This is the comic book library. Like any library, it contains books... but this one doesn't work exactly like that. While you won't find complete comics, you will find cover shots, descriptions, and a little background information on the comic itself. Just hit the links to view the various comic pages. Also, at the bottom you'll find a special preview for the comic of the month (or so) that hasn't been completed yet.
Comic Book Library
Issue #1: A New Beginning
Abashed Blue's first adventure!
Issue #2: Virtural Tussle
Video-gaming action and all-new characters!
Issue #3: Crushkid Origin!
Orange Crushkid challenges his elder brother Blue to a duel of powers!
Issue #4: The Plot Unfolds
The Celestial Chains are forged, and Abashed Blue meets some new enemies!
Issue #5: Steal The Stolen Stuff!..... Back!
Blue and Crushkid infiltrate the secret hideout of Anti-Red Bandit!
Issue #6: Fire Fight
            Grey Eidolon appears, and Orange Crushkid tests some firey new abilities!
Issue #7: Sibling Rivalry
         Blue faces big sister Jenna for the ultimate sibling rivalry!
Issue #8: Elite Cousins!
Family and siblings unite as an awesome team of crime-fighters!
Issue #9: Simon, The Hobo Ninja
Simon receives superpowers, with earthshakin', decapitatin' results!
Issue #10: Spirit, Soul, And Mind (Part I)
The decapitated lives? Who is Anti-Red Bandit?!
Issue #11: Spirit, Soul, And Mind (Part II)
    Owen answers all with his amazing powers of the mind!
Issue #12: Showdown At 2:25!
    Blue and Bandit finally duke it out, one-on-one!
Issue #13: Anti-Nomos
Bandit's last shot at ultimate power!
S E A S O N   1 :   T h e  C e l e s t i a l   C h a i n s   S a g a
S E A S O N   2 :   T h e   C h a i n   o f   N o m o s   S a g a
Issue #14: About 63,072,000 Seconds Later
Two years has many changes in store for heroes and villains alike!
Issue #15: Seven Trials of Bolt Bantam (preview coming soon)
An all-new member of the Elite Cousins must prove her abilities to stay on the team!
Issue #16: ?????
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