P3 Pro

Summerfest V 8/16/01 (Puerto Rician Festival)

1. Team Primal Int.

2. Vertabreaker vs. Kevin Karizma

3. Cueball vs. Dave Padulla

4. Nemesis vs. The Showoff (after match Don Vega jumps Nemesis)

5. Nemesis vs. "Punisher" Don Vega

6. Battle Royal

7. Jose Perez vs. Greg drago (for PCW Title)

Headlocks For Humanity 11/18/01 tape 1

1. Jose Perez (headlocks) opening promo (NEI exclusive)

2. Opening of show with all the wrestlers/National Anthem

3. Balls Mahoney Int. (NEI exclusive)

4. Jaimie Pain Int. (NEI exclusive)

5. Chris Harvard (Nowinski) Int.

6. Adam Booker,Damien Houston & Brian Black vs. Doctor Heresy,Stefan Ramsey & Frankie Armadillo (EWA Maine match)

7. Brian Cairo Int.

8. Vertabreaker & Cueball vs. Kevin Karizma & Dave Padulla (PCW/P3 Pro match)

9. April Hunter & Cueball Int. with Slyk wagner Brown

10. Sylk Wagner Brown vs. Cueball (Kawalski's All stars match)

11. Scarecrow (NEI) promo

12. Chris Harvard Int.

13. Chris Harvard vs. Mongoose(PCW/P3 Pro/Kawalski's match)

14. Chris Harvard vs. Don Vega (P3 Pro/Kawalski's AS match)

15. Scarecrow Int.

16. Scarecrow vs. Jaimie Pain (Balls Mahoney joins match & it turns into a 3 way,no dq,hardcore match) sick bloody match as Balls cuts jaimie with scissors,barbedwire oar,fork,chair used-bloody brawl

17. Balls & Jaimie (both bloody) Int.

18. Jaimie Pain (bloody) Int. (NEI exclusive)

19. Scarecrow Int. (NEI exclusive)

20. NEI video's

Headlocks for Humanity 11/18/01 tape 2

1. NEI promos

2. Studdley Steve Stallion Int. (NEI exclusive)

3. Narsistic kid (champ) vs. Chris Charrizma (for NWA-NE light hvy title) NWA-NE match

4. Nemesis Int. with Evil Ed (NEI exclusive)

5. "Heavenly" Johnny Angel (SCCW) champ vs. Brickhouse Baker (YPW) for SCCW title ?

6. One Night Stand Int. (NEI exclusive)

7. One Night Stand (champs) vs John Walters & Luis Ortiz (for Chaotic tag titles) Ronnie D. Lisious & Arch Kincaid get involved (CW match)

8. Brian Cairo Int. (NEI exclusive)

9. El Mascarado & Dan Bidondi vs. Widow Maker & Rico Casanova (for WCWA-NE tag titles) WCWA-NE match

10. ONS (NEI) promo

11. Scarecrow (NEI) promo

12. Maverick Wilde (champ) vs. Justin Powers (for NECW title) NECW match

13. Nemesis Int. with Evil Ed (NEI exclusive)

14. Steve Stallion Int.

15. Nemesis vs Jose Perez (Master of Weapons Match,Evil Ed's sp. ref) Crazy match ..lot's of bulbs,barbed wire,tacks,etc. everything used another bloody brawl!

16. Nemesis (bloody) Int. (NEI exclusive)

17. Vertabreaker Int. (NEI exclusive)

18. NEI video's/promo's


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