APCW/NGW Maximun Carnage House of Horrors 7/26/03 (seekonk, MA.)

1. Steve Stallion promo (NEI exclusive)

2. Angel vs Cameron Replay (???crossdresser comes out & Amber brawls with him)

3. Robbie Ellis (champ) vs Jimmie Bean (for JR hvy titles) TJ Ricchter interferes, Evan 6, ?? & John Lowe run in

4. Rayn & Hailey Sky vs Oneman Army & Areil (mixed tag match)

5. Brian Cairo's 3rd degree with Steve Stallion (Jose Perez comes out & Brickhouse Baker jumps him)

6. Chris Blackheart vs Kevin Kool & Rusty Simmons

7. Freaks of Nature vs IQ & MCAS vs Ocallahans vs Mighty Mini & Andre Rollins? vs TLS vs Impact Inc (champs) for tag titles (gauntlet match)

8. Zero Hour (John Lowe & TJ Richter) vs Evan 6 & ??

9. Jose Perez vs Cueball

10. Steve Stallion & Jose Perez Int. (Vertabreaker & Kevin Karizma jump & turn on Jose)

11. Jose Perez vs Brickhouse Baker (for title) Jose POURS blood big time then Jose turns joins SSS, Verte & Karizma, throws down belt & renames fed NGW

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