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Never heard of Abashed Blue? Well then, let me tell you a little story.

One day, my friend Taylor decided to make a comic book with all our friends in it. Unfortunately, he didn't include me in it, claiming I was too hard to be drawn. Of course I had to prove him wrong and make a better comic of my own, using myself as the main character. Thus, Abashed Blue was born...!

So basically, it's a comic book. Abashed Blue tells the story of a group of teenagers (and some kids in there) with crazy superpowers. Almost cliche', but they focus more on humor than heroism! So take a look around and enjoy your visit to the site!

-Neil Robbins II
(and if you're cool, you'll sign the guestbook. I'm just sayin'...)
Comic Events:
June 13: Early issue remake extremely slow, issue 15 begins
May 2: Begin remaking issue #5
April 24: Issue #14 completed
April 12, 2005: Season 2 begins, issue #14 begins
January 1: Issue #13 starts
December 20: Finished issue #12
November 10: Issue #11 is finished, and issue #12 begins.
October 19: Issue #11 begins.
October 18: Issue #10 is completed and up for normal purchase
October 14: Prices for everything are dropped.
October 5: I stop slacking off and start working on #10.
August 28: Issue #9 is up for normal purchases
August 16: I begin work in issue #10, Spirit, Soul and Mind (part 1) and issue #9 is coming to a close.
July 26: I realize I've spent way too much time putting off issue #9 and begin working on it.
June 6: Elite Cousins! is up for normal purchase
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