs Nemesis (for hardcore title) Lots of chairs & Nemesis pour blood!

8. SSS, Nemesis & Jaimie Pain Int. (Nem. turns on team primal & joins Jaimie thay jump Drago then Millenium Killaz (return) jump Multalators (Jaimie & Nemesis) & leaves nem. laying in a puddle of blood! Very bloody!)

9. "A special Timy Moment" with Tiny the terrible & Casey Shater

10. Ruckus (NEI) promo

11. Vertabreaker (champ) vs "CZW's" Z Barr (for light hvy title) Verte bleeds then later pukes blood? outside of ring, also a fan goes after Z Barr & throws a chair & hits him getting back into ring

12. Verte Int.

13. Jose Perez Int. with Dave Donavan (DDD jumps him & Cairo comes out)

14. Jose Perez (champ) vs New Jack vs Dave Donavan (for title) Jack grabs 2 boxes with a bunch of wine bottles in them & smashes them everywhere & cuts them up with them. Glass is everywhere! Crazy & bloody brawl!!!

15. New Jack & Jose Perez Int.

"Tons of bottles, glass & blood ...some decent wrestling too."

PCW TV & Other

PCW/NEWA tv comp's

A) NEWA 95? (Johnston,RI) 2 hour tv show (g/VG,vq) 0:00:00

1. Dr. Feelgood & El Diablo vs Maniac Cops

2. TIny the Terrible vs Half Nelson ("midget" match)

3. Zambullah (champ) vs Mr. Meaner (for title) casket match

4. High Roller & stargazer vs Thrash & Wolverine

5. Billy Black (champ) vs Gino Giovante (for RI state title)

6. Chaine Linc (champ) vs Akmir Mohammad (for Tv title) Linc bleeds & someone interferes

7. Steve Stallion Int.

8. Freedom Force (Kid Liberty & Sgt. Stone) chmps vs Untouchables (Stallion & Grago) for tag titles

9. Battle Royal

B) NEWA 95? (Cranston, RI.) 2 hour tv show (g/VG,vq) 1:46:45

1. Chane Linc & Cosmic vs Wolverine & Inferno

2. Gino Giavanti (champ) vs Billy Black (for RI. state title) falls count anywhere

4. Law, Order & Dr. Feelgood vs Torch Squad (Thrash, Mr. Meaner & Dr. Pain) after match Law & Order turn on Feelgood

5. Storm Trooper (champ) vs Warlord (for IWF title) Tormentor is ref.

6. Nightmares (one is draven) champs vs Freedom Force (Liberty AKA maddog & Sgt. Stone) for tag titles (freedom returns?)

7. Leader of the pack & Nightmare Int. with Chane Linc & Inferno

8. The Thug (Steve Stallion) Champ vs Zambullah (for title) someone runs in

C) PCW Xtreme TV 3/00? 3:11:45

1. Tiny the Terrible Int/Promo with Dave Donavan

2. Dave Donavan (debut) vs "Live F'N Wire Dave Padullah vs Vertabreaker (3 way barbedwire/fireball match) Blood, B.wire & fire)

3. Sandy Starr (champ) vs Half Nelson (for ? title) Sandy bleeds & Tiny interferes

4. Greg Drago vs Kodiak

D) NEWA/PCW TV 4/00? (South Kingston, RI.) 2 hour tv show (G/vg,vq) 3:45:15

1. ??? Int. with ???

2. Damien Disaster vs Torment vs Vicious Vic (3 way match for # 1 cont. to lght hvy title)

3. Heartthrob vs Noal?

4. Jose Perez vs Kevin Karizma (prettyboy Hernandez, Torment & ? come in & brawl)

5. Greg Drago & Dragon Kid vs Horrible Howie (high school wrestling coach) & Hurricane White (mark Thunder interferes)

6. Pierre the Mountie, Big Bad Joe & Steve Stallion Int. with Rev. Branahgan, Matt Branahgan & Bodygaurd

7. Thrash vs Dante

8. Dave "Live F'N Wire Padullah vs Travis Savage (debut) Jiggity Jen turns on Padullah & takes a bump

9. Danerboy Alfrado (champ) vs Jolly Gould (for tv title)

10. Steve Stallion has Dave Padullah arrested for assaulting Jen

11. Millenium Playaz (Mark Thunder & Dallas Austin) Int. (Thunder quits & walks out) with Rev. Branahgan & the Increadible I69

12. Dallas Austin & Increadible I69 (champs) vs Suicidal Youth & Jason Chaos (for tag titles) after match Austin turns on the I69

13. Pierre the Mountie (champ) vs Matt the butcher Branahgan (for title) ladder match (Dave Donavan commentates)

14. High. of Dave Padullah & ?? at Marios strip club

5:40:00 total


A) GCW (Global Champ. Wrestling) 4/00? (vg,vq but trackline at begining) 0:00:00

1. El Diablo vs Darkstarr (for JR hvy title)

2. Maxium Carnage Int.

3. Rav. Branahgan & Prettyboy Hernandez Int. with Gino Giavantti

4. Gino Giavantti (champ) vs Prettyboy Hernandez (for RI. state title)

5. Punisher vs Mike Brown

6. Bad News Int.

7. Maxium Carnage (Thrash & Bad Boy Billy) champs vs Dreamlord & Dream Keeper (for tag titles)

8. Royal Rumble Style Battle Royal

9. Marvin the Maniac (champ) vs Prettyboy Hernandez (for title)

B) GCW 4/00? 1:17:15

1. Marvin the Maniac, Rev. & Doctor Int./promo

2. Marvin the Maniac (champ) vs Bad News (for title)

3. Pierre the Mountie vs Bad News

4. Terror Inc. Int.

5. Fire & Ice (Iceberg & Inferno) Int.

6. Rick Fuller vs Dannyboy & Orangecrush (handicap match)

7. Rev. & El Diablo Int. with Thrash & Pierre the Mountie

8. Headhunter vs Stormtrooper (masked guy comes in)

9. Maximuim Carnage (champs) vs Heartthrob & Iceberg (for tag titles)

10. Bad News vs Johnny Justice

11. Tiny the Terrible vs Irish Leprachon

12. Gino Giavantti Int.

C) GCW tv 4/00? 3:09:45

1. Antonio Adams vs Gino Giavantti

2. Dangerboy Alfrado & Wolverine vs Crashtest Dummies

3. El Diablo (champ) vs Thrash (for title) strap match (no end)

D) NEWA tv 1995? (vg,vq) 3:48:25

1. Heartthrob vs Prettyboy Hernandez

2. El Diablo vs Pierre the Mountie (Sheik interferes)

3. Wolverine & Darkstarr vs Punisher & Flyin Dragon

4. Bad News vs Dave Padullah ( ? interferes)

5. Gino Giavantti Int.

6. Thrash vs Gino Giavantti

7. Battle Royal

E) NEWA tv 1/10/97? 4:59:30

1. Mr. Montiro (Ali Mohammad) Int.

2. "Cammando" William Pain (Jose Perez) vs Mr. Monartio (falls count anywhere, no DQ) in B&W

3. Gino Giavantti Int.

4. Gino Giavantti vs Thrash (g,vq but JIP in pict) after match Billy Black jumps Thrash

5. Darkstarr vs Punisher

6. Battle Royal

5:46:00 total

PCW/NEWA TV comp #3

A) PCW Xtreme TV 4/8/00? (g,vq slight JIP) 0:00:00

1. Elements of Suicide (EOS) Vs Lowlife & Randy Jay (Tag team kendo stick match)

2. Prince Ivan Zangbean? vs Dancing Don Juan (Doctor Heresey interferes)

3. Sandy Starr vs Johnny Justice vs Masked Assasin (3 way match) Sandy bleeds from a chain

4. Greg Drago Int/promo

B) PCW Xtreme Tv 4/15/00? (g/VG,vq) 0:27:10

1. Pat "the brat" Piper Int./promo

2. Dave Donavan video

3. Dave Donavan vs Darkstarr (chain match) flashback to MIW

4. Dave Donavan Int/promo

C) PCW Xtreme TV 2/00? 0:49:40

1. 666 Cajun the swamp Zombie vs Ivan Zanning? (brawl)

2. ? Int./promo

3. Draven & Prax vs Damned? vs EOS (bump on floor)

D) NEWA TV early 97? (all high to music) 1:14:15

1. Cyrus Int. (ECW)

2. Torment vs Disaster

3. The Rev. vs Brian Cairo

4. Quests vs Cranston West Connection

5. Max the Butcher Branahgan vs Kamakazi Kid

6. Lowlife vs Dallas Austin

7. Wolverine & Dangerboy Alfrado vs Ex Communicado's

E) NEWA TV 2/00? (Cranston West high) 1:47:30

1. Mark Thunder vs GI Stryker

2. Punisher Don Vega vs Heartthrob

3. GI Stryker & Lowlife vs Mark Thunder & Dallas Austin (champs) vs Suicidal Youth & Jason Chaos vs Increadible 69 (for tag titles) 4 way match

4. Bad News & Pierre the Mountie vs Ex Communicado's

5. Battle Royal

F) PCW Xtreme TV 2/00? (g,vq but sound goes in & out) 2:41:10

1. Verabreaker vs Adam Hasty vs Thrash (3 way death dance)

2. Travis Savage video

3. Dancin Don Juan vs Little guy (LG)

3:04:10 total

Stop the Mayhem 4/28/00 (Club Starzz Johnston, RI) 2:04:00 long

1. SSS & Ed Deworsh Int. (CEO & Commish) Int. with Joe Bruen (HWF booker)

2. Millenium Killaz vs Ex Communicado's (No holds barred)

3. Greg Drago vs Mark Thunder (no holds barred) Dangerboy Alfrado is ref.

4. Tiny the Terrible & ? vs Travis Savage

5. Jiggity Jen, Travis Savage & Tint Int. (Jen says she's pregnant)

6. Max "the butcher" Branagan (champ) vs Thrash (for NEWA title) hardcore/bamboo stick match

7. Steve Stallion Int. (he intro's lght hvy title) with Suicidal Silva

8. Suicidal Silva vs Kevin Karizma (for lght hvy title)

9. Vertabreaker vs Kyle Storm (dog collar chain match)

10. Kyle Storm Int.

11. Dave Padullah & Steve Stallion Int. with Dave Donavan

12. Dave Donavan (champ) vs Dave Padullah (for title) barbedwire match with ropes (cuts off)

Return to Wonderland 9/8/00 (Revere, Ma.) vg,vq 2:00:00

1. Video

2. SSS Int. (I69 comes out of crowd & Primalmantis (debut) jumps them)

3. High of The Independents (backstage)

4. Tiger Kahn vs Suicidal Silva (for #1 cont for lght hvy title)

5. Jose Perez Int.

6. Mark Thunder vs Greg Drago

7. Kevin Karizma/Prettyboy Hernandez Int's/promos

8. Jose Perez (champ) vs Kevin Karizma vs Prettyboy Hernandez (for hardcore title) Kyle Storm is Sp. ref & gets involved

9. Independents Int.

10. Pitbull #2 Int. by SSS & Cassy Strater (they shoot alittle on Kaulas & New Jack)

11. YMC Andy jumps ? backstage & tries to eat his hand

12. Tiny Int. with Lyin Andy (they shoot alittle on New Jack & Kaulas)

13. Tiny the Terrible vs Lying Andy (Independents jump Andy & KR Stumbler?)

14. Independents & Tiny Int. & hig. backstage

15. Millinium Killaz (champs) vs Pitbulls (for tag titles) pitbulls superbomb Cassey on a table & it doesn't break & Gino bleeds

16. Intern (champ) vs John Kronus vs Kyle Storm (for title) 3 way dance (SSS is Sp. ref. (Independents interfere & Kronus bleeds)

PCW TV :Spotlight focus on Jose Perez 10/00? 1/2 hour

1. High of SSS ) taking a nap & Padullah calls him)

2. Jose Perez vs Stryker (debut)

3. Kevin Karizma (phone) Int.

4. Jose Perez vs New Jack (brawl)

5. High. of another brawl with Jose

November Dismember 11/19/00 (Club Starzz Johnston, RI) 2 hours

1. High. of Jaimie Pain, Nemesis, Mark Thunder, Prettyboy Hernandez & Kevin Karizma (arriving in parking lot) Nemesis & Jaimie get into a brawl

2. Mark Thunder Int. with Jose Perez, Jiggity Jen, Prettyboy Hernandez, Kevin Karizma & SSS

3. Kevin Karizma Int.

4. Kevin Karizma (champ) vs Tiger Kahn (for light hvy title)

5. Kevin Karizma/Thrash/Vertabreaker Int's

6. Vertabreaker vs Thrash (thumbtack match)

7. SSS/Padullah/SSS & Cassey with Padullah (results of ommish vote)/YMCAndy Int's

8. Greg Drago vs YMCAndy

9. SSS Int. (he turns on, jumps, & fires Andy from team primal & Padullh makes save)/SSS Int. with Greg Drago/Nemesis/ Jaimie Pain Int's

10. Open Invatational Bunkhouse Stampede (Jaimie & Nemesis brawl all over & into kitchen)

11. Jose Perez/Prestley/John Kronus Int's

12. Jose Perez (champ) vs John Kronus (for hardcore title)

13. John Kronus (bloody) with Jose Perez/Brian Cairo & SSS Int's (Primalmantis jumps Cairo)

14. Astroman (debut) vs Primantis

15. Mark Thunder Int.

16. Prettyboy Hernandez (champ) vs Mark Thunder (for title) Padullah's ref. (Jose runs in & Hernandez turns on Independents)

17. Independents Int. (they jump Mark Thunder)/Mark Thunder Int.

18. Video's

(I have 2 copies of this A tv copy & a event copy, they have minor differances)

Primalmania Xtreme TV 12/1/00 (Revere, Ma.) 1:04:00

1. High of John Kronus & Jose Perez (backstage)

2. Video

3. Mark Thunder Int. (Independents jump him & Brickhouse Baker * Stryker make save)/New Jack & Kronus Int.

4. Kevin Karizma (champ) vs Tiger Kahn vs Vertabreaker Puerto Rician Kid (for light hvy title) Fatal 4 way tornado rules match (Verte sets his leg on fire)

5. Tiger Kahn & SSS/Dr. Slice, Intern, Reptilian & Amnisia Int.

6. Greg Drago vs Mighty Intern

7. Greg Drago, Sandy Starr, Cassie & Presley (team primal)/Slice, Dice, Amnisia & Reptilian Int.

8. John Kronus (champ) vs Astroman (for hardcore title) very bloody but bad camera

9. John Kronus Int. with Astroman (both covered in blood)

Best of Xtreme TV 2000 1/13/01 (with Primal Beginings 3/3/00) 2 hours

1. The Damned & YMCAndy Int. with Rocco Delasanto, The NEWA guys & SSS

2. Butcher Branagan vs YMCAndy (1st match out of 3 for control of both NEWA & PCW)

3. The Damned vs Don Vega & Heartthrob (2nd match for control of Co.)

4. Tiny the Terrible (in a dress) promo with Dave Donavan

5. Dave Donavan vs Pierre the Mountie 3rd match for control of Co.) Rocco NEWA's CEO turns & smashes a bottle over Pierres head (Primal Beginings 3/3/00)

6. Tiny the Terrible Int/Pitbull #2 Int. (Millenium Killaz jump him & Pitbull #1 makes the save) Revere 9/8/00

7. Mighty Intern (champ) vs John Kronus vs Kyle Storm (for title) 3 way, SSS is Sp. ref. (Kronus bleeds & Indepndents interfere) Revere, Ma. 9/8/00

8. Independents Int. (3/3/00)

9. Jose Perez (debut) vs Suicidal Youth (3/3/00)

10. Dave Donavan (debut) vs Dave Padullah vs Vertabreaker (3 way barbedwire fireball match)

11. Dave Padullah int. (he announces he's gonna retire & Independents jump him)/SSS & Cassey Int with Padullah (she flashed crowd but it's edited)

12. High of Pitbulls putting Cassey through a table/SSS Int (from home?)/High. of Greg Drago pinning Mark Thunder/New Jack Int. with Jose Perez (recp. prob.)

13. Brickhouse Baker (debut) & Stryker vs Kevin KArizma & Prettyboy Hernandez

14. High. of Jaimie Pain vs Nemesis (death mach 1) beg. only

15. Independents Int.

16. Jose Perez vs Prettyboy Hernandez vs Kevin KArizma (Kyle Storm is Sp. ref & gets involved)

17. Independents Int./PCW Video's/Tint the Terrible Int. with YMCAndy (Tiny jumps him)

(I also have 2 copies of this with very little differances)

Xtreme Xicution 1/21/01 (Club Starzz Johnston, RI.) vg,vq 1:51:00

1. Greg Drago vs Angel, Lowlife & Felony (handicap match)

2. Tiger Kahn (champ) vs Vertabreaker (for light hvy title) PRK is ref.

3. Verte & Padullah Int. with team Primal

4. Kevin Karizma vs Mike Rampage (Stryker) Indy's interfere

5. Jose Perez Int.

6. Jose Perez vs Scarecrow (debut) Big Jim is Spec. ref.

7. SSS & Nemesis Int.

8. Jaimie Pain vs Nemesis (2/3 falls) 2nd match of death match series (New Jack joins match)

9. New Jack Int.

10. Thrash vs Prettyboy Hernandez vs Brickhouse Baker (for # 1 cont. spot)

11. K.A.I.S. Int. with Mark Thunder (about retiring), SSS & Padullah (KAIS jumps them & Primalmantis runs in & brawls)/Brian Cairo Int. with Astroman, Padullah & Sandman

12. Sandman vs Astroman (champ) for hardcore title (no end)

13. Video

The Wrestling Scene with PCW guys 2/19/01 0:440:00

(SSS, Drago, Jaimie Pain, Jose Perez, & Prettyboy Hernandez) with promos also

Brutal Beating's 3/2/01 (Wakefield, Ma.) g/vg,vq 2:09:35

1. Jose Perez Int./promo (backstage)/Dave Padullah Int. with Team Primal & the Independents (Karizma & Hernandez turn & help jump Jose)

2. Tiger Kahn (champ) vs Vertabreaker vs Angel vs Puerto Rician Kid vs TJ Ritcher vs Kevin Karizma (for light hvy title)

3. Intern vs Thrash (after match dr. slice & Dice jump Thrash)

4. SSS & Team Primal Int. with Prettyboy Hernandez

5. Greg Drago vs Prettyboy Hernandez

6. Bilvis Westley vs Balls Mahoney

7. Balls Mahoney & Scarecrow Int. (stiff chair shot)

8. Tommy Dreamer vs Jose Perez (Big Jim is Sp. ref.)

9. Jose Perez & Tommy Dreamer Int.

10. New Jack vs Astroman (champ) vs John Kronus vs Dave Donavan (for hardcore title) 4 way weapons match (bloody brawl)

11. Jaimie Pain vs Nemesis (No ropes barbedwire weapons match) 3rd match of the king of the death match series (bed of nails, b. wire, tacks, tables, tubes, etc used) Nemesis takes a crazy bump off ladder through bwire table (crazy & bloody)

Bodycount TV 3/01 1:45:00

1. Tiger Kahn vs Kevin Karizma (a 2nd Tiger Kahn runs in)

2. Dave Donavan vs Gladiator (weapons match) bloody (bwire chainsaw & more of Evil Ed's gimmics used)

3. Thrash vs Scarecrow (table match)

4. Bilvis Westley vs Cueball

5. King Kong Krummy vs Rico Santana

6. SSS & Team Primal Int.

7. Greg Drago & Prettyboy Hernandez vs Intern & Dr. Dice (Big Jim is Sp. Ref.)

8. Vertabreaker vs Jose Perez (Wrestler of the year match) Ed's bwire snowman & flaming turnbuckle use

9. Brian Cairo Int.

10. Astroman (champ) vs Jaimie Pain (for hardcore title) bloody brawl, Nemesis puts Jaimie through a faming table & he catches fire!!! nuts!

11. Tommy Dreamer vs Nemesis (brawl all over) Big Jim is Sp. Ref.

12. High. of Jamie Pain (burnt) getting into ambulance

Inside Pro Wrestling with Nemesis 5/01

Masks of Crimson (vg,vq)

1. Verte Int./promo

2. New Jack Mini Shoot Int.

3. No Remorse )the Org. one) promo

4. SSS Int./Jose Perez promo

5. Balls Mahoney mini shoot Int.

6. Tommy Dreamer mini shoot Int.

7. Prettyboy Hernandez promo

8. Jaimie pain & Nemesis on Wrestling Talk (after fire incident) SSS calls

9. Jose Perez promo/High. of Jaimie walking to ambulance/Jose Perez/John Kronus Int's

10. Jose Perez (champ) vs John Kronus (for hardcore title) bloody brawl, hand on fire, Padullahs Ref.

11. Verte promo

12. Tommy Dreamer vs Nemesis (Bodycount 3/18/01)

13. Balls Mahoney vs Bilvis Westley (Scarecrow takes chairshot) Brutal Beating's

14. Astroman (champ) vs Dave Donavan vs New Jack vs John Kronus (for hardcore title) drill, staplegun, etc used, bloody brawl


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