HWF :Battleclash 4/28/01

1. Marcus O. Middleton int. with El Mascarado & Jose Perez

2. Scarecrow vs Prettyboy Hernandez

3. Tag team battle royal (for tag titles)

4. T.J. Richter vs Kevin Karizma

5. Robbie Ellis vs Kid USA vs G.Q. Smooth (3 way)

6. Dangerboy Alfrado & Wolverine (with CAPT. LOU ALBANO) vs Sonny D. & the Heartthrob

7. Travis Funk (champ) vs Dan Bidondi (for us title)

8. Jaimie Pain vs Nemesis (hardcore death match) tacks,cane,chairshots,etc.

9. El Mascarado (champ) vs Jose Perez (for title) Marcus O. Middleton Refs

HWF :Ringwars II 9/29/01

1. Kyle Storm vs T.J. Richter (for interstate title) end of match only

2. Jose Perez & El Mascarado int.

3. Wolverine & Dangerboy Alfrado vs Sonny D. & Dwayne ??? (the Heart throb)

4. Big & Dangerous (Mr. Biggs & Brian Wyatt?-aka Donnie Rotten) vs Dan Bidondi & Widowmaker (champs) for tag titles (before match widowmaker turns on Dan & takes Biggs place so Kevin Karizma joins match)

5. Jeff Starr (with Miss Tara) vs Judas Young

6. Travis Funk vs Gary Gold

7. SAMU,Rick Fuller & Kevin Landry vs Power Company & Tiger Mulligan

8. El Mascarado (champ) vs Jose Perez (for title) 2/3 falls (1st fall submition,2nd lumberjack,3rd hardcore) barbedwire,fire,lightube whiffleball bat,kendo stick,etc. Jose bleeds

9. ??????? & Derek Destiny int.

10. JIMMY SNUKA vs Derek Destiny

11. Jose Perez int. (N.E.I. exclusive)

HWF :Thanksgiving Meltdown II 11/30/01

1. Kyle Storm Promo (N.E.I. exclusive)

2. Cueball,Kevin Karizma & Tommy Knoxville vs Derek Destiny,T.J. Richter vs Brian Wing? (joined in progress-after match Verte joins KK)

3. Marcus O. Middleton int. with G.Q. Smooth & El Mascarado (they brawl then Joe Bruen & Johnny Justice come out)

4. Robbie Ellis vs Mongoose

5. Chris Blackheart & Punisher Don Vega int. with Travis Funk,Gary Gold,Mr. Biggs & more

6. Scarecrow & Widowmaker (champs) vs Chris Blackhart & Don Vega vs Gary Gold & Travis Funk vs Dan Bidondi & Ricco ? (for tag titles) 4 corners match

7. Kyle Storm (champ) vs Mike Steele (for interstate title)

8. Battle Royal

9. T.J. Richter int. (he challenges anyone)

10. Rick Fuller vs T.J. Richter (very stiff chops leaves a handprint!!)

11. MISSY HYATT ring announces

12. El Mascarado vs G.Q. Smooth (#1 contenders match,Johhnny Justice is sp. ref.) Jose Perez Joins match & turns it into a 3 way for the title

13. Vertabreaker vs Dave Padullah (hardcore match with barbed wire around ropes,b wire bat, tacks,etc. very bloody)

14. Padulah & Verte promos (N.E.I. exclusive)


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