Welcome to the website of The Neiler. Here you will find many many pages. Some about my comic series, some interactive stuff, and basically stuff to make you less bored. Take a look around, and have fun. Before you begin, be sure to read the
A B A S H E D   B L U E
This is the website for my self-written comic series, Abashed Blue. Into comics? Need a good laugh? Like the idea of superpowers? Then this is probably the page for you.
Weekly Stuff of The Neiler
The Game of Crap
Check out the funny stuff I come up with during my days of being bored, as well as some old traditions I used to keep up. I try to make updates as often as I can.
The Game of Crap, often mentioned mysteriously in Abashed Blue, is found here. Rules, tips, and stuff I make up myself are all here at the Crap page.
                                                            Site news and Updates:
May 3: Wellp, the first of Season 2 is done! Check out issue #14 in the library as soon as I get it up. I'll also be putting up the preview for it, since I didn't do that yet. You can expect me to revamp the chain pages (again), and in a soon time to come, I'll be re-releasing issues #1-5 with an all-new look. If you read them, you'll know why I'm redoing them.
April 12: Finally and at long last, I'm posting that I'm starting Season #2 of Abashed Blue! Expect a lot of changes in the book, as well as here on the site. I'll put up a preview of #14 soon and put notification of more updates here as I go along.
March 16: Well, here we are in spring break, and I got #13 done a few days ago (finally!). Contrary to popular belief, the comic is still alive! Expect an issue 13 summary, 14 preview, and new chain pages up soon!
February 28: Hey, you guys remember #6, Fire Fight? And how I made the whole thing over one spring break? Well, maybe we'll get lucky and I'll be able to pull off something like that again. Intersession's almost here...
February 5: It's all drawn, but none of it's colored. I'll be working on "Anti-Nomos" as soon as this homework stuff is outta the way. And trust me, it's a lot of stuff to get outta the way.
January 18: Sorry, but I haven't been working on 13 as diligently as I should have been. It's been kinda hard, what with having to read Tale of Two Cities and all that homework and everything. On top of the fact that I've been having major computer problems. But now that that's all out of the way, I'll see what I can do comic-wise.
January 5: Put up issue #13 preview in the
comic library.
January 1: After completing issue 12, I took a much-needed break from writing comics. Now that my break is over, I'm starting #13. Preorders, anyone? I'll get up the preview sometime this coming week.
December 21: I finished issue #12 yesterday. Good for me! Put(ting) up a comic summary in the library and I'll get around to a new chain on the chains page.
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