Welcome to the world of the Game of Crap. This page features a list of all-new cards I've come up with, as well as cards with specific rules in the game.
If you have some ideas for new cards, or revisions on the ones I have here, email me at [email protected].
Don't know how to play Crap? Well, email me or something and I'll teach you. The tutorial was much to long and boring to keep on the site, by the way...
Wanna play but don't have the supplies? Never fear! For I, The Neiler, have 4 pre-construced decks available for use to the public (restrictions apply/results may vary based on how much I know you and how not very smart you are).
>>>New Creatures:
-Ultrathief (Black, 1 star, 0/0, Fiend/Effect)
     If an opponent attacks this card, reduce any Life Point damage either player would take to 0 and take control of the attacking creature until its original owner's next Standby Phase.
-The Incredibly Experienced Spy (Black, 4 stars, 4/4, Fiend/Effect)
     <FLIP> Target opponent gains control of this card. The controller of this card (face-up) must play open-hand and must reveal any card before playing it face-down on the field
-Cyber Jar #2 (Colorless, 3 stars, 2/2, Rock/Effect)
     <FLIP> Each player declares a card name (the card must be in the player's deck). Each player then picks up cards until they pick up the declared card. Any other cards picked up are kept in the player's hand. A player can choose to continue with their current hand after this card is activated, or switch their deck with their hand (keeping the card they called).
-Trogdor The Burninator (Red, 12 stars, 10/10, Dragon/Ritual/Effect)
This card may only be Ritual Summoned with the Ritual Card "Burnination Ritual."  During your Standby Phase, you may sacrifice half of your Life to either destroy all opponents'Creatures or Spells/Traps on the field. You must skip your battle phase if this effect is activated.
-The Ryse Magician of Crap (Black, 8 stars, 8/8, Spellcaster/Fusion/Effect)
     Dark Magician + Red-Eyes Black Dragon
     During your turn, sacrifice 4 Life, along with this card, to Special Summon any creature from your Deck or Fusion Deck.
>>>New Spells:
-Polymerize the Blyse (Quick-Play)
You may move up to three "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" cards, one "Polymerization" card, and one "De-Fusion" card from your deck to your hand. Shuffle the Deck. If this card is activated during an  opponent's turn, treat "Polymerization" as a Quick-Play Spell card. This effect lasts until the end of the turn this card is activated.
-Burnination Ritual (Ritual)
This card is used to Ritual Summon "Trogdor The Burninator." You must also sacrifice creatures with total Level Stars equal to 12 or more from the field or your hand.
-Dark Sanctuary (Field)
You must have one Fiend with 6 Level Stars or more in your Graveyard. If no creature exists, this card has no effect. During an opponent's Standby Phase, place one "Ghost Token" beneath one of your opponent's face-up creatures (your opponent may not know which one). Treat "Ghost Token"  as an Equip Spell card. If a creature attacks while equipped with "Ghost Token," negate the attack and inflict direct damage on your opponent's life points equal to half the attacker's attack points. At the same time, you gain life equal to the amount your opponent lost in this way. You may have any number of Spells and Traps in play. If this card is destroyed, "Ghost Token" is destroyed and you must destroy your Spells and Traps until you have 5 in play.
-Obscure Attack Orders (Continuous)
As long as this card remains face-up on the field, all players can set creatures in face-down attack position.
-IQ Of A Lawn Mower (Continuous)
Switch all creatures to attack position (if face-down, flip face-up and activate all flip effects that apply). As long as this card remains face-up on the field, no players can play defensive creatures or   activate any Spells or Traps during their opponents' turns.
-Neverending Game (Continuous)
As long as this card remains face-up on the field, no player can lose as a result of running out of  cards. In addition, no players can go below 1 life.
>>>New Traps:
-Crush Card Virus (Continuous)
Sacrifice one Black creature with 2 attack or less. Destroy all opponents' face-up creatures with 3 attack or more. Also, any creatures that have more than 3 attack on your opponent's side of the field are immediately destroyed. This includes if an opponent takes control of a 3-attack or higher creature, flips a creature, or Special Summons a creature.
-End Of The Game
Each player must destroy all cards they have in play, discard their hands, discard their decks and fusion decks to the Graveyard, and place any cards removed from play in their Graveyards. Each player then Special Summons any creature from their Graveyard in face-up attack position. The owner of the creature in play with the highest attack points is declared the winner. If any creatures are tied for the highest, then the game is declared a draw.
-The Bird (Continuous)
All creature effects are treated as flip-effects and must be activated in this way as long as this card remains face-up on the field.
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